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angie morales - 2015-07-22
I have a chion for sale black n white with blue eyes for $250. 00 d. O. B 1/15/15. . . Great dog but im moving and cant take him. . His name is 'sky'because of his blue eyes. . . If interested call me at 440,213,1011

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madhu - 2015-07-22
today i got a cocker spaniel dog(female) that name is chinnu,,,,,chinnu is only 1mounth old,its is cute and smart

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reuben - 2015-07-11
Hi guys. I have two bullies, aged 10 months and 12 weeks. my ten month old male is generally extremely chilled and well behaved...except with food !! we made the mistake of spoiling him from time to time with tastes of our food provided its not contraindicated for them of course...problem is now he wont let either of us eat in peace or any dinner guests we have over. he literally changes from dr jekkal to mr gluts. attempted stern warnings and time outs but so far to no avail. any suggestions would be helpful

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Deb KRAUS - 2015-07-10
Looking for CHUG puppy or young chug male or female.......

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Joan Adleman - 2011-05-24
I have a one year old Japanese Chin that gives me lots of love and laughter. She loves her toys and plays a lot. Only problem with her is I can't find food that she likes and eats. BY HERSELF. I gave her and still do wet food and if I sit and hand feed her she will eat most of it. If I am with her and put hard food on the floor (not in a dish) she will play around eating it. I really need help as I am afraid she will get sick. What kind of food should I give her or as some tell me let her go a day or two and she will eat but that is so hard to do. She likes her doggy treats and bones but only gets 2 little bones a day and 2 treats a day. Any ideas I'd appreciate.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-24
    OK been there and done that. I had two Great Pyrenes (two sisters) one named Sugar and one named Shack. I got them when they were about 3 months old. Well Sugar ate just fine but Shack just wouldn't eat unless I sat in the floor and fed her. Sugar weighed more and would gobble everything down and Shack and I would still be sitting on the floor while I fed Shack. Great Pyrenes are not small. After many weeks, I am now sitting on the floor after mixing in hot dogs, soup, ground meat etc into Shacks food to get her to eat because she was 15 pounds lighter than Sugar but weighed 60 pounds, I am still feeding Shack by hand sitting on the floor. My daughter finally says "Mom, are you nuts?" I taught the dog to not eat unless I hand fed her or improved whatever her diet was via soup, hotdogs, broth, hamberger etc. Now why she did not weigh as much as Sugar, I don't know. Possibly she got bored cuz it took me so long to feed her. I do know I did stop and it took a couple of days of Shack begging and me being firm before Shack finally ate on her own without problems. She caught up to Sugar in weight. Thank goodness because they weighed about 100 pounds apiece. Now a Japanese Chin is a little fella and I am sure you are worried but possibly he has you trained like mine trained me. Enjoy and they can always make you laugh. Good luck.
  • Pam - 2011-11-24
    My Jap Chin loves Iams small bites. I think its in a blue bag. He even eats the cats food.
  • Paul Yip - 2011-12-30
    First of all, an hungry dog is an healthy dog. So, I'm suggesting to cut off all treats, these 6 lb dogs can not eat too much a day, and do not hand feed, every meal give a little more than quarter cup with high quality food, 2 meals a day. At first few days, to give the food only 10-15 minutes, and then take the food away to make her hungry. Later she will eat herself. I have a Japanese Chin from a championship breeder, (please check it out from my facebook) I feed him a little than 1/4 cup dry food at mornings and a medium scoop of fresh raw ground beef mixed up veggie and rice (actually, the raw beef is the best food for dog). If you would like to know how to make raw beef dog food, please let me know.
  • sol barket - 2012-01-18
    I have two Japanese Chins. Brother and sister, two years old. I have tried the better foods and my dogs seems to like Fromm. I think they make a good food. I would stay away from beef based foods. I just got a new blend. Fromms, Game Bird Receipe for Dogs, grain free. I bought a bag of the Pure Vita, they did not like it. I started them out on Wysong as pups and they did well on that food. The Fromm is easily available, where the Wysong I had to mail order from the company. Chins can be picky about their food. I hope this helps.
  • Anonymous - 2015-07-04
    Try freshpet. It comes in a large log that looks like a tube of ground beef. Highly rated. Should be available at most pet stores winn-dixie Publix grocery stores. not sure what you have in your area but give it a try great food for your dogs and they love it
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carol - 2015-06-29
I have 2 lovely poems Sammy 2 rescued at 5 months we had to have him neutered as one of his testicles hadn't dropped. He is so laid back he is almost horizontal. Kimba 20mths, we have had him since he was 14maths the same thing happened again. All was well for the first couple of months, he was a happy little chap then all of a sudden he started barking at traffic and going crazy when a car or wagon goes by. I am at a loss as to what to do. Any suggestions please help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-07-09
    You can try to figure out what is causing your dog to bark, one suggestion I read was to keep a log for a few days. Make notes everytime the dog barks with what's around the dog, what is going on at that time, and what you are doing. You may discover a reason why your little fellow is barking.
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JACKIE - 2015-06-10
I am in love with my applehead paquito. I got him for my mothers day gift.

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willow - 2012-01-28
I love Pomeranians to bits, but I am greiving as I have had to make the hardest choice I or any of you will ever have to make and that is to put your best mate to sleep when their time comes. Our girl was 20 yrs old.And we still miss her and will for a while yet. Leuka passed away Dec 21 2011.
Now she is at peace.

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  • Lori - 2012-02-19
    How wonderful you had 20 years with your girl! That is a wonderful long life and you and she were blessed to have eachother all those years. She is in a beautiful place in heaven. We have a girl Pom that is eight and I hope we are blessed like you were to have her for 20 years. Her name is Piper. We had collie whose name was Willow. I hope you find a new Pom to share with what you had with your Willow and give another Pom a long happy life with you too!
  • John Guysinger - 2012-05-28
    I know how you feel , I lost my Pom 4 weeks ago, she was killed. I had her for 14 years, she was my best friend , my traveling buddy .i miss her so much. Does the pain ever go away! I would like to get another , but will it be the same or am I just trying to hang on to her memory
  • Pat - 2012-11-20
    Hi Willow, google 'rainbow bridge. It's a poem that always makes me cry and feel better at the same time. Your Leuka will be there when you get there. Take care
  • jesica - 2015-03-20
    Hello get back to me asap, I have two cute poms for adoption.
  • Anonymous - 2015-06-09
    Yes, i am having some problems with my pom . She is about 9 years old. I think. Thats what i was told. She was 3 when i got her. She is sick now i think. Sometimes she cant walk. She is vety saf sometimes. Dont know what to do? I cant stand the thought of her not here? O feel real bad for you about your dog! I cant imagine how you feel. They arr like little children.i am sorry foryou! Bye my name is dar!
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Wendy Flora - 2015-05-21
I have 2 long haired chihuahua's James Dean[father] and Willie Brown [son].They have gotten along great since Willie, the son was born which was about 3 years ago.Now they are always fighting and eventually have to be seperated.About 2 months ago as a result of a fight,Willie bit Jimmie's ear and he had to have surgery.They are both house trained but have regressed to having a pissing contest in the house.The vet suggested having one or both of them fixed which is something we really don't want to do.We love them to death...Besides the vets suggestion we're looking for other options....PLEASE HELP US

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-22
    It does sound like they are trying to establish an 'alpha' dog position, and are in competition with one another.  Of course, your vet suggests neutering to eliminate that natural male dog instinct. Not sure how else you can get that natural behavior to deminish other than restricting their time together.
  • Darlene - 2015-05-30
    I've trained all dogs for 22 years. The option other than neutering is YOU becoming the alpha. I have two full chis. and also a full German shepherd male in my home. We all live under the same roof and live happily together,however each of my boys have a deep respect of me. I need to make something very clear I NEVER raise a hand or my voice to any of them. Just my presence keeps them in me if you need help.
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-31
    That's great Darlene, so what techniques do you use to become the alpha presence?
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irena - 2015-05-17
Yorkie breeder from Central Florida.

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  • Edward - 2015-05-25
    When are the yorkie pups breed,will they have paper & registed.And what would the range of price be

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