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NY - 2014-10-20
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Diana Molina - 2014-10-18
 It is a wonderful dog to have !!!  

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pamela - 2014-10-18
Hi I have a 16month old ebt he suffers with like a bad cramp when he walks I can take him out for a nice walk he comes home goes to bed when he gets up he is very stiff and walks like his legs wont hold him up he has had an exray and all is ok hes been neutard he had a rash the vet gave him steroids and antibiotics this seamed to fix his leg trouble has anyone else had this problem or what can I do any ideas

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-20
    Poor little fellow, I'm glad you took him to the vet and wish him all the best.
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Stephanie Crocker - 2014-10-17
Also, she'd eat rocks if I let her, she is not picky at all. She also is TERRIFIED of cats, but loves chasing squirrels.

She's wearing her bandana ironically.

Stephanie - 2014-10-17
I managed to train the barking almost completely out of my Papihuahua, Gertie. She barks only when another dog approaches her territory. Papillions can be quite territorial and she gotten a lot better. That is the only time that she isn't the best dog in the whole world. She is not afraid of strangers; she loves being pet by them. She LOVES kids. SO MUCH. She is so gentle with them but if they want to play, my god she will chase them! She's not a big player. I mean, she'll occasionally run around like a crazy person, but she is rather afraid to play in front of big dogs because I guess they want to play back. But if it's just her and another small dog, she'll usually tear it up. She loves walks and exercise. She's a great cuddler and loves our night-time cuddle sessions. She was very difficult to completely house train, eliminating in the house up to a year of age. She's four now and there's no problems. She took to crate training very well and loves her house on the main floor. Teaching her new tricks is easy it just takes ten minutes and some patience. But she understands many different commands, and I'm pretty sure that she understands the tone with which I say the same words. She is the best dog in the whole world.

Chris - 2014-09-09
OMG - I am so glad you guys mentioned again and again how picky they are. I went to Petsmart and bought a sampling of all the highest-end dogfoods they offered and finally found one my papihuahua (better than 'chion,' don't you think?) loved, but she quit eating it after a month. She loves people food, though, especially protein bars and popcorn chicken. The only way to insure she eats is to feed her with her bigger sibling, a Westie. Her natural dominance insures she will eat if he is around to keep him from getting it.

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  • Stephanie - 2014-10-17
    Haha! That's hilarious. My Papihuahua is so not picky at all. She would eat rocks if I let her. She's always waiting in the kitchen to be fed. I'm sure she would just eat the whole bag if I let her! She is on a raw, grain-free diet though. I find she gains weight very easily on dry food and she not only loves the raw food, but it's much easier to maintain her ideal weight.
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Carrie - 2014-09-26
I just got a 3 year old apple head yesterday he's sweet but he very scared how long will it take him to warm up to me

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  • David Brough - 2014-10-09
    Be patient, and gentle. Its hard to say just how long it will take but he will warm up in time :)
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Brenda Boles - 2010-09-21
I have what is supposed to be a Havanese, looks and acts like a Havanese, is very sweet, etc., etc. One thing though -- he is 25 pounds now! When I got him, he was a rescue dog and weighed 22.5 pounds and was thin. Everything I've read says they weigh a lot less. Height to his withers is 11.25". I think he needs to lose about 2 pounds. Is he a Havanese? I also thought maybe he was a Tibetan Terrier, however, his legs are short like a Havanese.

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  • Tammy - 2010-11-20
    I have a purebread Havanese and he is 3 1/2 now and 24 lbs. He is at his healthiest when he is 22 lbs. Havanese can get this big! I have a second 1 1/2 yr. old and he is only 9 lbs. Really, it all depends on the parents, but there is quite a range! They are sweet, funny dogs though, aren't they?
  • Audrey - 2014-09-29
    Yes they are sweet, comical, loyal, sensitive, friendly,highly intelligent, prideful breed. We love our Havanese as if she were another child or sibling....
  • Audrey - 2014-09-29
    Our 3 1/2 year old fluctuates between 22 to 25 lbs. The Vet says her weight is perfectly normal. Most of her weight is in her full
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Laike - 2010-04-24
Yes, my dog is the same. He has urine problems since we got him, it started when the previous owner got him spayed... And he whines in the kennel after I put him back in from being outside. But I love him still.!(Spyder)

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  • ina - 2014-09-27
    Your dog should have been neutered not spayed. That is if your spyder is a boy. Spaying is for the female dogs and cats and neutering would be for their male counterparts. Bostons are very easy to house break. You just have to be consistent.
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Jhenna Lance - 2014-09-22
I adopted this beautiful long haired chihuahua from the SPCA June 16,2014. She has been nothing but a blessing in our family after our first child passed away last Christmas I was in need of something to lift my spirits. I was only tagging along with a friend of mine to adopt her new cat I walked the the dog kennels and saw this beautiful little golden fluff ball sitting in her blankets with one eye out observing everything. I fell in love. I called the bank and told them it was an emergency I needed them to cover the funds and -$300 dollars later and some strong convincing of my husband she was mine. She has played such a big role in our healing process and has become my baby. She has the best temperament and is so calm I can take her anywhere and she'll just fall asleep in my lap. Everyone is amazed at just how well tempered and patient she is. Not the typical yapping and ankle bitting chihuahua you usually see. And despite my husband being strongly against keeping her he has fallen in love with her as well. She is now my certified emotional support dog and is rarely not with me. My izabelle is the best thing that ever happened to me and has given me the hope and strength I needed on the days I didn't think I had it in me.


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