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   The Golden Retriever is one friendly dog, it virtually gets along with everybody!
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Timothy Reeves Sr - 2018-07-27
I now have my 5th Golden Retriever. He is the 4th one we have adopted. Oliver has just turned 2 and, like my other four, is the sweetest boy. I got my first Golden in 1997 and when he was 11 we decided to give back to the breed for all that he, Doug, had given us. We decided to adopt senior Golden’s so our first one, Goldie, was 10. He never was in a house until we brought him home. Doug took him under his paw and he became the most wonderful dog. Our next 2 were females, Shirle, 12, and Molly, 8. Every child from 1 to a 100 needs a Golden Retriever!!!

awesome - 2014-06-01
Best dogs ever!

Tia Elizabeth Crown - 2014-01-02
My golden retriever, Crown, runs around all day in her room. She is very energetic and jumps in our swimming pool from time to time. Golden Retrievers are excellent!

Tia Elizabeth Crown - 2014-01-02
Dogs are helpful, intelligent animals. Dogs help you bond and socialize, so having a dog is a good thing.

luv GRs! - 2013-06-12
My uncle had 35 dogs before (ya I know wayy too much dogs)in his house. One of them is golden retrievers and I think they're great! They love to stick by me, really welcoming! My uncle is going to get me a golden retriever baby soon.

Jada Stevenson - 2011-12-14
I love this dog honestly, But i think it is expensive for really know reason. All dogs prices are unbelieveable to me and probably some other people too. Like I would really go to the store and by a 1,000 dollar dog please you must be crazy. But that is my opinion. All dogs gave they own special things about them and some just are plain. The ones that are plain prices should be lowered.

Eileen - 2011-07-09
I have a female Golden Retriever and she's almost 4 years old. She is loved by everyone in the family and she even loves her small companion the female Shih Tzu. They always play together and often compete for their attentions, but they do get along. We give both of them same amount of attentions. One thing about her is that now I own two rabbits and I have the dog gate to keep them (both dogs and rabbits) apart and she always put her nose through the gate to watch my rabbits. Silly girl. :-)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-09
    They would probablyjust play. My daughter had 9 bunnies and 2 dogs and now just 2 bunnies and 2 dogs but she lets the bunnies and the dogs play. I guess the fenced in yard gets to be fun when she has to round them all up. She has a large dog and a real tiny one and all do well. Supervise --- or sure. Retrievers are gorgeous and always so friendly. Shsh Tzu seem to run th home though I think - NO?
  • Eileen - 2011-07-09
    I did allow my golden retriever to be near my rabbits, but she did accidentally step on one of them so I took her out. My shih tzu did chase one of my rabbits and he did butt head with her which he showed that he's not afraid of her. He did seem he had bitten her so I couldn't let that continue. So, I have kept both of my dogs and my rabbits apart since that happened. Maybe will try again after both of my rabbits are potty trained, I will allow both to roam inside the house like I did with my male Dutch rabbit did roam vefore I got my female Mini Rex rabbit.
  • Jada Stevenson - 2011-12-14
    Aww That is so cute . I always wanted a puppy golden retiever so bad. But I come to think it is a lot of money , and my mom said Not right now. When is the right time then lol.

    God Bless , Jada :-)
  • Nina - 2011-12-14
    I love this dogs they are so beautiful. I have six of them on my farm.

    Peace and Blessings.
Asian Fisherman5893 - 2008-09-16
You want a Mixed dog? I, well my girlfriends parents do, they have a Golden Retriever mixed with a Husky. It has the baby blue eyes, the nose is not as long as a retriever, and the body is just under as long as the Husky. It has big paws with the not so long legs, tail is like a retriever, and the nose has somewhat tanish to brown spots too. So if you want a mixed dog this is it!

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  • raymond - 2010-04-22
    Do you have any pics of the dog? Thanks...