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Havana Brown cats are very chic, dressed in a rich chocolate brown mink-like fur and green eyes!
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Rhonda - 2020-05-22
A Siamese stray showed up in our neighborhood about a year ago. We took her in as a kitten but she got out. Very high maintenance girl with blue crossed eyes. On Nov 2 of last year, show shows up with one kitten, a "black" cat she had with a stray black tom the kitten couldn't have been more than a couple of days old and we think she born around Halloween. We took her and her mama back in and they have been inside ever since. Mom is being spayed but is incredibly submissive and a little crazy. Tasha is so sweet though, and sooooooo smooth and glossy. Her coat is a dark brown in the sun, and her nose and whiskers are black/brown. She got really sick at two months and we had to give her antibiotics, but she got better and is now our affectionate girl that loves to be rubbed from the top of her all the way down to her tail and will walk in front of you while you walk to make sure you pet her.

Alan Pyatt - 2015-05-05
I had lost my very best friend, a Black Smoke named Radar. We found out he had diabetes. I wouldn't accept it and did what ever it took to heal my buddy. Between a diet change and insulin we had an extra two years with my friend until it got the best of him and his kidneys failed. I was heartbroken and devastated, I really fell apart over his loss. So about six months down the road my sister in law and brother in law show up with this little black?...kitten. They said enough suffering, and Harley came into our lives from a shelter. They adopted him in my name and gave him to me, not to replace Radar, but add to our live's and bring me back. I started to see though as he grew he seemed more oriental than anything else. So..I started looking online for information....starting with Black Oriental's. He almost fit the bill, but not quite. My daughter posted a link on Facebook about black Orientals and related cats. It was my wife who found the link to him being a Havana Brown....and the more I dug, the more he fit the bill perfectly, except his eyes....they were gold and not really green. But in a recent search I found on the Cat Breeds Encyclopedia site, that gold eyes are common as well. So that clinched it......he fit the mold in every way. He is a precious jewel and he makes me laugh all the time.....chatty, bossy at times and fearless (except when other people are around! LOL!) He loves to dive under the covers and doesn't miss a trick.....notices EVERYTHING! My wife and I are so happy he came into our lives. He truly is special. A very handsome fellow I might add as well!! LOL!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-07
    Harley sounds like an awesome cat/friend. Very cool that you've been able to ID him, and even better that you guys really enjoy him in your lives!
Gary Butler - 2014-10-09
my cat's eyes are copper colored

Mollie - 2013-04-18
I adopted a 2 year old cat from rspca 8 weeks ago,he is very vocal he hates being left alone he doesn't like staying outside for long he only stopes crying if you let him sleep on bed with you he is black ,but also looks quite brown especially under his legs & underside .the rspca couldn't tell us much about him as he had been abandoned but they said they thought he looked oriental ,his head looks simular to a siemese he has quite thin legs compaired to other cats we've had his tail is also thin & has a kink to it ,he also has long sharp claws ,as soon as you sit down he edges his way onto your lap if you are reading he sits on paper ,I am concerned if he is an oriental cat does he need looking after any different from other cats ,as my others have all been independent & loved going out doors.

betsy - 2012-09-04
I stumbled on a havana brown by accident. My white kitty passed on with carcenoma cancer. After a few months my daughter said she wanted to get me a cat for Christmas, I agreed. We went to the shelter and I fell in love with the noisiest cat there. He is black, but when you fluff his fur back it is deep chocolate. He has every trait of a Havana Brown, including his non socialness. He loves to have his belly rubbed and nudges my hand there for it. He jumps higher than any other cat I have known in my lifetime and that is quite a few. I have always had a cat. He is a bit of a scaredy cat though, he jumps at sudden movement. but he loves to play, He will carry his ball upstairs then toss it down and fetch it and do it again. He is the funniest little clown, and I cannot imagine my life without him now. Oh and for the record he was only noisy at the shelter, here he is very quiet only crying if his water of food dish is empty.. The shelter called him Mr.Ed (after the horse) we call him Lucky..

Mary Peck - 2009-08-12
I have an "accidental" brown kitten - in extremely poor condition when he strolled into my back yard, having made a tunnel under the fence. His eyes were horribly infected and he was very malnourished. He weighed a pound and a half and he lost weight to 11 ounces at first. Both situations have changed dramatically. I can only think he is the product of a feral black female cat and a large Siamese chocolate-point cat who roams the neighborhood. He is not registered but he is a beautiful, beautiful animal. I feel fortunate that he sought me out. He needed help and as the veterinarian said, he knew where to go to get it. One other of the kittens was fortunate enough to find a home down the street but I think someone found the rest of the litter dead. I can barely stand to think about it.

Kat - 2010-07-31
We just rescued a little baby kitten(whom we named Lucy, after the Beatles song) from a person I know that was neglecting and abusive toward her. When my husband brought her in. Wrapped in his shirt. She was covered in her own excrement and both eyes were pussing and matted shut. Her mouth covered with dried old food and a gross slimy film on her little feet. I immediately bathed her while crying and got her eyes open and all the horrible neglect off of her little face and feet. She was skin and bones. I still cant understand how someone could do this to such a helpless life. She is a beautiful kitten. Affectionate, playful, not really affected by the neglect. She sleeps on both my husband and my chest all the time. At least 5 weeks old at the moment. I had to help keep her eye from getting further infected and since we got her almost 4 days ago she has thankfully gained weight and seems very happy with us. She was so hungry when we got her she tried to bite my finger off. She took the bottle at first with the Vitamin formula for kittens and ate up the soft wet kitten food we got her, vigorously. Like she hadn't eaten in days. Plus her eye is completely open again and no more infection. She is completely healthy. And growing since. I noticed she has these darker tiger stripes to her. But her coat looks a very very dark brown almost black, until the light hits her and it turns this chocolate brown color.
Her front legs are a bit awkward. They have an almost outer stance to her knees. But she walks perfectly. I don't think anything is wrong with her legs its just how she is built. They do remind me of the legs of a Siamese. Her ears are very large for any other kitten I have rescued/had. I was looking through breeds and came across pictures of Havana browns. And they matched her perfectly. Now I don't know what her mom & dad looked like but her nose is tiny and her eyes are green. Could she be this breed? I also have a Maine Coon and a beautiful Calico.
My Calico female is not too happy with our new addition She has been hiding upstairs and occasionally comes down to eat and use her potty. But the minute she sees the baby kitten she hisses and bolts back upstairs. I don't know how long this behavior will last but I really don't like her avoiding us as well. She swung at me today for the first time and I know she is frustrated. But she isn't normally like this. I love her bunches and don't want to make her feel like she is second best. Cause she is my baby just like the others.
Does anyone know what I can do to stop my Female Calico from hissing and avoiding her? She just doesn't seem to be okay with her presence at all. But I make sure she gets plenty of love from me.
I think she may be jealous. Would it be positive for my Female Calico, if I gave her a toy? And also including the new baby? My Male (Neutered) Maine Coon has hissed at her a couple of times. But doesn't at all act jealous of her.
I was thinking, if it was a good idea to go ahead and buy them all toys and show my love? Could that break the tension? I don't expect them to be immediately used to her. It will always take time. But my Calico is worrying me.
I dont want her to attack Lucy. I just need a little help on what to do to soften the environment with all of them. Lucy is curious about them. But since they have been hissing at her. She doesn't want to go near them much.

Thanks to anyone who can help


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  • Melanie - 2010-10-23
    Have your cats adjusted to each other yet? I had one that after 6 months was still very agitated and not accepting the kitten. The vet put her on a very small dose of Prozac daily. It helped tremendously. After a month or so I took her off of the medication, but her attitude continued to be much better. It has been a year now and while they are not "buddies", she tolerates the younger cat.
Jane Brader - 2011-08-13
Our beautiful Havana Brown, Hershey, who is three years old, has been looking more and more black in the past three weeks. We've had an extremely hot summer in St Louis and he does enjoy going outside in his back yard, but not in the heat of the day, of course. Back in the winter he developed a reddish color around his neck and we thought maybe it was from the sun streaming through his favorite window. That coloring disappeared and now his coat his almost uniformly black. What is happening?? Will the wonderful chocolately color return? Has anyone seen this type of thing in their Havana Brown?

Brianna - 2010-11-20
I have a cat that looks exactly like these cats. Everything I have read on here describes him exactly. He's seven months old now. I love him very much. His name is chocolate I just wish I knew for sure if he was a havana brown.

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  • Gayle - 2011-04-08
    Hi Brianna...I too have a Handsome, Sleek, Wonderful Brown Cat named "Chocolate"; Born in '04 to a Maine Coon & a unknown donor! My Brown Cat is Amazing & a Blessing, a Miracle he is! Wish I knew how my Tiggy Momma was able to create my Love Bug Cat! Take Care~
tracy wykoff - 2010-04-11
I would really like to adopt a havanna brown. My dad saw them on a cat breed show and fell in love with them. He really wants one. We have a calico and a main coon. Both are not registered. We have all our pets spade or neutered. We do not want to breed. If anyone has a kitten or young cat female preferred I am willing to pay for shipping it doesn't even have to be a pure breed. We will not show or breed. It is for a family pet. My mom is disabled with fibromialgia and my dad is retiring this fall. They love cats and will have alot of time to spoil them! or thanks

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  • john abreu - 2010-11-20
    I have a beautiful male havana brown which I am looking to place in a good home. I acquired him 1 month ago but my other male burmese cat is very unaccepting of him.
  • Dan Haase - 2011-01-24
    I am very interested in your cat. Please call me as soon as possible.
    Dan 757-495-0414