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  By nature the American Pit Bull Terrier (or Pit Bull) is friendly toward humans, which is enhanced by proper training. Socialization of your Pit Bull is of utmost importance.
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Leila - 2011-08-13
I once had a neighbour who owned a pitbull. Although he said it never bit anyone it was extremely vicious. This owner never beat up the dog and it was behaving normally with the owners. But whenever it heard us neighbours even though it was in their house it would go mad and bark furiously. Even when it was fast asleep next to our yard the moment he would sense us he would spring from his sleeping position only to bang against the fence and bark with such fury. I was terrified that it shouldnt someway get to the kids. These kids never ever teased the dog.

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  • Orlando - 2011-12-18
    Your dumb just saying nobody here thinks of pitbull the way you do loving dog you can make any dog aggressive. My opinion is that's what most people get dogs for is to guard their home and protect their family.
aliza - 2011-11-02
Excellent Post! I just noticed this change a few minutes ago and made a short post about it. I will include your post in it.
Thanks for the suggestions

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-02
    You are welcome
Rockie'snaturalgoodies Natural - 2011-03-26
We own 6 beautiful dogs 3 of them are pit Bulls, it is true that they can be aggressive towards other dos and animals, however when introduced properly the are very receptive and friendly, most people don't understand how the owner is the one that holds the key in having a well mannered PitBull. As an owner you must be totally dedicated to be constant and have a keen sense for being a responsible owner, Pit Bulls are the most amazing dogs they have a humanlike way for understanding and learning, they are extremely faithful and loving, however you must always stay as the pack leader, when you lose that place they will take advantage of their higher power and control. I invite anyone who wishes to know more about their pittbull to contact me through facebook and or post comments and concerns in this forum.

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  • Kathy - 2011-08-04
    Hi I have so many questions I have a male pit. My husband got him at 2 months old. The previous owner beat him kept him caged and who knows what else. He is now 17 months he still cowards and he pees on himself and he goes thru boughts where for a week he pucks and has the runs then ok for one or two. This has been going on for a few months. We have changed his food he does not listen at all when he is called and I need help getting a grip on him since he i such an misunderstood breed. I love him but he sheds so bad his breath is aweful and I feel bad I hope you can help me
    Thanks sadly confused by this breed
  • Abbie - 2011-10-06
    Hello, I am so happy you took in this dog rather than purchasing one from a breeder. When a dog is abused it can take a very long time for them to learn the proper way to do things. One of our pits was chained to a tree and abused for the first 8 months of her life, after that she spent time in a foster home that wasn't any better. We got her at 11 months and it took a VERY long time to get her turned around. We had to hand feed her, she constantly had bowel movements in her kennel and she was extremely fearful. We've had her 4 years now and she is excellent with people, animals and fabulous with children, but to this day she still cowers down and pees if I walk past her quickly with a broom because it brings her back to when she was a puppy and what happened. The first couple years with her was so extremely frustrating and I never thought we would see any results, but I promise if you stick with it and have a routine your dog will come around. Have you had your dog checked for worms? Or any other health problems by chance? I also highly recommend getting some professional obedience training for him. Whether it be a place you take him or have someone come to your home. Make sure they have experience with pits. They are absolutely amazing dogs. It's terrible what man has done to them. Another thing I recommend is buying books about pits. I have about 6 or 7 of them just because I wanted to be educated when I got my first pit due to the reputation these poor dogs have. I hope some of this helps you and I wish you the best with your pittie!
Rudel Grant - 2011-06-11
I have had pit bulls in the past, and still own two now. They are the epitome of what a dog should be. I encourage anyone that is interested in a dog that is loyal, energetic, and a good protection and family dog to get one.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-13
    I think pitt bulls need and want very consistent and caring humans. They want to be with their humans but their humans need to teach them. They are energetic and full of vigor and strong and they need a human that is very consistent in expectations, training and loving. I think they got a bad rap (just like the dobie) but they need attention and care.
  • Krystal Dotson - 2011-08-01
Josh Elkins - 2009-08-26
I have owned several apbt's. I now have 2, 1 is 3 months and the other is a year old. Both are seal colored with white paws and white chest. They are my life. I spend as much time as I can with them. Guess u could say they are like my best friends. We do a lot together.. take walks, go to the park, go to the lake. They always make me smile, especially when they are playing together. My 3 month old tried to act as tough as my year old and he slings her all over the place lol. It's cute, but anyway apbt is a great breed. I wouldnt have it any other way... DONT HATE THE BREED.

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  • evy - 2010-06-03
    I was wondering if you had any tips on how to train a pit bull. I have one who is about 6 or 7 months. I still can't get her to stop nipping and she has destroyed a lot things in the house. I'm not sure if putting her in a crate when I leave the house will help or what I should do.
  • Cassandra - 2011-05-18
    Hi, I have a pit I got from Stray Rescue. He is about a year and a half old. He is crate trained to the point where all I have to say is "Crate" and he runs to his crate and sits, waiting for his treat and his quiet time (when we're gone). I highly recommend crate training because you never know what your dog could get in to, eat, etc.. while you're gone. There's all sorts of things in your house your dog could get hurt by: chocolate, household chemicals, kids toys, just to name a few. It's really important that the crate is a good place for them and not a punishment (ie don't put the dog in there when he/she has been bad). Petey loves going into his crate. As for the nipping, if you are playing and get bit it's important to say NO and stop playing immediately, that way he/she knows that you are serious and that biting you will stop playtime. That's what we did with Petey, and when we play he is fierce but gentle if his teeth touch my skin he will not bite down. Remember if he/she does something they're not supposed to do you have to scold them while they're in the act, not later on (they live in the moment). Be a pack leader and a strong but loving "parent" (pretty much) and I'm sure you'll get the response you're looking for! Hope this helps!
annette - 2009-03-14
My husband and I own two pit bulls named Hadez 1 year and Danaka 6 months. Hadez is very protective of kids and goes wild if he can't get to a kid that is crying. Danaka is still acting a lot like a pup but she loves my five kids. We have a rott and jack rusell too, and they all get along well. Well Hadez does try to make the rott mad but my rott is about 4 years old and he never gets mad it seems.

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  • Jack - 2010-10-19
    I and my family members all own pitbulls. I own two myself. My one year old DANA is a black and white brown nose. BRUNO my four month old coa-coa and white also brown nose. They are also very protective of kids and try to bust down doors to get to any crying sound.
Debbie - 2010-05-28
Hi, I had gotten Quiki 3 weeks ago from my daughter and her boyfriend. He abused her for 6 months, until my daughter moved out and took her. I have her now, and she is just soo submissive. She is extremely thin, very picky on food. Though my daughters bf only fed her a cup a day, she really needs 3 cups. She was eating good, then stopped so I slowly changed her dog food, she was eating that then again stopped and I slowly changed it back to the same dogfood. She stopped and hasn't eaten in 2 days. Now I have an 11year old chow, my chow doesn't mind her and they get along. I walk her, take her to parks every day for 2 hours except wednesday
We walk for 2 hours, and I walk her at night for an hour before bed. She just drinks water. She refuses to eat. I really thought if she uses all her energy she would be starving but so far nothing. She don't chew bones, she chews napkins. She hides a lot, always pees in the house and looks at me if I am to beat her like the bf did. I don't get it. She hates my bird, my chow protects the bird, they had a quarrel which my dog won, she backed down. She is friendly to EVERYONE all dogs at the park. But her listening to me is getting worse. She doesn't come when I tell her, which is strange cause for 3weeks yesterday was the only day she refused to listen and now this morning she peed all over the rug. Can anyone help me?

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  • Linda - 2010-07-29
    I have helped a few friends of mine with dog issues and I have learned (from The Dog Whisperer) that our energy really comes into play with troubled animals. Have you checked your energy while trying to get him to eat or to come? Ceaser Milan says one must always be patient and never show any negative emotion as dogs pick up on this. Sounds like she is getting enough exercise. I would highly recommend you watch Dog Whisperer or buy his books. He has totally changed how I train my dogs and it works so much better with problems that are hard to deal with. Bless your heart for looking after this girl.
Rick - 2010-06-12
I've raised American Pit Bull Terriers for more than 25 years...not as a breeder, but simply as a pet owner. Most of the dogs I've raised were either shelter rescued or fostered from families that could no longer care for them. I may be biased, but I sincerely believe the APBT to be easily within the top 3 of the absolute best dog companions that a person could care for. They are loyal, fun-loving, energetic, bold, courageous, and playful...although not for everyone. Because of their natural tendency towards dog aggression and their indomitable spirit, they should be raised by committed and skilled owners who are familiar with their history. I currently have two, a male named Kane and a female named Trinity. They are both rescues from the local shelter. Kane is approximately three years old and I've had him since he was around six months; Trinity is 18 months and I've had her about a year. Kane was found as a stray before being taken to the shelter, and Trinity was surrendered by a family that could no longer care for her. Although, there were some initial challenges, the life of my family has been greatly rewarded by the inclusion of these two great dogs. I would encourage anyone who is looking to own a member of this beautiful breed of dog to do their research, become familiar with their local laws regarding ownership of the APBT, and consider adopting from a rescue organization or animal shelter. And, by all means, please spay or neuter your pet. Currently, the American Pit Bull Terrier is probably the most exploited dog in the world. Because of their desire to please their owner, they are successfully being utilized for both legal and nefarious purposes, and their reputation precedes them. This is the #1 breed of dog that is euthanized in shelters. This breed does not need any more back yard breeders. There are a sufficient quantity of APBTs being kept in shelters to satisfy the most discriminatory owner. If you are the right owner for this breed, your rewards will be immeasurable with the proper training and care of an adopted dog.

Sarah - 2009-02-08
My husband and I own a pit bull named pixie. We got her through a pit bull rescue. she is an amazing dog!! My husband was not so sure about having her for a pet at first due to the fact that she growled at everything in sight and hated to go outside on her own. She wouldn't even step out the door without peeing herself and shaking because of her previous experiences. We put her in training the following week and what a wonderful experience it has been. I have 5 siblings ages 13 through 3 and they all love and adore her, as does pixie love them! This breed takes a lot of commitment, love and time (as I have even come to learn) but very well worth the effort. Her loyalty melts my heart. bully breeds are truly amazing!

Dorinda Bigham - 2008-10-05
My husband and I own a pit bull named Casper. He is an amazing dog. We have had him three years with no problems. We have 2 children and 3 other dogs plus a cat which he loves dearly and he never meets a stranger. I have been around this breed all my life my father was a vet and also bred and raised pit bulls. They are not a breed for everyone. They need lots of attention and lots of exercise. But if you want a dog who will love you and protect you and your family (especially kids) then this is your bred.