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Maria Perez - 2016-07-23
I have a long haired chihuahua and she surprised me and my granddaughter this morning. My granddaughter had a friend sleep over and they went to sleep in my bed and Candy went and laid between the two girls and wanted to get her so the girls could be comfy and she tried to bite me and she would not come with me, wonder why, she just stayed between the girls and is asleep. Is she protecting them?

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Char - 2014-05-26
I am a new breeder of Havanese. My sister has been breeding this breed for 20 years. They should be around 14-17 pounds. They are now being bred for tiny. My first Havanese is under 8 lbs and 8-1/2 inches high. She is a little thin but my vet said to give her pot pies to put weight on. They are a lovely dog. My second girl is 14 lbs and seems to be a perfect weight. I have found that NurtiSource is the best food nutrition wise and particularly for their coats.

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  • Bette Parker - 2016-07-12
    I have a 9 month Havanese healthy 11 pounds
    Going to get another for same very reputable breeder. This baby will probably weigh 4 pounds at adult. Liver shunt frightens me. Breeder took her for preliminary tests yesterday. Will hear Thursday. If anything abnormal. Will go to U of Fls forbDNA yhe father is 8 pounds. The mom 10. There were 2 small females in this litter of 6
    She is gaining weight but at 7 weeks. 2 pounds 7 oz

    Do I have legitimate concerns?
    Many thank
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jerry gruber - 2016-07-09
Josie is a apple head she is 2 years old dark brown in color short hair she hates windshield wipers cows cats mops brooms barks wildly loves to go in the car i cant go to the bathroom with out her under my legs sleeps with me all night long

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Jessica - 2016-07-07
Get her some training.before it's too late.

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Amber Rands - 2016-07-05
My name is amber mae rands I have a 3 year old chug her name is Chloe she is my therapy dog and I love her to death she is so sweet and cute and spoeold she gos ever waer with me

Jay - 2016-06-13
My Pugwawa or Chug is just turning 8 weeks old and whenever he has his formula he drinks all of it. he is really exited when we get home from school and he is very hyper he loves his squeaky toy and to chew and pull on my ear for some reason but he is very cute and he has little wrinkles on his face. and he really like to charge into our mirrors, he also likes to crawl under our couch. he also likes to play in my room he really loves it when my dad picks him up and holds him, and he doesn't really like it when you rub his tummy but when he is not in his play mood he like to give me kisses on my face,and he is really small right now.

Raji - 2016-06-04
Hi Robin Murray, My Chug is also a finicky eater. Try this: Add a tablespoon or two of wet food into her kibble with each meal (mix it well enough so the wet food is completely mixed with the kibble). It doesn't take much, and she will finish her entire meal in one sitting instead of grazing and picking at her food. I use Nutro's Small Breed Adult for my dog's wet and dry foods. She loves them and we have had great results with this method. Good luck! ***Lucy's FurMomma***

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BARRY ELLIOTT - 2016-06-02
I have had sasha (my sheltie) for over 15 yrs. She is the love of my life. I lost her companion shadow a year ago. He was 13 yrs old. They were proud parents to 3 litters. I will terribly miss my sweet girl once she is gone. I am a retired registered nurse and 68 years old. I think shelties are the best breed of dog, smart, gentle, affectionate, loyal, and trustworthy. Would reccommend this breed over all others. Also think highly of golden retrievers. Both breeds are excellent family dogs.

Carol Barner - 2016-03-24
I love that Sheltie in your photo, the one with the colorful Navajo scarf. That's because he was my Bounder. We put the scarf on him to dress him up for an agility trial. Of course we took it off for the actual runs. Bounder was a happy-go-lucky jock who loved running agility with me. He would spurt ahead across the finish line, then turn around and come back to me, howling his happiness. When we moved to the Philippines as teaching missionaries, he came with us. He passed on a couple years ago, and I miss him a lot. Shelties are such special friends to us, really special members of our family.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2016-04-01
    He's a beauty, we love having Bounder posing for this page! His picture was taken at a dog show in Pomona, CA I believe. I'm so sorry for your loss, Sheltie's are one of my favorites and I'm sure Bounder will  be missed a lot.
  • Carol Barner - 2016-05-28
    Clarice, Thanks for your reply to my post, and for your sympathy. You know how dear our dogs become to us. Bounder never ran agility in Pomona, CA. We lived in the Phoenix area, and only attended agility trials in Arizona.
  • Clarice Brough - 2016-06-07
    Well I'm still sorry for your loss, and I guess that's not Bounder, rather a darling look-a-like as the photo was taken at a dog show in Pomona.
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Carla James - 2016-05-21
I'm looking to adopt an OES. I have plenty of experiance with them. I live 1 hr. outside of philly. Keep me in mind.


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