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Anis Mastan - 2018-02-08
I want to buy an Persian kitten. With orange and white colour

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Kristin - 2018-02-01
The photo of the Van cat in this profile is of my sister Jaina's old cat Stormy, whom she said was the breed standard (back then, oh I think around 19902 to early 2000's). There are a lot of people asking where they can get a Van cat. All you have to do is go to any cat shows in the area, they have them around once per year. There may or may not be Vans showing. Van cats are A) very large, B) can be VERY aggressive, even to their owners, and bite viciously enough to leave scarring. They are rather fearless. Although they can bite their owners, I haven't known them to be aggressive toward other cats, or pick fights with other cats.

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  • Connie - 2018-02-07
    My Van cat has only 'attaced' me when I return from vacation. It's like he missed me so much he goes crazy giving me 'love bites'.
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Martha - 2013-05-10
My cornish rex is 5 yrs. old. He has a bad skin problems. He scratches him self tell he bleeds. Does anyone else have this problem? If so can you help? Because my Vet. sure cant.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-10
    Skin problems are most often related to diet in this breed. A deficiency in vitamin E can cause eczema, rashes, and even hair loss. Some Cornish Rex Cats also need regular bathing. Cats have normal oily secretions on their skin. Like all cats, the Rex can get a buildup of sebaceous secretions, but its hair is too short to absorb them as with ordinary cats. It can make the coat look greasy and can cause skin problems. The amount of bathing varies with each individual, some need a weekly bath while other can go for months in between baths. Hope this helps.
  • Linda - 2016-07-09
    My Rex had similar problems. Bit turned out she was alergic to grain. I changed her to grain free cat food Did the trick
  • trisch connolley - 2017-11-27
    i rescued a c rex n he keeps pulling his hair out! any recommendations please!
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hannah brown - 2012-02-24
Hi, i want to give out my baby Bengal cats for free to any interested person. Contact me if interested.

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  • laura - 2012-02-26
    Hi Hannah,
    Where are you located? We are looking for a bengal kitten to join our family. My husband and I are teachers and we have two young children.
  • Robin Butterfield - 2012-07-01
    Hi Hannah-brown, I was wondering if still had anymore Bengals you wanted to give away. My husband and I are always home so it would never be lonely. I've wanted a bengal for almost 3 years now but they were just too expensive for us at that moment. Please let me know if you do or don't so I won't keep wondering about it. I'd really appreciate that!!! I live in Washington. Where are you located? Thank You So Much, Robin Butterfield
  • Anonymous - 2014-06-13
    Do you still have your cat. Just found this site,please let me know,
  • Chris walker - 2014-11-22
    Please let me know if you still have your cat for a great home. I have been looking to purchace one and would love to talk to you if you still have yours. Thanks.
  • Rhonda Nelson - 2014-12-21
    Curious if you happen to still have your bengals? & What area you might be in to see if your near me? 6
  • michael - 2015-11-21
    Hi I am interested in one of your cats plz contact my email address at ty
  • Merida DunBroch - 2016-01-31
    Where do you live?
  • Hilda Marcia Brown - 2016-02-17
    I am interestedonly if this isn't a joke. I am very serious about this inquiry.
  • corners - 2017-11-09
    Read the date people. She had kittens 4 years ago....
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Liza - 2017-07-08
Our male calico cat died September of last year:( he was seventeen almost eighteen years old, his name was Toby. He used to love to sit in shallow boxes, sit next to the oven while it was on,(because of the vent, it blew warm food scented air at him! We used to call it:"when he was blow drying his hair.") he's been dead for almost a year now and we still miss him and are hurting as much as we did when he least he's in cat Heaven now:). Rest in peace my darling.

K Regan - 2017-06-12
Lookilooking for an American Curl to purchase. Thank you

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jules - 2012-10-17
we had a gorgeous blue tortie tonkinese called Martha. We got her when she was twelve weeks old, i remember her ears were far to big for head, and she hissed at our then one year old cat Jem when we first brought her home. They soon became the best of friends. She had a very naughty side to her, chewing electrical cables,(she chewed through a hairdryer and my husbands play station) we had to put cable tidies on everything in the house but she also had the most loving personality i have ever known in a cat, she was my baby. she followed me everywhere, talking as she went. Very sadly, five weeks ago we had her put to sleep, she lost a lot of weight through a thyroid condition and developed a kidney infection, she was fifteen and a half, we are devestated, the house feels so empty without her, my heart feels like it has broken into a million pieces.We miss her every day.

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  • Juliet - 2012-10-29
    I know how you feel. I had a cat named Minnie I loved very much. But she died recently because she had a disease.
  • jules - 2012-11-07
    Oh dear, really sorry to hear that. What colour was Minnie and how old was she?
  • karen - 2015-05-27
    I just read this post. So sorry. Did you get another.
  • ryan - 2017-05-17
    my burlious was 14 when we had to put him down. he lost weight but had a tumor that was half his body weight. it was the hardest decision ever. that cat greeted me everyday at the door no matter my mood. point is they are tbe best breed. better than dogs. they love u just as much and can handle it being alone and i will never forget him. so if anyone is thinking about bringing a cat into they're life this breed is the one. i miss my buddy because he made my life whole.
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Ali - 2017-05-01
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Anonymous - 2014-08-21
persians are awsome and cuddly

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  • chance - 2017-04-21
    they are
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Janice Osborne - 2017-03-19
Well trained exotic cats like cheetah cubs,serval kitten,caracal,lion cubs,tiger cubs,Savannah kitten,ocelot,jaguar,leopard available for for more information

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  • Michelle - 2017-04-11
    I'm looking for a male serval kitten. If you have any available please email me at

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