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Angela Kleppinger - 2019-02-17
looking for furry family. I suffer from bipolar/ depression issues. I’m looking for a smaller dog to hold and love. He/she will become ESA (emotional stress dogs and be by side side always. I don’t have much money, but I swear they will be well cared for. I have a vet that I take my out fur babies to. Any questions please ask! Thank you.

Angela Kleppinger - 2019-02-17
Your 2 fur babies sound perfect for me . I’m currently suffering with depression and bipolar disorders. I need a fur baby that will go to other m everywhere and be my light and sunshine. They will become ESA ( emotional stress animal). Which means they can g with me and everywhere in case I’d have an episode. They will be loved and there are plenty cared for. Please let me know if you have any questions. Ty so much

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Tammy Long - 2019-02-13
4 Japanese chins, mom 2, dad 1 2 pups 4 months are eating pee spot parts of pad. The puppies the adults are now following suit. Why? They have lots of toys, automatic waterer, feeder, pet doors. This is new. The puppy's were just tearing them up. Dad started acting out also. Now eating the fresh urine. No matter who did it. I don't know why

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Norma - 2013-10-17
I first got to know about the Doberman in the mid sixties in Scotland. A boyfriend and his dad used to breed the Doberman & the German Shepherd. They would train them for Security and Police work. They would take them to factories as guard dogs for nights. After coming to South Africa in 1972 my husband and I decided to get a Doberman, a bitch called Susie, we eventually after searching high and low decided to breed her. She was a gentle dog when needed but a great guard dog and would never leave my side. Since Susie I have had 8 Dobermans, the latest 2 being Duke & Apollo, Duke is now 15 years old, he is the longest living Doberman that I have ever had. He is going deaf and is short sighted and suffers a little from arthritis, but before this, he has never been ill. He has been a loyal companion and friend that I will miss dearly when he goes over the rainbow bridge. Apollo is 4 years, and Duke has trained him well, they are both my constant companions, even sleeping in my bedroom on their own beds. I have had numerous breeds of dogs, but although all were loved, the Doberman has stolen my heart and I would pick one over any other breed. Oh by the way they are great with children, I have had 6 children and now have 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

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  • philip sanchez - 2018-12-10
    Hi! My dobbie has been with me for a little more than a month now.i could definitely say that we're inseparable now. Dongkoybis my first dobbie. i have a labrador and he's teaching dongkoy good manners. i would surely appreciate tips on how to raise my dobbie. he's 4 months and a week now. i don't want his ears cropped. am i right on this one? thanks!
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Linda addy johnson - 2015-12-03
I want a (. Small ). Apple head chihuahua short haired, would love it to be light fawn and white , with the short nose , short legs weighing in around 3-4 lbs

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  • Laura Anderson - 2018-12-04
    I'm not sure if you have an open mind but .I came across a sweet standard female Chihuahua. She has some flaws on her face but I fell in love with this little dog called lady bug . Please let me know if you might be interested she is being fostered right now
gloria - 2018-04-19
hello good i happy to inform you tht we have mall apple head female chihuahua thats if your still interested you can contact us for more information at (310)-596-3823

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  • Amanda - 2018-11-24
    how much of a apple head chihuahua?
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Anonymous - 2018-11-06
Siberian husky and pug puppies available for sale interested then text (630) 412-1443. Thanks

Burlin Patterson - 2018-10-19
Just lost My little after 13 years of loving

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Larry Maddux - 2013-04-19
Watched a good family movie last night 'Goodbye My Lady' with Walter Brennen and Brandon Dewild. It's about a boy and his rescued dog - a Basenji, made about 1956 - Black and White.

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  • Linda - 2015-02-12
    After seeing that very movie we saw a young boy bring a sign to the edge of the road 'Basenji pup for sale' and we bought it. Long story short we ended up getting another, a female, and showed them to their championships and opened a kennel. Had 35 at one time. That was 40 years ago. Hadn't thought of 'Goodbye my lady' for a long time. I'm smiling now.
  • Marianna Van Doorn Pérez - 2017-12-14
    As you can see, I wrote the story about my precious Basenji - Bakagi, whom I also call 'little one'. We absolutely love 'Farewell my Lady'. She looks just like our little girl. It is amazing the world has not discovered these amazing little creatures. I consider them to be one of God's best kept secrets! Ours attracts attention wherever she goes. People are stunned when I tell them she is the oldest breed in the world! Imagine being around during the time of the Pharaohs and being able to live with one of these beautiful , elegant little dogs. I consider the Basenji breed to mean: Beautiful Amazing Stunning Elegant Natural Joyful Intelligent (the 1st letter of each of these words put together spells BASENJI). Can you tell I am a forever fan? Would LOVE to have a puppy!
  • Marianne Van Doorn Perez - 2018-10-17
    I know this is quite some time since you wrote your comment, but thank you, Larry. We rescued our girl from Colorado Basenji Rescue. We own 'Goodbye my Lady' and coincidentally live in Colorado where Brandon de Wilde was killed crossing a street in Denver (where I am from) in 1972. He was 30 years old. The Basenji - My Lady of the Congo (her double in the film was often her little brother My Lord of the Congo and Flageolet of the Congo), who starred in the film with Brandon. My Lady curiously bonded with Brandon which later caused him to adopt her. When I say 'curious', it is because I live with a rescued female Basenji and the breed is known to only truly bond with ONE (1) individual. My Lady of the Congo, a six-month-old Basenji puppy was owned by Miss Veronica Tudor-Williams of Molesey, England which normally means she would have bonded with her owner. Nevertheless, it is wonderful Brandon was able to take her with him.
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Martinez - 2018-09-13
We have a loving 4 month old male Pug. He is lovable, playful, great with children (we have a 2 year old and 4 year old), outdoor trained, shots up to date (paperwork to show) and weighs almost 26 pounds. He is trained on eating and drinking at certain hours. He has been so good to us and we are saddened to finally make the decision on rehoming him. My husband and I were thinking of getting him another male dog to keep him company but we are unable to have a second pet in our rental, therefore we need him to have a family that will give him the attention he needs. We basically are with him some weekends due to work, and feel he needs more than that. He can't be an indoor dog due to out 'renters contract' but is able to sleep in the garage. We have everything you need for him; a bed, 2 cages (size medium and large), toys, 2 sets of dog plates/bowls, a snow jacket and two sets of leashes. Please feel free to ask any questions if interested via


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