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Allison - 2016-05-10
I just got a Australian Shepard her name is Cali she is a puppy her bday is my mom bday I love Cail.

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Jones - 2016-05-04
My dog Ruby is short haired and lazy but she is a chihuahua papillon mix. She barks at every one except kids, and doesn't get along well with other dogs. Is she still a chion?

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bob - 2015-05-12
I need to learn about labs for projects were should i start

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kc - 2016-05-01
hi, I adopted a dog from SPCA...was told its still very young as the teeths not fully grown. I thought it was a chihuahua until a year later when I bring it to the vet for annual health check up then I was told its a mixed breed. I was told its a chion. Its very active always bringing toys to me to ask for a game of fetch. Super picky on food. I have tried all the brands in the pet shop none last more than a week. In the end I surrender he is on home cooked meal far so good ...have not change for 1yr. Very defensive always lie down with the back facing me..guarding me regardless at home or outdoor hanging out in park or in cafe. When out for walk anyone walking same path as me for more than 10mins he take it as we are been followed..will turn around and bark at the person. I have to let the person walk infront of me then he stopped barking. Any cyclist, jogger or roller bladder that comes too close, he will also dash and bark...any owner walking big dogs come near he will also be on guard barking and growling away. His defensive behaviour sometimes put me in a spot. I get scolded by angry joggers...cyclist felt down and scolded me...even big dog owners lecture me as my tiny 4kg chion trying to provoke big dog...if the big dogs aggressive my chion wont stand a chance....

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Bill McGunigle - 2016-04-28
I had decided to file for I had decided to file for divorce. And in doing so I had to leave behind my two favorite dog ever one was a Boston terrier. The other was a miniature English bulldog which had been bread with a Boston terrier. As you can imagine I was lost without them, after a few days feeling lonely I decided to get a new dog. Well fortunately it was a dog breeder in my Tone that bread Bulldogs. I inquired with him and he just had a litter of Apple headed Chew Town (Bulldogs. I inquired with him and he just had a litter of Apple headed Chiwawa's. The only thing I knew about the breed was that they were tiny and more of a girl dog than for a man. Well I bought the dog and it's a male Applehead Chihuahua short haired and itt has saved my life. I am a man with grown children and I picked the perfect dog for me. Senior Loco will be with me always and I am very happy all that I read about the Chihuahua breed fits me to a T. Good thing b cause I bought him knowing absolutely nothing about this breed of dog.

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Chanda Walden-Volz - 2016-02-29
I will have a female chorkie for sale April 19th,I think,The Mom is a registered Chihuahua,she has her papers,she is long haired.The Dad is a Tea Cup Yorkie-as you see in my pic.He has his papers,but they were never mailed in,so therefore the puppy wont have papers,sorry to say. The puppy will be black and rust colored. They were born Feb. 21st. My tea cup yorkie weighs about 3 pounds,and the Mom weighs about 8 pounds I believe.Any other questions plz feel free to ask.

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  • Brenda - 2016-04-06
    Hi, I have what I now believe is a Chorkie. We were told he was a yorkie. Can you email me a picture of yours? I just want to compare.
  • Christine Bryski - 2016-04-25
    Hi, did you sell the puppy? Was there only 1 in the litter? Thanks, Christine
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jordan - 2016-03-30
i have a 2month old pure Queensland heeler name spike that needs a good home. I am not able to provide a warming home at this time due to being evicted because of having him. i received the puppy as a birthday present from my grandmother and i feel so bad that i cant provide for him.

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  • Dante - 2016-04-23
    Hi Jordan, do you still have the heeler up for adoption?
Anonymous - 2011-04-27
I adopted a puppy almost 3 months ago. Her mother was a blue heeler and the vet thinks her father to have been an australian shepherd. This dog is very sweet and loving and loves my family. I have two small children, ages 2 1/2 and 5 and she is great with them except when she sees them running and decides to run after them and "herd" and nip them. This dog is very bright and learns tricks very quickly. But she is extremely energetic. She must be crated while I work for about 4 1/2 hours a day. I exercise her for 30 min. 1 hour in the afternoon, which is all I can do. Before she gets her exercise she is digging my yard, grabbing things off counters and tables, and chewing anything she can get. I can't leave her unsupervised for more than a few minutes at a time. She has tons of chew toys and my older Golden Retriever to play with, but gets into constant trouble. When I crate her to keep her out of trouble for a few minutes she makes so much noise that she wakes up my children and drives everyone nuts. So my question is when-if ever-is this dog going to calm down? I don't think I can take a full year of this behavior and I already give her all the time I have to exercise her and train her. My husband is done with her and wants her to go. Should I find her a home in the country or wait it out and risk losing my sanity?
Thanks for any advice.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-27
    I have included an article on the Australian Cattle Dog for you to read. Just click on it. It doesn't sound like this pup will calm down. It is a herding dog and high energy. It is the nature of the dog. It is a hard decision to make but you have to look at what you believe to be best for the children, the pup and you and hubby.
  • Clarice Brough - 2011-04-30
    What a darling pup! You got a high energy breed topped with being still a puppy. Just like a litte 2 year old always on the go. Even as she gets older she'll still be an active dog, but I think that puppy behavior should calm down.
  • Ann - 2011-05-29
    Try teaching the pup how to chase a frisbee. I too have a high energy herding dog and just adopted a cattle dog. Frisbee really helps take the energy out of them. I believe they claim that playing frisbee for 20 minutes burns the about the same as an hour of walking. You can download a free book from Hyperflite that tells about getting your dog started playing frisbee.
  • lauren - 2011-07-05
    Find a dog trainer.
  • Bridget - 2012-12-12
    We have a Corgi/Blue Heeler mix who is very energetic. I have taken her on a 6 mile run, and 30 minutes later she is up wanting to play again. The quickest way to tire her out is to do mental tasks with her. She loves to play hide and seek with her toys. We also do lots of training with her, and will go lay down and sleep for several hours after a hard 15 minute training session. You have to understand the task-oriented mentality of the herding dog. As well, our dog is crated when we are gone (she is 1 year old, and eventually will have the run of the house), but when we first started crating her, we had a lot of issues with her anxiety. We used positive reinforcement with her to correct this issue. So we put her in the kennel, and used a clicker. Every time she calmed down, even if it was for a split second, we clicked and treated her. After 4 sessions, she learned that she was required to be quiet in her kennel. If your dog is very food motivated, clicker training and reward are a very effective method with very smart dogs like the heeler.
  • Any - 2015-08-29
    Never crate a blue heeler. They will get agressive, win never trust you and will never be trained. They need to work so give her a lot of attention, teach her tricks, praise her a lot when she does something good,and when you walk her, take a ball or a fresher and play. Blue heeler are the complete opposite of a golden retreiver.
  • carla - 2016-04-03
    I have a 8 month old male. I neutered him at 4 months. As soon as I could I took him to training it is very important this specific dog to know who is in charge . What I have read just running him is not enough what we did is get the Chuckit (got it at Pet Smart) and we go to the park and sprint him for about 30 min. a day and 15 min of training. It takes about 2 years before they are fully grown and I have a feeling that goes for maturity. I know someone that has a 9 year old and he is the best dog ever. Hang in there and I do understand the pain. Oh the pen is still a good way to calm them down we do it all the time and it works for us,but wait till she is calm before letting her out. Its kind of a time out that one do for kids. It works for some and not for others just try it out, if she gives you attitude correct her for that also. Good luck from one Healer owner to another :)
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Ellie - 2013-02-10
I've got a grand basset griffon vonde.

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  • Ellie - 2013-02-10
    He's called brioche!
  • Catherine - 2016-03-27
    Hi Ellie, We have a GBGV also. He is our first. We always had Rotties or Danes, but now me being in a wheel chair, when our last BIG guy died we found this guy from Sidekick Kennels in Florida at the recomendation of the Dane breeder in Va.This could happen in any setting.We live in the woods so this is life and death. After he mastered obedience training I got him a Sportsdog brand training collar,and we use the vibration and beeping settings to help him learn our property lines. Works very well. We have never used the shock and would only in extreme danger such as a bear, bob cat, or coyote. Rufus is mr. Personality plus, happy happy, boy, loves all people and all living things.Wonderful companion.There is a GBGV club on line.Corey Bennedict and Brent Humphries are the breeders and would be overjoyed to hear from you!
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Anonymous - 2016-03-14
My first Westy, Phoebe lived with my daughter in England for 17 years. Lived all over the world. A lot of time on a bicycle in France. Wonderful, and my daughter totally bereft when sh died. I have a westi too, in the USA, she is now 10 years old. I adore her beyond words. The best in the world. I want to buy my daughter in England one. Very young. She lives in the heart of herefordshire. Where can I get an inexpensive one for her please. I,m going over to England April 11 th for two months and would like to find one for my daughter Tetesa. Love Marjorie hart


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