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  The Miniature Dachshund is long and muscular with short legs. It is just like the Standard Dachshund, only it is smaller and was bred for rabbit hunting rather than flushing out badgers.
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ashley - 2013-09-26
i have a mini her name is juju and recently she lost her love companion and now she doesnt play, just lays around. my husband and i r thinking of getting another mate but i wonder if it's too soon? Its only been a week and it will be another 3 wks before we can get a pup... Please help

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-26
    I would wait at least the three weeks if she were mine, maybe even longer just so she has enough some space to adjust to her loss.
  • Danielle - 2014-12-06
    I also had the same problem with my dog. Jack died and I only had Flap left. I took Flap to play dates where there were puppies so that she would find her own friend. It helped. Find a breeder that will let you bring JuJu to the house to meet puppies. Don't wait. The longer you do, JuJu may just pass too. Dogs get BROKEN HEARTS just like humans. Good luck
Kamilla - 2014-01-21
(There is also a maths question in 2.) This is sort of like a quiz : What kind of small and shorthaired dog is perfect for: 1.A kind but busy man who works on his computer at home most of the time? 2. A nice girl who has a cat and a rabbit and goes to school from 9:00 and stays at school for 6 hours? 3.A funny 16 year old older-brother who plays on his computer most of the time? 4. A caring mum who does the housework all day and cares and cooks for her 2 children and her husband?

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Concerned Reader - 2010-11-09
"Many breeders suggest feeding Miniature Dachshunds puppy food throughout their lives. Their diets should include horse meat, beef, wheat, and yellow corn. The Dachshunds are prone to obesity, so overfeeding should be avoided."

NO dog should be fed horse meat or yellow corn!

Dachshunds are prone to gaining too much weight. Which is precisely why they should NOT be fed puppy food their entire lives!

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  • ron - 2012-02-23
    Corn can cause a bunch of skin problems the first ingredient should be meat.
AMoore - 2010-11-18
We have had our mini Dachshund for 3 days and I have fallen in love. My husband and I have 5 kids, and we love "Fash". However he is not eating his dog food which is puppy chow-what kind is best for him? He is 8 weeks.

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  • Maureen - 2012-02-15
    I'm not sure what kind of food is best for your puppy, but I've had puppies before and so I've learned that if they don't want to eat their solid food at first. They'll eat it if you add water to it to make it good and soggy. Hope this works for your pup!
  • ron - 2012-02-23
    We kept a bowl of Eukanuba (ground up with blender). I would mix it with warm suplemental puppy milk.
  • Sweetjoan - 2012-03-01
    Try to add a water, hot water, to make it soft and wait for 5 minutes before you give. Try Beef pro dog food, before my brand is eukanuba but it doesn't like my mini dachs.. so I switched it to Beef pro.
  • shannon - 2012-03-04
    Mine is a very pickey eater I tried everything moist hard soft. Now he eats soft and moist but I have to sprinkel his food with NUPRO. It's a dog supplement. He loves it and it makes his coat nice and shinny. You can get it from ebay. It's much cheaper.
j gustafson - 2009-09-07
Wiener dogs are a great pet, however they do not do well with very small children and are prone to anxiety problems! But we love our denali.

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  • Jenny Sprowl - 2010-10-06
    We also have a little wiener girl, Norma Jean. She has very bad anxiety when I have to leave without her. We are very close and she burrows down in the front of my night shirt to sleep. But I would not trade her for any other dog in the world. She is my heart.
  • k naganuma - 2012-01-06
    I have a mini dachsy/jack russell terrier mix, I've also noticed that she doesn't like kids either, everytime she sees a kid, she starts growling and running back and forth. I will go to her level and talk to her, letting her know that they won't hurt her, but she doesn't trust them at all, so I end up picking her up to calm her down and talking to her, once she calms down, then she okay after that.
  • Katie - 2012-09-25
    Ottis is our mini and he is great with our kids we have had him for three years and have a 2 and 5 year old. He Would do anything to protect them and would never hurt them. He does have issues with barking and settling down. When you pet him he can't get enough almost to the point where you don't want to because he won't calm down.
Becky Burnett - 2011-01-11
We have a mini dachshund and he has a gagging and mucus problem. He is always coughing and acting like he is going to throw up. Is there anyway to treat this problem?

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  • ron - 2012-02-23
    Our minis would do the same thing when they would eat or drink try raising the dish off the ground some
  • dukieball - 2012-11-17
    My doxie had this issue his whole life. He lived a full 12 or so years but he died with lung disease I think. He panted a lot and breathed really rapidly during the last few months it got better then worse I think he had fluid in his lungs. Check hs lungs keep an eye on his heart rate and breathing. Mine lived a full life but I always wonder if it could have been longer... if I had known I wouldn't have waited as long as I did to get him cheked out. I would get a loan or something for even just 1 more month with my lil dookie
shannon - 2012-02-28
My minature dachshund is having back problems. He's 4 years old and once every 6 months this had been happening to him. It's like he's paralyzed for about 5 min. He can't walk, falls over, has the shakes all over. His eyes are kind of in the back of his head. It only lasts about 5 min. What should I do how can i help him? All I can do is hold him tight and wait for it to pass. Help

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-28
    I believe you should take the little guy to the vet. It sounds like seisures and there is medication.