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Agela - 2015-08-01
12weeks stunning silver blue boy & girl Sphynx Kitten for good homes.

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theresa - 2015-07-31
Mimy cat is very smart and he thinks like a dog

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Dominique - 2015-07-28
Looking for a kitten devon

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barbara Gerbracht - 2011-05-21
I lost my simese at age 15 and it has been the only animal or child I have ever loved. I need another baby to look like my boy and I need it very soon.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-22
    I am sorry. I had my kitty for 17 years. Her name was Snooppy, cuz she was. She was 1/2 siamese and 1/2 alley cat. I still miss her. You have to get another kitty.
  • randy - 2015-07-12
    I have simese cat 1/2year old if interested in have text 651/274/7367
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elizabeth - 2015-07-05
We Currently have well tamed(hand-raised)serval and F1 savannah for sale. They are very friendly with kids and other home pet, please contact through this email for more information on the kittens

Michelle - 2015-07-03
Scottishfold kittens for adoption.

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Deanna Spinneu - 2015-06-03
I have an Aby his and I got him from a Breeder in Florida and waited patiently at Logan airport for my baby to arrive. His name is Ramsey (Ramesses the Great!) - his is my love Dove and coo's so I call him Pigeon. he is a beautiful boy - looks like a mountain cat. He just turned 12! and it seems like yesterday.

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Miranda Haley - 2012-02-17
IT'S SOOOO CUTE!!!! I love cats!!

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  • Anonymous - 2015-05-31
    Does your tabby cat have a nick out of her right ear? Is this a genneric thing common to to tabby cats?
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Alan Pyatt - 2015-05-05
I had lost my very best friend, a Black Smoke named Radar. We found out he had diabetes. I wouldn't accept it and did what ever it took to heal my buddy. Between a diet change and insulin we had an extra two years with my friend until it got the best of him and his kidneys failed. I was heartbroken and devastated, I really fell apart over his loss. So about six months down the road my sister in law and brother in law show up with this little black?...kitten. They said enough suffering, and Harley came into our lives from a shelter. They adopted him in my name and gave him to me, not to replace Radar, but add to our live's and bring me back. I started to see though as he grew he seemed more oriental than anything else. So..I started looking online for information....starting with Black Oriental's. He almost fit the bill, but not quite. My daughter posted a link on Facebook about black Orientals and related cats. It was my wife who found the link to him being a Havana Brown....and the more I dug, the more he fit the bill perfectly, except his eyes....they were gold and not really green. But in a recent search I found on the Cat Breeds Encyclopedia site, that gold eyes are common as well. So that clinched it......he fit the mold in every way. He is a precious jewel and he makes me laugh all the time.....chatty, bossy at times and fearless (except when other people are around! LOL!) He loves to dive under the covers and doesn't miss a trick.....notices EVERYTHING! My wife and I are so happy he came into our lives. He truly is special. A very handsome fellow I might add as well!! LOL!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-07
    Harley sounds like an awesome cat/friend. Very cool that you've been able to ID him, and even better that you guys really enjoy him in your lives!
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Dixie - 2014-03-10
A beautiful tri colored cat came to my door for breakfast this morning and he stayed - doesn't seem to want to leave. He's litter box trained and very comfortable with me and my pomeranian dog. I've contacted our shelter and animal control to let them know where he is? If his people are looking for him? He's skinny and ate all Gizmo's blue buffalo grain free tiny bites. I'd love to keep this cat but need a good source of kitty info as I've never been owned by a cat before. The vet is coming to see him tomorrow to check his health and give him shots. He seems to be in good shape except for underweight and his back paws are very dirty.

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  • Frankie (after St Francis of Assisi) - 2014-05-20
    I used to do a lot of fostering...birds, cats and dogs. I just rescued a 3 week old kitten during a deluge. Poor thing was hypothermic. Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free. Hope your girl is doing well! Frankie
  • Anne - 2015-01-25
    I noticed you called the tri-colored cat that adopted you a 'he'. Tri-colored or 'calico' cats are most often female. If yours does turn out to be a male, he will be sterile.
  • Nora sharp - 2015-02-02
    I am looking for a cat just like Dixie. I want an indoor cat

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