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  The Red-Nosed Pit Bull is known for its gameness and pleasant disposition.
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Anonymous - 2020-09-20
Having a dog like that is great it is living but when comes to protecting don't mess

Jamie - 2015-07-31
I just got a Red nosed pit. She is a beautiful baby, thinks she is a lap dog! ;) but her fur is very stiff, itchy and dry. Any suggestions to help ease the itching for her?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-06
    These little guys are prone to more skin problems than other breeds. It's said they can have allergies to some food ingredients, so you might look into that.
  • Chrystal - 2015-09-04
    Hello my dog has a lot of allergies to grass and stuff. so my vet told me to give my dog benadryl. you will have to ask your vet the dosage. but works great. I a lot give her an oatmeal bath when she starts itching a lot.
  • jean - 2016-10-01
    for itching, etc we have found that one teaspoon per day of LOCAL non pasturized honey really works to relieve such symptoms. and our tally really likes it. good for allergy relief without benydril drug.
  • Anonymous - 2018-03-20
    Use some bacon grease couple times a week added to fur the oil gets rid of dry skin and also softens fur
  • susan - 2018-07-30
    Our happy go lucky guy is 6 months now, we adopted him at 12wks we went through many foods but finally with the help of a very knowledgeable petco employee, found Natural instinct grain free recipe duck and potatoe. Charlie is complemented daily on his beautiful fur, his happy disposition and good manners. this food has limited ingredients and we found that was needed especially the grain free part, so good luck, love your dog daily
Dave Smith - 2018-03-01
I rescued a 6 to 8 year old. Red nose x boxer more pitt bull he is such a jem he miss behaves the odd time but he is a dog. 99 percent of the time he is very well behaved. I love him so much. Her sometimes try’s to dart out in traffic to cross the streets. No street or car smarts. What can I do to stop this behaviour? Thanks!

Holly - 2016-11-03
We rescued a one-year old red-nose pitty baby. He is an amazing addition to our family (including my two young children, who adore him), and we just love him to pieces!

JIM WILSON - 2016-03-01
Desire a good quality red nose pitbull puppy under 12 weeks of age. Prefer large size puppy & good mom & dad qualities.

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  • lenora - 2016-10-16
    Good pure breed red nosed Pitt for sale 400.00 age 4months old.
paige - 2016-06-08
you can rub coconut oil in her hair and leave it on for about a hour. do it 3 times a week and it'll show results.

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  • Jeff Pendergraft - 2016-09-24
    My wife shampooed ours with tea tree oil shampoo, upgraded to a better food, and used coconut oil on his fur a couple times a week and a little in his food and people are shocked how silky soft he is now. He was very course before and had terrible dandruff when brushed.
Taj - 2016-02-24
My baby Queen. Just got her recently and am in love! Her house mates include a cat 6 chiauhauhs and a rooster haha She is a great animal with a huge heart.

tohier - 2015-03-29
Hi there, 6 months ago a white dove flew into my door. The bird is still here, the bird is the boss now. He/she is not in a cage and can come and go as she pleases. Sleeps on the kitchen cupboard, I need to know what they eat. She looks very stressed, can you help?

Diamond Gomez - 2014-10-09
A'ylia been a joy to have 😄

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  • Dave - 2014-10-11
    What a beautiful pup!
  • Anonymous - 2015-03-28
    Dang that looks like my dog.
robert carter - 2014-12-13
i hAVE ONE SECOND Hand that has been a great addition to our family he is great to our kids a good truck rider and a charm to wash .He is very patient with me being disabled and a lil slow to move but all around wouldnt give him up for the world