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Theresa Pratt - 2012-04-16
i have a male sphinx 1 yr old the lady that I purchased him from told me the mom didn't feed them so she syringe feed the 5 of them. When I got him home he was very cuddley he wanted to go my neck and suck on it every morning. At 4:30 am he would start this. He's gotton better as far as its not at 4:30 am but he still want to do this and he wants the left side of my neck. He will come and paw at my back making this little cry noise so I decieded I wasnt going to roll over I just wanted to sleep. Boy that's not what happened. My cat wanted to the end of the bed and glared at me and then lunged into my face. I threw my arm up and took the bite on my arm four puctures and claw marks this has happen about 6 times and each time its becauce I made him mad and every time he would bite and leave puntures from his fange teeth. How can I stop him. I've tried hitting with my pillow yelling no he a great little guy and very loving hope someone can help thanks theresa

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-16
    Sphinx cats have some really peculiar and odd little traits although attacking a person I have never heard. Jumping - big time and attention and play yes but not attacking. I'd have him sleep in a different room where the kitty kitter is located. Put a kitty bed in the laudry room or bathroom along with the litter and let him sleep in there. Hopefull in a couple of weeks - he forgets about the neck and the game he probably think you are playing.
  • the cat god - 2013-10-07
    Okay you probably need to figure this out cause its weird..... maybe your cat wants the sexuals.
  • fran - 2014-02-27
    Keep your house cold and get a small electric heater, he will stay by that or try biting him back.
  • Brenda - 2015-08-13
    He is needing to suck find some thing he can suck on! It is calming to them.
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girish borkar - 2015-08-08
dreamed of taking a turkish angora.

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Agela - 2015-08-01
12weeks stunning silver blue boy & girl Sphynx Kitten for good homes.

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theresa - 2015-07-31
Mimy cat is very smart and he thinks like a dog

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Dominique - 2015-07-28
Looking for a kitten devon

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barbara Gerbracht - 2011-05-21
I lost my simese at age 15 and it has been the only animal or child I have ever loved. I need another baby to look like my boy and I need it very soon.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-22
    I am sorry. I had my kitty for 17 years. Her name was Snooppy, cuz she was. She was 1/2 siamese and 1/2 alley cat. I still miss her. You have to get another kitty.
  • randy - 2015-07-12
    I have simese cat 1/2year old if interested in have text 651/274/7367
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elizabeth - 2015-07-05
We Currently have well tamed(hand-raised)serval and F1 savannah for sale. They are very friendly with kids and other home pet, please contact through this email for more information on the kittens

Michelle - 2015-07-03
Scottishfold kittens for adoption.

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Deanna Spinneu - 2015-06-03
I have an Aby his and I got him from a Breeder in Florida and waited patiently at Logan airport for my baby to arrive. His name is Ramsey (Ramesses the Great!) - his is my love Dove and coo's so I call him Pigeon. he is a beautiful boy - looks like a mountain cat. He just turned 12! and it seems like yesterday.

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Miranda Haley - 2012-02-17
IT'S SOOOO CUTE!!!! I love cats!!

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  • Anonymous - 2015-05-31
    Does your tabby cat have a nick out of her right ear? Is this a genneric thing common to to tabby cats?

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