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Kimberly Sauceda Rivera - 2015-10-14
I have a long haired chihuahua. She never wants to eat her dog food. We buy her a lot of different kind of dog food but she won't eat it. What should I feed her?

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  • Catherine Carey - 2015-11-01
    I recently adopted a 3 month old male long Chihuahua puppy. I feed him the Chicken and Brown Rice flavor of Simply Nourish for small breed puppies. He loves it I feed my other dogs (a Maltipoo and a Golden Border Retriever) Chicken and Brown Rice Simply Nourish for adult dogs. They love it. The little puppy eats their food, too, when he can get to it. This food provides sound nutrition and is sold at Pet Smart. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
  • Kristy - 2016-03-22
    I got mine dry puppy food, but she prefers the Maltese's food which is Beneful with Little Caesar's mixed in. I put a quarter of a tray of Little Ceaser's in with it (her dry puppy food) at dinnertime. She picks out the Little Caesar's and then eats the dry food at her leisure.
  • Anonymous - 2016-09-22
    Have her checked by a vet there could be blockage. Try salmon.dogs can sense what their bodies need. Try a variety of foods. Dogs like grass to help them self medicate.
myriam - 2016-09-11
I used to have a special chihuahua ... I adopted her when she was still a puppy ... She loved me in a unique way for more than 13 years ... My most incredible memory of her is when i took her the first time to the beach with me ... She always hated cold water ... So i let her with my parents ... when she saw me swiming she was barking my parents she wouldn't stop even howling ... Suddenly i didn't hear her voice anymore so i began to swim back my way to the sand ... And then surprise ... A littl brown hair emerged from the water she swam all the way to reach me thinking i was drowning ... she did the same each time since so i begin to stop taking her to the beach cause it was each time an emotionnal trouble for her ... She's gone now since ten months ... mamal cancer got her ... and for me it's still like it was yesterday i'm still mourning her ... She was defnitely the best dog of my life ... She loved me more than her own life ... she was my mate ... my one and only .... I tried to recomfort my self by getting a cat ... It didn't work ... Then i decided to buy a lil chihuahua who would remind me of her so i ended up rescuing a long hair one almost 18 months who already gave bird (she was proprety of a dog trafficant) she is really loving and lovely ... She didn't knew love before me ... I already love her it's been two weeks now ... she so sweet that she's nice with my cat and don't provoque her eventhough chihuahuas are known to be 'possessive' ... i put boundaries for time to sleep and she accepted it ... I know i'm gonna love her again .. But i realised that she will never be my sweet beloved doggie ... the love of my life ... i miss her so much my sweet Lady .... Her name was Lady .... she died on my mothers arms ... I still feel guilty not making it home at time to be with her ... cause i'm sure she was waiting for me to say goodbye by all her strengh ... But that day i had an emergency with one of the other loves of my life ... one of my horses ... (yes i got horses too i'm an animal lover and equestrian since 6years old horses are part of me ) If the death of my sweet Lady almost killed me ... How am i gonna survive if something bad to my horses ... it drives me crazy i'm sure i will not survive i'll never make it ... I could die only by this kind of heart break ... but at leat i'll may end up reunited with my sweet Lady .... Please ... If you own a chihuahua or willing to get one , if you do , be sure he s the only pet in the house ... chihuahuas like exclusivity like monogamous love even if they can adapt and adjust ... and love them like they deserves to be loved ... Their Loyalty have no price . M

Anonymous - 2016-08-22
My long hair chihuahua suddenly during a lot of water and not wanted to eat

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Nitillia - 2015-04-06
Looking to sale our dog

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  • Valerie - 2015-06-01
    Pics? Price?
  • walters - 2016-08-14
    $600 including delivery text or call 7042477537 or email
    i am located in Nc
walters - 2016-08-14
Pet Breed. I have Chinese Crested Puppies available. Advertiser Type : Private Advertiser for Breeders.(local) Pets Current Age : 10 weeks, 6 days old (More Info) Microchipped : Yes (More Info) Neutered : No (More Info) Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes (More Info) AKC Registered : Yes (More Info) For more info on them, text or call 7042477537 or email

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walters - 2016-08-14
Pet Breed. scottish terrier Puppies. Advertiser Type : Private Advertiser for Breeders.(local) Pets Current Age : 10 weeks, 6 days old (More Info) Microchipped : Yes (More Info) Neutered : No (More Info) Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes (More Info) AKC Registered : Yes (More Info) For more info on them, text or call 7042477537 or email

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Jones - 2016-05-04
My dog Ruby has short hair and is very lazy. She will only play sometimes and hates other dogs. She will bark at anyone except kids. I know she is a chihuahua papillon mix, but is she a chion?

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  • Anonymous - 2016-08-10
    Yes She Is
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Kimberly - 2016-08-06
My husband passed away in December 2014. At the time our son was 19. Needless to say both of our lives were shattered. In March of 2015 my son went to a city 'kill' shelter without my knowledge and came home with two female dogs. Both were listed as 'Pitt bull mixes'. One was listed as 2 yrs old and had recently given birth. She was still swollen and full of milk. We now know she is an Am Staff. The other, also female, was a 10 month pup. She is an American Pitt bull. Smart, funny, athletic, she has no boundaries and thinks she is a lap dog. She has the best temperament in the world! She loves everyone and everything! I've since rescued a 3 legged Lhasa Alpso that was used as Pitt Bull bait. My 2 girls were so loving, sweet and truly took the needed for my little one to trust them. It was 2 months before I heard him bark. Now he and my American Pitt are best friends!! My American Pitt plays very different with him than she does with my Am Staff. The big dogs play rough, play tug of war, etc... When she and my Lhasa are playing she crawls to him, takes her paw and bops him on the head. She will keep doing it until he responds and the chase begins. These 3 dogs have filled a hole in our hearts with so much love and joy. I KNOW bad ones are out there, it's just hard to understand when I look at mine.

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TCowie - 2015-05-11
I just purchased a chug. I just want to make sure that I don't over exercise him. He is nine weeks old, how far can they walk

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-14
    This dogs are fine with daily walks around the block.
  • Janet - 2016-08-03
    My chug is hot natured, he used potty pads if wet outside he does not like wet grass. Really likes his leash, uses it as a tug-of-war toy and walks himself with it. Carried him in a purse for the first year. Have a hard time leaving him when I grocery shop, a little dog friend helped.
Janet - 2016-08-03
I have a 3 year old chug, he is beautiful looks us like a miniature boxer. We use a water sprayer for hair to help with his aggressive nature. He has a girl dog friend that he likes, this has made his aggression tone down a bunch. He is very affectionate to people he knows, but some people he still agrees at the water really helps, even just the water word he knows.


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