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   The short stocky Basset Hound, originally bred to hunt rabbits, is a quiet dog in the house but likes to be active when it gets outside.
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Ellie - 2013-02-10
I've got a grand basset griffon vonde.

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  • Ellie - 2013-02-10
    He's called brioche!
  • Catherine - 2016-03-27
    Hi Ellie, We have a GBGV also. He is our first. We always had Rotties or Danes, but now me being in a wheel chair, when our last BIG guy died we found this guy from Sidekick Kennels in Florida at the recomendation of the Dane breeder in Va.This could happen in any setting.We live in the woods so this is life and death. After he mastered obedience training I got him a Sportsdog brand training collar,and we use the vibration and beeping settings to help him learn our property lines. Works very well. We have never used the shock and would only in extreme danger such as a bear, bob cat, or coyote. Rufus is mr. Personality plus, happy happy, boy, loves all people and all living things.Wonderful companion.There is a GBGV club on line.Corey Bennedict and Brent Humphries are the breeders and would be overjoyed to hear from you!
Marie - 2009-08-04
Basset Hounds... There is so much to say about the beautiful, loyal, funny, adorable hound. I can talk 24/7 about bassets. :) I have the pleasure to share my life with two bassets, who are my pride and joy. They add so much joy to my life, I could never be without my much loved bassets.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-08-10
    These dogs like to bark.  If they get a scent be prepared for a lot of barking.  If barking is an issue for you, this is not the right dog.
  • john - 2012-08-10
    we are thinking of adopting a 1 year old basset, but are afraid that he might bark alot?? also do they bark alot when outside, if we go to the store? thankyou john
r c lee - 2011-06-28
Our SPIRIT, the human dog, as we call him is just over 9 years old. He is easily the best dog and friend anyone can ever have. He is smart but still laid back enough for our aging years. Great dog. Will never have any other kind.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-28
    It is so great when we have our human pets as part of our family. Glad you enjoy.
knoten - 2009-04-19
Basset hounds are the best dogs! I have always had a basset and will never want another breed.

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  • Bassett mama - 2011-01-05
    I have adopted a lovely new member into our family named Meatloaf! I have changed his food from Beneful to Wellness whitefish and potatoes which he loves. My dilemma is that he produces too much oil and has a yeast smell. What do you normally feed your hounds? I would like to get an idea of what works well for oily skin and a healthy diet.