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  Bred since the 1970's, the Schnoodle is a most curious hybrid and is fast becoming a popular pet.
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Ron G. - 2015-08-18
About 5 years ago we acquired a small, mix-breed dog from a rescue organization. He was hit by a car, suffered a broken leg, and was abandoned at a vet's office. A lot of guesses were made about his genetic make-up, but the consensus is that he is a toy poodle-toy schnauzer mix. He certainly looks exactly like some of the photos I've seen of this mix. He actually gets compliments like'cutest dog ever!' when we walk him. He is one of the friendliest dogs I have ever owned, especially towards other people and their children. He is also very affectionate and energetic, a great 'alarm dog', and loves to play, even at his current age of (an estimated) ten years. Wonderful pet! Big believer in rescues!

Anonymous - 2010-11-29
You forgot the puggle!

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-12-15
    Eeeps! I'll get on that right away!
  • Melody Rex - 2011-03-10
    Whatz a puggle?
Char Holland - 2012-05-31
We have 2 schnoodles that are litter mates. They are almost 5 years old and one of them (Shadow) started having seizures at age 2.5. Recently, these have progressed to cluster seizures. I'm looking for any information anyone else may have with this experience. We are looking at medicine to control and/or prevent the seizures rather than costly MRI and other tests.
We love this breed, our schnoodles are 2nd generation mini-schnauzer and poodle mix. They are smart, loving, active and no dander/shedding to bother our allergies.

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Charles Brown - 2009-12-07
I grew up the more traditional dog breeds but I have to say our schnoodle is exceptional in every way: fantastic temperment, very affectionate, great with kids, hightly intelligent and great with kids. I can't say enough good things about this breed...

Joel - 2012-04-22
But what about life spans for Schnoodles? And what health issues have people encountered? I'm considering a Schnoodle after having had Schnauzers the past 20 years and dealing with Cushings, diabetes and cancer with them once they reached 10 yrs. old.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-22
    The life span for a Snoodle is said to be around 14 years old. Per the Animal World article above some health concerns are for the eyes and epilepsy.
Paul Cosgrove - 2010-01-16
It's funny about the posting about Max. We have a Max the same age he's the smartest dog I've ever seen. All he does is give love and wants to play. Summer time he jumps on a pool float goes to sleep get hot jumps in the water swims gets out of the pool goes to the deck grabs a TOWEL with his teeth from the railing(he's wet from the pool) jumps on a chair in the sun and lays on it. Get hot again walks up to the pool steps waits for a float to go around {filter is on} and jumps om it again (if you give a mouse a cookie...) If we are playing catch with the pool torpedo he will dive under water and some times get it!

Lisa Orasanin - 2010-01-07
We have a 15 month old Schnoodle (Max), who is a complete joy. He was a superstar at puppy training class and I've just enrolled him in agility training (start next week!) to keep his mind active. He's a complete love, runs faster than most dogs twice his size, and just wants to be near the family. I would highly recommend this breed for anyone who wants a dog that is engaging, intelligent, and active.

Sharon - 2008-12-07
I had never heard of a schnoodle until I got one for my husband for valentines day. He is adorable and everyone that sees him falls in love and wants one. Ollie loves walks, riding in the car, and running in the yard. A bundle of energy but listens well to our commands. He is truly part of the family.

tublubfubnub - 2008-09-22
That is so cute, great job.