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Ufuk - 2009-06-17
I have two adult van cats that I am desperately looking for new loving homes! We have to downsize from our house and moving back to an apartment. I am unable to take them with me... I am originally from Turkey and brought them back with me to the States (Oregon) before it was outlawed to export these cats out of the country since they are now classified as endangered. If you are interested, please contact me..... I know I cannot add my email address here, so please check the craigslist pet listings for Oregon portland. you will see my ad there! Thanks!

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  • shirley ross - 2010-07-08
    Do you still have them? I would treat them more like my own children. Am an avid cat lover and very knowledgeable on how to care for cats. My own cat is 16 years old, and I know she doesn't have much time left. I once had an angoria that I loved dearly.
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Anonymous - 2012-09-15
I will be receiving my first next year so do you guys have any suggestions on how to keep my Bengal happy.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-17
    How exciting! To keep it happy I would follow the social behaviors of the breed outlined above. They like people, dogs, and other pets. But they need lots of social interaction with you, and can become jealous of other pets. So give it  love and devotion, and don't ignore it in favor of another pet.
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leopold - 2010-03-08
I think my Cornish rex has more bald spots right now than before, has this ever happen to you? do you know the cause?

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  • lee - 2011-03-01
    My vet told me that due to the fact that rexs are missing that extra layer of fur, when they go through normal shedding cycles, it is much more noticeable to us. Wait and see if it doesn't grow back in. My newest rex was practically bald as a kitten, then had fur, and as he ages, seems to be going back to the sphynx look, with a mohawk across his back. Odd, but cute. I feed him the best so guess it's just his pattern.
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April - 2013-01-19
Our little Devon Rex is just 7 months old now. She fits right in with our 4 dogs, 2 other cats, and 6 grandchildren. I wanted a kitten that didn't shed much and researched personalities and care before choosing this breed. Our 'Sugar' is our joy! She is unlike any other cat we've ever had. She is friendly with all, but strongly bonded to me as she sleeps cuddled up to me every night. I have a lung disease and have to take medicine early in the morning and wait an hour before breakfast. My cat wakes me up to take it and then she nuzzles my neck as we go back to sleep. My husband wants his 'own' devon and we plan to breed her in the summer before we spay her. I just hope we can bring ourselves to part with some of the kittens!

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  • Anonymous - 2013-02-05
    Sugar sounds like such a great companion, thanks for sharing, it will definitely help me when I'm looking for my next cat.
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Meena Fech - 2010-11-29
I would love one of these. I heard that they play fetch!

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Az & Hanna - 2012-01-19
We (me and my wife) have 2 lovely van cats > Pepper (Black & White) and Ginger (Amber & White). They perfectly depict above behaviours and are the most loving among our other cats (mostly European Baroudeurs). Ginger has tendency to meow a lot. We wonder why?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-01-20
    I guess some cats are just more vocal, though I think this is unusual for a Van Cat. We have a siamese mix, and she gets very vocal, but our other cat, more of a Somali though also a mix, has a soft mew and and is very quiet.
  • Az & Hanna - 2012-01-20
    Hi Clarice,
    Thanks for replying. Pepper is very silent but Ginger been talkative a lot. Anything he needs he starts to meow - for food, for play, for attention, just anything. He also vomitted couple of days back. We're bringing him to the vet during the week end!
  • Clarice Brough - 2012-01-21
    Good luck with your cat. Just an aside, my siamese gets hairballs pretty regularly, and so she vomits.
  • Editor's Note - 2012-01-21
    I agree with Clarice, we have a small 8 pound 'mute' cat.... well Shmoopie does meow, but so daintily, then we have a 15 pound RagDoll, Meeko, that howls like a wolf (picked that up from the neighbors wolf/hybrid) then he is bored and wants to be played with! So we play with him for about a 1/2 hour and he quiets up and goes to sleep! lol
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Susan Moore - 2007-10-08
We love ours. He is so playful and very smart. He is like a person. He does sound like an elephant running through the house and swings like a monkey! I would have a 100 of them if I could. Love this breed. He likes to pretend he's a dog by copying our dog. Lays down right beside our dog and tries to lay in the same positions. When the dog hears someone at the door, she barks and they both go running to the door to greet whom ever is there. Our Tonk tries to play with our dog but the dog is too old to get into it. He will play with our friends dogs. He loves to run around and make his cute little noise when he is playing. Other than that, he is very quiet. He is very lovingly. He is our baby!

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  • Miranda Haley - 2012-02-17
    I wish I could have a cat like that... :( but my sister is allergic to animal hair, and my mom is only allergic to some animal hair but they won't get a cat, not even a kitten and I love cats and especially cats that love dogs. Well, I hope your cat will have fun with the dog. And I might even become a vet assistance if I study harder. But I got a long ways to go because I'm only a sophomore.
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Kat - 2010-07-23
Me and my husband are getting a savannah can in a month. I know that they should be fed raw meats, but I'm not sure wither we should feed him any vegetables...Anyone knows what's best for them?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-08-22
    A Savannah can be fed domestic cat food, as long as it's good quality. You can supplement this with cooked meat and they will eat it up. I have two healthy, happy Savannahs, one is an F5 and the other an F2.
  • Miles - 2010-09-14
    No. Cats are carnivorous.
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time - 2010-11-29
    You're getting a savanna? That is so cool. I think you should try giving it some veggies, but not too much.
  • kathy - 2010-12-15
    u feed a savannah cat just like any other domestic cat. it is the african wild serval cat that requires special die and most places require a special class 3 license
  • nancy hori - 2011-02-05
    High end dry cat food (Royal Canine) you can buy frozen mice in a bag and thaw one before you give it to him a couple of times a week it is very high in nutrition and the vitamins he needs. Turkey is another great source of protein. The meats don't need to be raw every time and if they are raw make sure it's not contaminated. They can get seriously ill.
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Britt - 2008-02-13
Domestic short hairs make an excellent pet. Kittens can be weaned as early as 6 weeks and typically are. Outdoor lifestyles are not safe and lead to many health risks. Diets should be quality food like Nutro or Mother Hubbar (not Friskies or pet store 'junk'), and there is no point in paying hundreds of dollars when these beautiful cats are in shelters for free needing good homes!

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  • Katie - 2011-03-19
    Actually, they should be weaned at 8-12 weeks. The outdoors are great for them so that they can exercise and hunt. And there is nothing wrong with Friskies! But I agree that you do NOT need to pay hundreds of dollars for them!
  • Margo Command - 2012-12-31
    Actually (oh my tao! I googled Friskies and I stopped reading half way through the ingredients in their dry food because I couldn't find ANY meat!) Friskies is one of the worst cat foods around! Cats are MEAT eaters! They should never eat wheat or gluten or anything like that! PEOPLE shouldn't eat that stuff and we can cook! Imagine feeding that *%##$@!, <-- no real word, to an animal that naturally ONLY knows hunting and meat eating! corn gluten?? meat BY-products?? There are no good brands of food in your basic large grocery chain unless perhaps Blue and I'm not sure THAT is such good food. I buy all protein food for my Sammy (tabby long hair) and my Missy (Tuxedo american shorthair built like a polar bear! Her paws are 3 of my fingers wide and she will be going on a diet. She is 15.9 - 16.0 lbs, 1-3 pounds overweight! It's only a problem becuause she loves to sleep on my face while I rub her belly. Oh, yes, and her health! Her real name is Penelope but she was my little miss (now she is my big miss, LOL) so I call her Missy. She answers to both. Actually she hears two words, FOOD and NO! so she is probably answering to 'Food!,' when I call her name. They sound so much alike! Fortunately she does do 'No!' She is a good girl!
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Kathy Reynolds - 2011-03-14
Is there another breed of cat with the title of Russian besides the Russian Blue? This breed is a little longer haired and has a double coat.

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  • galla - 2011-04-06
    I have seen one on a doesn't have russian in it's title, but on wikipedia they describe it as "the breed was best defined as semi-long haired Russian Blue -Nebelung breed". It is longhaired cat,has double grey coat, they come from Germany. Look it up in wikipedia of you want to know more about them.

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