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Sarah siegal - 2017-05-26
We adopted a Chinese crested from a rucuse group . She is ten years old very sweet and kind . She is my moms dog . She came to us

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Cathy Budwash - 2012-01-12
Couple looking for Long hair Chihuahua. Resonably priced.

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  • Dawn - 2017-01-27
    I have a 5 month old long haired male chihuahua for free. You pay to get him if you want him. MeNing if you have to travel. Great dog loving and loves to cuddle. Reply and he's yours. Wally can't wait..
  • Lynn - 2017-04-14
    Interested in your free male long haired Chihuahua, was going to buy one in 6 weeks. But if you still have him. I'm excited. what color is he, and where do you live?
  • Debbie Glover - 2017-05-03
    Can I come look at your dog .

    I live in Memphis TN .

    My sister has been in contact with a person who has a dog like yours. That person lives in Saltillo TN. Is that you ?
  • Dianne betcalf - 2017-05-21
    Go to the pounds and shelters. There are sooo many there :( they need a loving home ♡♡ That's where i got my 2 yr old long haired Chihuahua. He is absolutely adorable ♡ He gets along great with my Sheppard who was also a rescue from a high kill shelter. They are best friends♡ Save a life. Best feeling in the world♡♡
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George Wynn - 2017-05-08
Looking for an apple head Chihuahua for my grandmother she just needs a lap dog to spoil

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Christina - 2017-05-04
Last year on September 11, 2016, I lost my best friend. She was gifted to me at a time I needed her most when I took iIl. Her name was Angel. She love to cuddle, to be carried and sit on my shoulder ( hence how she got her name). I can't seem to get past her lost. I believe having another like her would help fill the void. She had long blond hair weighing in at 5 lb. and lived 17 years. If you have any small long hair chihuahua you can not take care of I would be honoured to take the dog and would give all the care the dog could need. I need the dog to be small and around the 5-6 lb. range so to be light to carry. I live in Chatham, Ontario. Thank you.😇

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Robbie - 2017-04-18
I have discovered that beagles find upright pianos very tasty. Our beagle, Daisy, liked to nibble on the keys while we ate dinner. Thus, we had music while eating, and Daisy loved the noise she could make. Daisy no longer plays piano, as she is now almost eleven years old. I'm pretty sure she's off pretending to be famished as my sister finishes her breakfast.

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Samantha - 2009-03-21
Hi, I reckon the King Charles Spaniels are the best dogs ever! see ya!

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PJ Gryp - 2016-06-10
I would like to buy a long haired chihuahua. My son has one and I would like to raise one too. I live in York Pa. Please respond

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  • Dale - 2016-06-28
    I have a 12 month old long hair he was bought by a family that ended in divorce , I took him in , he is sweet puppy I've gotten attached to him but I'm retired and can't really take of him .
    I'm willing to give him to a good home , that can send me pictures of how he's doing
    He's white w one bkl ear he's really gorgeous
    Thank you
  • doggie43082 - 2016-07-11
    Do you still have the pup you took in?
  • Desiree - 2017-01-20
    I have a female long hair for sale

  • Bet Willey - 2017-02-26
    Hello Dawn,
    Do you still have your long hair to give away? Why are you giving the dog away? Tell me about the dog, age sex etc. Where do you live?

    Thank you,

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Charlotte Boeker-Burris - 2013-12-16
I live outside of Fort Worth. I have  chorkies, one a year old and three 2 years old. The older ones both parents were registered but I did not register them because I couldn't find papers on the dad. Mom was a blue deer leg chihuahua-very rare in color, dad was silver and black yorkie. I need to find homes for them because I now have too many. The younger one was sired by one of my males and is very unusual looking...he somehow came out with blue eyes.

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  • Anonymous - 2017-03-23
    I wish I lived closer. I miss my Harley so much. I wish again I could feel his touch.
  • Nan Borton-Smith - 2021-09-26
    Have you found homes yet? I currently have a large Chorkie female (9lbs) and a male 4lb Parti Yorkie male. Are dogs are family for examp,e my first dogs Nino & Mocha both Yorkie mixes lived 16& 17 respectively. I have a large home and yard.please feel free to msg me on Facebook or through this site. My number is (970) 261-2909 and we live near Jacksonville, Fl
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Christopher Martin - 2017-03-21
Indeed a teddy bear chow. 8143376096

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Lind Grammatico - 2017-03-15
I live in Michigan, near Clinton Twp. Would like to find a reasonably priced Westie, not too old, with all shots and in good health. I do have a cat, so the dog would hopefully be cat-friendly.


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