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   The Long-haired Chihuahua is a classy little dog, full of personality and spunk.
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Gloria - 2013-01-03
I have a Long Hair Apple Head Blue Coat Chihuahua. We got her at 5 months; she had to have heart surgery. Doing Great Now. Has problems with her left knee, holding off on surgery as long as I possibly can. She LOVES people, loves kids, hesitant about toddlers as they try to chase her. She does not like other dogs, just one she grew up with. Went through all PetSmart class and is a Certified Service Dog.

tommy - 2012-12-29
I also have a longhair Chihuahua! His owners abandoned him & we squires him through a friend! He was pretty much trained when we got him!I've read up on Chihuahuas Ans about their temper around others! He plays well with our friends Doberman Pincher! Its funny watching them run in the house!

Jennie Green - 2012-12-21
Hi im new in here. But i have a question my female chihuahua is in heat and i have a small male also. I want to breed her only once so she can know how it feels to be a mom then spay her. But my male kinda sucks he cant seem to find the vulva he misses all the time. Im not giving away the pups i want to keep them for my company for my depression. What can i do to help. She also has 5 sore nipples and her period went away. I wonder if she has conceived if there swollen. Plz dont be rude

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-12-21
    Sounds like she may be pregnant. That would be so awesome for you:) Good luck!
Toni - 2012-12-03
When I got Bonnie, she was in bad shape. She had apparently been given to some children who were not supervised, then thrown away when she bit one. By the time I got her she was dirty, flea infested and frightened of everybody. Now, a year and a half later, she is perky, plays constantly with her best friend, Hero (a Manx cat) and challenges all comers to a duel, then loves them to death. The Vet thought she was mixed Long Haired Chihuahua and perhaps Papillion, but I have doubts. I think she is just a LHC - beautiful, smart and so loving. I am the luckiest doggie mommie alive.

pete walsh - 2012-11-15
I just rescued 'cutie pie' and my life has been changed. She is a long haired cutie who is now the love of my life. She is always happy to see me and is very affectionate. I have had her for 6 days and can't imagine my house without her

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-15
    Good for you - glad
  • Jim - 2012-11-21
    Sounds like everyone LOVES the outcome and each other. GLAD for you and the dog is very glad, too.
Michelle - 2012-11-13
My little Chihuahua is named Chico, he's so sweet and unlike most of his breed he loves everyone! He prefers mommy still, but he adores dogs, cats, and humans of all shapes and sizes. I don't know if this is normal in his breed, the only time he barks is when someone approaches the door and he's not sure of the situation. He's learned tricks fast, and barely barks, he's almost Litter Box trained as well, since I live in Maine and its way too cold now a days to take him out. I am trying to afford a doggie coat for him. Do you think it will work? Anyways he's adorable! I didn't actually think I wanted a Chihuahua, my grandmother had one who died, and I loved him. But he was so small I was scared, then I saw Chico and I fell in love instantly, I just had to have him. I got lucky he was only 250 dollars! He's the BEST dog I've had, next to my child hood dog of Ginger who was a collie. Michelle

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  • Jim - 2012-11-14
    My wife brought home our dog when he was about 6 weeks old. I wear a size 12 gym shoe(because of my wide feet, not length) and he could fit inside. Forgot to take pics but... My first words when my wife came home and said 'Look what we got' was 'AWW SHIT!' (love him to pieces though).
Jim - 2012-10-20
Well, all I can say is this dog is like a little baby. DAG, he finds twist ties, strings, and other things. When I say 'What do you have now?' He runs behind the chair and the little bouger knows what he has in his mouth... he 'shouldn't have.' NO! I do NOT yell at him. Hell, he's only a puppy/baby.

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  • Michelle - 2012-11-13
    I had a similair situation with my puppy Chico, and now he knows how to drop it. Patience will pay off, but do not yell just use a very stern voice. A simple 'Chico drop it' works. Michelle
  • Anonymous - 2012-11-14
    We NEVER yell at him. We just say firmly 'DON'T' or 'NO' but he thinks we are playing and 'runs' behind the couch when he gets anything he 'knows' he shouldn't have(I say this because he/they know) gotten. Another thing we have to be careful about is leaving Kleenex/paper towels laying around. He tears them up in strips and when we go to get them from him he runs behind the chair. It takes both of us to catch him and them I will 'try' to open his closed mouth and get the stuff out. A couple of times he actually swollowed a piece of a Kleenex so we couldn't get it from him(that little booger).
  • Jim - 2012-11-14
    Jim here forgot to add his name.
Anonymous - 2012-09-14
My little guy 3mo. long haired Chi is positively adorable. Trouble is I think he knows it and pretty much does what he wants when it comes to using my entire house as his toilet. I take him all many many times. He watches the older ones do their business and just scratches and whimpers constantly at the door till I let him in. It seems that he thinks its wrong to go outside to do his business or else he just likes the soft carpet on his butt whichever the case can someone please help me. The older two look at me as if to say what are you gonna do about this mom? I have read and tried just about everything. I watch him like a hawk and when he starts to circle or make some movement like he's ready to go I run him outside. I can sit there with him for a good half hour with no luck. As soon as I bring him in and turn my back he leaves a little gift for me. Please help

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-14
    Many swaear by those wee wee pads.  The dog goes on the wee wee pad inside the house and then you take the wee wee pad outside and it will go on the wee wee pad outside. 
  • Michelle - 2012-11-13
    I have a cat litter box, he doesn't eat the stuff in it. We are still working it out but Chico's getting the idea. I tried the puppy pads he wouldn't even go on them. Michelle
  • Jim - 2012-11-14
    Our spoiled guy will walk around and around before he goes #2(he doesn't do that when he pees). After he's done he will smell it. He does not lick it or eat it like I have read some dogs do. He will come in and just look at us like 'Hey, I did 'something' aren't you going to give me something?' Well we usually give him a treat when he does this.
Jim - 2012-05-18
Our little guy is 4mos. old/4.5lbs and is chewing on the baseboards in the kitchen. THIS is our only problem. He is taken outside to play almost every day and is put to sleep at about 11pm and sometimes does not wake until about 8am.
Is there anything(food wise) we should keep him from eating?

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  • Jim - 2012-05-18
    How can we NOT spoil this cute little guy(Jay) even if he is bad every now and then?
  • vicest - 2012-05-30
    Your dog needs toys and more toys. I get my dog a new toy every 2-3 weeks and then after you get a bunch of toys rotate some in and out so the dog is always mentally stimulated
  • Babbs Coady - 2012-06-01
    Just a few odd ideas, try getting the dog a proper teething bone for one and at the same time wash the baseboards in something that will be safe but bad smelling and tasting to the dog (like people, dogs differ in what they may or may not like the taste and smell of.) I found this worked for many of the dogs and cats I've had over the years.
  • Jim - 2012-07-04
    Our dog has plenty of toys. This was about 2-3mos. ago and he does not do it anymore BUT does bite/chew on plastic chairs outside and wooden legs inside every now and then. One thing I have found and that is the rubber colored ring on a Target prescription bottle(large size) our dog LOVES to chew on. I DO monitor this as one he almost swollowed a couple months ago as he chewed a piece off.
  • gloria - 2012-07-23
    chocalate it will kill a dog bones like chicken bones
  • Becky - 2012-08-01
    I once had a small mixed breed that used to chew on the furniture. Our vet said that she had a vitamin deficiency and put her on a canine multi vitamin. the chewing stopped. Hope this helps
  • jim - 2012-08-30
    Our dog has his own favorite toys and others that I have made. I always supervise his chewing on toys, bones and other things. One of his favorite toys is a teething toy for babies. He'll knaw on that all day. I've had to take off a couple of parts that he got lose and started chewing on. Little buger.
Sherry Holmstrom - 2012-09-08
I have a 2yr old long hair chihuahua, named Emma. I took her to the groomer for the first time, and apparently wasn't clear as to the medium hair trim that I wanted for her. She came back shaved like a yorkie. I was devestated. How long will it take for her hair to grow back? Thank you.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-08
    She will look pretty good in about 2 - 3 months but takes about 6 months for the full coat to grow back in.  You could wait till the groomer was asleep and shave her head.  LOL   - an idea.