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Tonya - 2009-02-19
hey bobby we have a short haired dog just like urs. we know a local family we sells them please call 843-423-2190 tonya wahlen and ruby owens

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Becca - 2009-02-18
He is a doll baby. I also own a as my daughter calls our dog a Jackachu. Wishbone our dog will be 2 years in May. I am so happy that you rescued Peanut. Good luck in all you do.

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Judy - 2009-02-15
I have a male Chug--he is the smartest boy I have ever seen. He does not have any bad habits and he loves the whole family. He's very sweet and if you ask him to stay he will sit there until you tell him it's ok to move. His name is Hobie. He never barks at animals or family members, but if a stranger pulls in our driveway he definitely lets you know about it. I have had all types of breeds, this one is the best mannered and loving pet I have ever had. He loves bed time and he will let you know that he wants to go to bed. He does seem to have a breathing problem sometimes and it's like he sneezes backwards. What can we do to help him with this. MRS LAMBDIN

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victoria - 2009-02-12
I am in desperate need to contact the american red nose terrier rescue in or around austin, texas as soon as possible... please advise to thank you!!!

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Sarah - 2009-02-08
My husband and I own a pit bull named pixie. We got her through a pit bull rescue. she is an amazing dog!! My husband was not so sure about having her for a pet at first due to the fact that she growled at everything in sight and hated to go outside on her own. She wouldn't even step out the door without peeing herself and shaking because of her previous experiences. We put her in training the following week and what a wonderful experience it has been. I have 5 siblings ages 13 through 3 and they all love and adore her, as does pixie love them! This breed takes a lot of commitment, love and time (as I have even come to learn) but very well worth the effort. Her loyalty melts my heart. bully breeds are truly amazing!

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Elizabeth Marks - 2009-02-03
I have two Danes and they are WONDERFULL. I would not trade them for any other breed in the world. The only thing that makes them a gaurd dog is their size. The only mean Dane I have ever seen was trained to be that way. A mean Dane is not natural. Most do fine with small children but you had better supervise because of thier size.

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Maureen - 2009-01-26
I live with 2 adorable shelties. They love to catch a frisbee, chase a ball and do tricks. If I get busy and don't give them something to do for a few days then they'll let me know by chewing my shoes. They are a great dog to play with, they like to be silly and do tricks, anything for food!! Wonderful begging eyes that you have to be careful of otherwise you'll be treating them all day. They love their food and their people!

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Desiray - 2009-01-23
The doberman at our house is felony charge who was raised with a pug and Husky/Lab mix. My niece comes and plays with our GENTLE LOVING SHY DOG!

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The Dog Guy - 2008-12-17
Rottweilers are not scary and dangerous when treated properly. I have a pure bred female rottie who is about 4 years old. She is not in any way aggressive. She thinks she's still a puppy and she thinks she can jump on people and be cute. She does get over excited when people are near and may give a little, painful nip, but she doesn't mean it. We describe her as a leaking tap because she's always drooling. She is also the vacuum because she scoffs up food in a second. They are good pets when treated properly.

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Sharon - 2008-12-07
I had never heard of a schnoodle until I got one for my husband for valentines day. He is adorable and everyone that sees him falls in love and wants one. Ollie loves walks, riding in the car, and running in the yard. A bundle of energy but listens well to our commands. He is truly part of the family.


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