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Applehead Chihuahua is cute name, for special little Chihuahuas with an 'apple-shaped' head!
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Marie Fuentes - 2017-03-14
I have a 3mo. Old applehead chiwawa named prince charming. He is so smart lovable n full of life very playful very alert very protective of me loves to cuddle. . . He has a very charming personality. Hes pomonas finest prince charming. N very easy to train. Prince loves the outdoors n is curious about everything. Lol i love my lil guy. Ms marie

Sylvia - 2012-11-24
I have a 3 1/2 month old blue apple head chihuahua. Her name is Maggie and she is awesome. We are still working on potty training, does anyone have any good potty training tips?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-24
    My daughter has a 2 1/2 pound mixed pup and she swears by the wee wee pads.  I have always had good luck with hanging the leash on the door knob.  When the pup has to go to the potty, they would play with the leash.  People say remove water and food after 8.  If they look like they are looking for  place to go - get them out quickly.  1/2 hour after eating and when they wake up.  All will work out - but sure takes patience.
  • david - 2012-11-26
    I HAAATE the wee wee pads. That teaches them to go inside. Its also a sure sign of someone who is too lazy to do the work of taking them out regularly when you're traing them. Small dogs are quick learners and they don't usually like to go anywhere near their home. That's why they usually like to go into a neighbors yard. there's my 2 cents. dave
  • martha - 2015-12-09
    I take Lolita my apple head outside to the yard every 2 hours....before bed time and do not leave water for her during the night...she is doing pretty good sometimes there is accidents
  • Anonymous - 2017-03-11
    I've had my 6 week old applehead Chihuahua for 5 days and I'm amazed at how smart she is and how friendly to other family members. I hope I'm doing the correct way in potty training her to go on peepee pads.I bought a pet play pen by Coleman and it is wonderful for training. I placed her carrier in the pen for sleeping and as soon as she wakes up I tell her to go pee and I don't pick her up or praise her until she goes. So far she has never missed the pad. Her name is Mia Brace and she is adorable and I would highly recommend this 12breed of dog for anyone who wants lots of affection.
joyce Fagan - 2016-01-17
Looking to get a Applehead

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  • Martha Dominguez - 2016-08-08
    I have three females for $400.00 each. They are twelve weeks old.
  • Thurman Mayfield - 2016-09-17
    wanted male short hair chiiawia in eastliverpool ohio 43920 area only phone 330-386-3588
  • kevin - 2017-01-15
    I am looking for a apple head dog girl tan caramel color 200$ .
  • kevin - 2017-01-15
    i am asking for a apple head dog i want a girl tan/caramel 100 to 200 dollars
  • kevin - 2017-01-15
    Hi Joyce Fagan i want a apple head dog I Perfer a girl of a boy dog 100$/200 if you can find a girl dog i want tan if you cant i want the boy to be black thanks 336-452-4410 call
  • April Mach - 2017-03-01
    Looking for female applehead puppy, fawn prefered, 509-4131586
Namcy - 2017-01-08
Looking for adult applehead. Prefer white/tan color.

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  • Livia - 2017-01-25
    I have. Indonesia, Bandung city. If interested can call/ WA on this number + 628219767373 applehead male 1year. Newborn female tan blue ready 02/02/14
Mark guinn - 2013-11-30
We have a female applehead chihuahua named Daisy who is looking for a mate.

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  • Rebecca Miller - 2013-12-22
    I have an adorable male fawn colored chihuahua ( Caesar) with a great personality that I would like to breed. Is Daisy really friendly and calm? Caesar weighs 12 lbs. and since Lilly is smaller that would be perfect. I would like to keep one or 2 of the puppies and then we can talk about the others. Please call me. 312-543-0561. Rebecca Miller
  • Dave - 2015-08-11
    I have a cream and caramel Applehead never been bred yet, wanting to breed at least once before he's fixed.. he's a little over a year old, all shots and perfect health.. if interested.. email
  • Courtney - 2016-10-08
    What area are you located in??
jerry gruber - 2016-07-09
Josie is a apple head she is 2 years old dark brown in color short hair she hates windshield wipers cows cats mops brooms barks wildly loves to go in the car i cant go to the bathroom with out her under my legs sleeps with me all night long

Bill McGunigle - 2016-04-28
I had decided to file for I had decided to file for divorce. And in doing so I had to leave behind my two favorite dog ever one was a Boston terrier. The other was a miniature English bulldog which had been bread with a Boston terrier. As you can imagine I was lost without them, after a few days feeling lonely I decided to get a new dog. Well fortunately it was a dog breeder in my Tone that bread Bulldogs. I inquired with him and he just had a litter of Apple headed Chew Town (Bulldogs. I inquired with him and he just had a litter of Apple headed Chiwawa's. The only thing I knew about the breed was that they were tiny and more of a girl dog than for a man. Well I bought the dog and it's a male Applehead Chihuahua short haired and itt has saved my life. I am a man with grown children and I picked the perfect dog for me. Senior Loco will be with me always and I am very happy all that I read about the Chihuahua breed fits me to a T. Good thing b cause I bought him knowing absolutely nothing about this breed of dog.

Amanda Osborne - 2015-06-18
Full blooded apple head chihuahua hes a year old good with kids and house train asking 100.00 or best offer call amanda 7044181903

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  • Janice - 2015-07-04
    How much does he weight? Can you send pictures?
  • Naiz rivera - 2015-07-04
    Hello is this puppy still available? If so can I do get pic. And more info like is he fixed?
  • Faye - 2015-07-18
    What is the status of your little guy?
  • steve - 2015-09-25
    hey to all yall interested we have a applehead shes 6 weeks and we want to sell her for $75
  • Jocelyn - 2015-11-11
    Steve do u still have the applehead puppy
  • Kim wray - 2015-12-01
    Is he still available if so can u please send pictures to me thank you
  • Sandra bolton - 2015-12-28
    Have a 10 month old apple head yummy red in color looking for a male wanting to breed
Deena - 2013-02-15
I just got a 3 month old applehead chihuahua and the lady i got it from said she eats puppy chow... is this ok for her to eat?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-16
    I would use a higher quality food.  Look at ingrdients, you do not want the first ingredient to be a filler like corn.
  • Chris - 2013-09-16
    I would not recommend puppy food for even puppies, as most puppy formulas have milk powder in them. This could cause the puppy, or even older dogs to have the runs, which could be hard on both the dog and the owner, and could also cause dehydration. I feed my little dog moist dog food that comes in small packs. He seems to enjoy it much better than the hard 'small breed' foods.
  • Sha - 2013-09-24
    Appleheads do NOT do well on a beef dog food. You should find a dog food with poultry and brown rice as the main ingredients. I hope this helps you and your you lil pup.
  • tina - 2013-11-25
    3 months old is very young to feed them hard food, maybe mix it with baby formula and make sure its warm (not hot) and soft.
  • Lennie - 2015-06-30
    We feed our applehead chiuahua little rice with ground beef and green beans with a powder supplement (sundow). For the first year then add dry food less ground beef less sundown and now he eats his dry food with no grains and we always add veggies in the dry food with a small amount hot water. Has been very healthy and is our angel from heaven above.
  • martha - 2015-12-09
    I cook Lolita'meals she is my apple head 1 1/2 years old.....she eats once a day around 6pm ...1/4 cup of food....brown rice with turkey, chicken, veal or ground meat....smashed peas, or carrots or sweet potatoes....a few balls of dry food ....she weights 5 pounds and loves to go to the park 2/3 times a week for running and networking.....
Bernadette Smallwood - 2015-07-20
I'm looking for a little applehead. I just lost my best friend in the whole world. I never thought I could hurts so much in my life. My beloved Gloria is gone and now I have all this love to share with a little one. But I'm having a problem finding them in my area. I'm looking for a female smooth coat. I'm hopeing to find a black and tan baby. She was my world and I'm so lost without her. Can someone please help me find my new baby? I don't have a lot of money even though my baby was a show dog. But when I got her I retired her. So papers are not important to me I just want one that is a applehead and will not get any bigger than 6 pounds. Thank you so much for listening.

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  • Edward hudlow - 2015-07-25
    I am very sad to hear of your loss. We live in a area where they are not common. I don't want to think about loosing our pippa marie. Sometimes I come across someone wanting to get rid of their chahuahuas because they are more work than expected. I will look for you and let you know . Best wishes to you and sorry for your loss.
  • Dorothy Wason - 2015-10-24
    I lost my peanut on Oct. 4. He was an apple head and weighted 2 and 1/2 lbs. died in his sleep. I am having him cremated. I am still crying. Can not believe he is gone.