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Siamese cats are very distinctive in personality, regal in appearance, and highly esteemed!
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kayla - 2012-10-07
I adopted a siamese cat almost three years ago and I love the little bugger <3 She's spoiled rotten, of course, because I can't refuse her anything. I feed her soft food, I brush her, I wash her to keep down her dander (my stepfamily is allergic to it) and she has two toys to date (I've only recently gotten a job to be able to buy her toys). She loves attention from my family and guests, and when the light goes off at bedtime, she's always curled up right against me. I couldn't ask for a more loving companion, and I'd do anything for my little baby. Being the runt of the litter, she's still very small and probably always will be, but I am trying to fatten her up a little with frequent feedings because all too often people comment about how slim she is.

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  • Merida DunBroch - 2016-01-31
    It's normal for a siamese cat to be slim. I have a Tigamese named Sebastian. He is fat but that's due to the fact that his momma was a tiger cat. Your cat being slim has nothing to do with how much or how little you feed it.
Joseph@petbounce - 2014-05-28
What about the joint problems in old ages? Could they suffer from painful joint disease like arthritis?

roni - 2012-03-03
I have a Siamese and his name is Bleu. I luv him sooo much. He's nothing like normal cats. He fetches, walks on a leash, drinks from the toliet, sits outside my bathroom door until I'm done and has to be in the same room as me. It's crazy. He's my cat dog. He is very bad. His first Christmas gift was a cage at 9 wks. lol I wouldnt trade him for nothing. If I ever get another cat it has to be a Siamese.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-03
    They are so smart and yes - they behave as you have described. Enjoy.
Judy - 2008-02-10
I just adopted my first Siamese from a local animal shelter (yesterday). The name she went by there was "Blondie" but I have changed it to Numiko. She is a lover and purrs all the time. I love her so much. My husband gave her to me for a Valentine's Day gift.

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  • Makaila - 2011-08-18
    Keep on writing and chuiggng away!
SP - 2011-02-19
I have a traditional siamese, named kenzo. He's an absolute angel at times and a terror, he has so much energy, always looking for something to do, he's broken a lot of things at home, you need a lot of patience with siamese cats..he's always bringing gifts, if it's not a birds head, then it's their wing. I do let him outdoors even tho I was not supposed to, but my house is small, he gets bored very quick. If you're planning to get a siamese be prepared, they not like your normal cats, but they very fun to own, he's very good with my little nieces, and with my moms two cats, but I introduced him early to them, he somehow made friends with a neighbors dog lol....he's full of tricks....but I wouldn't have two have them his a handful already, if he pass on, I'll most def get a siamese again.

Meena Fech - 2010-11-29
My dad, when he was a kid, had a siamese called Mittens. One day, he got a concussion, so he had to go home. Overnight, Mittens came over and wrapped herself around his head, protecting him. After that, he started calling her Nurse Mittens.

Hana - 2009-05-08
My first ever cat was a (traditional) Siamese named Sushi, and it was love at first sight. She took to me as I took to her. She had a slightly round face with light blue eyes and a rather thick coat. We mated her with a stocky male Siamese, and we ended up with a litter of four, all of whom grew into large (compared to strays and local breeds), elegant, and solidly built cats. Two of them, Maki and Saldi, had short hair. The other two came out long-haired (!!), yet their coats never mat or tangle. Sushi and Maki kept us company, and they would happily snooze on my belly, lap, or behind my knees. Sushi is the sweeter one, who loves being carried on your shoulder, and Maki is the more mischievous one, who gets a kick out of walking on my keyboard and loves lying down smack in the middle of my sketchpad whenever I go drawing on the floor. Saldi is more athletic one, catching mice, cockroaches, and even birds and trying to jump for the dried fish on top of the fridge. These cats are just so beautiful and adorable. I hope to have another one someday, and it's definitely got to be Siamese!

Allison - 2009-04-25
I recently bought a Traditional Siamese just after Christmas, and it was the best purchase I've ever made. Well him, and my two horses that he loves dearly might I add. He has the most amazing personality! I work at the local Tuesday Morning and he goes to work with me. He's the best salesman we have in the store. He greets the customers and then comes back to help me with whatever I'm doing. Siamese are amazing cats but if you're looking for a cat to catch mice I would not suggest you get one. Siam can't catch a mouse to save his life, unless it's a toy.

Anna Rivas - 2008-02-05
I once owned a siamese kitten name Princess. She was mix. She was so cute. She liked to play and chase her tail. She is like a dog; she would carry her toys in her mouth. She ran away and never came back for a whole month. I loved her more than anything. She is very sweet and enjoys sleeping in warm places.