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Eduard Maandi - 2009-10-19

I did not find any Estonian Russian Blue breeders on Your site.
Please kindly add my cattery and link to my site on Your page.

Thank You in advance,

Eduard Maandi
Enchanting Deity Cattery

Heki tee 6-21
Haabneeme, Viimsi v.
74001 Harjumaa

GSM: +372 5333 8000
Skype: PotsdamEd

Anonymous - 2008-12-09
I recently rescued a russian blue/domestic mix and she is the sweetest and most well behaved kitty I have ever encountered! She is very affectionate and smart - she can entertain herself very well! She does seem to be wary of strangers but will warm up eventually. Her coat is the most beautiful and soft fur! I highly reccommend this breed! We couldn't afford a purebred but I am so very happy with my halfsie!

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  • Anonymous - 2010-04-16
    My cat of 18 years died from kidney failure and I was so grief stricken my husband rescued a half Russian blue/ tabby mix from the local animal shelter. He is the most delightful, affectionate and handsome cat I have ever had. He is very popular at the Vet's office(Recently had him neutered). And everyone wants to hold him and kiss him. I too would recommend this breed or half breed to any cat lover. I love this cat so much. I am thankful to God for this cat's companionship and I pray he will live to be atleast 30 years old.
  • Gesia Rosenberg - 2012-06-25
    What kind of mix are they. Domestic what_ Mine are two gorgeous girls that came out with a reverse Tabby Coat Spots and white. They are all Russian Blue in behaviour, verbalizing and making a funny sound that I have never herd before but that Russian Blue make.
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Mihaela Mihai - 2013-04-14
I want a male Van Cat ! Hello! My name is MIHAELA, I am from Bucharest , Romania. I wish a friend  and protector :). I think to a male Van cat( kedisi) white with auburn or grey or black and with eyes as a chilimbar or bleu eyes . Important and to feel the he is mine!!!!  I am waiting somebody who love these cats and give me for adoption or sale me, but not from a price for industrial breeder., because I have not such money for paying. If one day, somebody read my announce and  have what I search, can writte my on Thank you :)

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charly kh - 2012-08-16
hi. I have bought a turkish angora cat when she was about 2 months .. she is now almost 3 months.. She is white and very beautifull but I still have some questions about her living. I live in a street plenty of cats (don't know their kinds) so if she went outside does she come back? Even if she mate with another cat? Is it normal if she was active in the morning and less in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening? rply plzz and thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-16
    I would not let a Turkish Angora cat outside - possible exception is if your yard is completely and securely fenced in or if you have a porch she can go out on.  It is not a feral cat.  They are a highly domesticated breed and although some feral cats will and have made wonderful pets - they are used to surviving on their own and the Turkish may learn that but most of the survival instinct has been replaced with being a very domesticated, loving, easy going and fun loving pet.  2 months - 3 months is way to young to be out on its own and they don't know any dangers.  Cars?  Non-domesticated female male?  Racoon?  Also, why would you want her pregnant?  This young should could be seriously hurt.  Some cats - in fact many are indoor/outdoor cats and do great and no problems at all - I just don't think the Turkish or some breeds such as persians, Siamese, Balinese are outdoor cats.  Yes, real normal for cat to play during the early hours, nap/rest in the afternoons and then a second wind at night.  That is nature behaving.  Turkish are a beautiful, soft, fun loving mischevious cat and attached to their human.  Just love her and keep her safe.
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Carolyn - 2012-09-28
I had an Aby who lived to be more than 17. He was the most intelligent cat I have ever had. His name was Lucifur. From the very first when I got him at the age of 8 months, he slept every night in bed with me under the covers. His worst habit was his idea that he should see the World and he managed to escape from the house any number of times.

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Kori - 2010-05-31
My Cornish Rex is only 3 months old and has an absolutely hilarious and goofy personality while being extremely cute and lovable at the same time. I got him from a wonderful cattery called Texas Rexes and he is black with white markings and a white mask. His name is Ridin' Solo but I call him Solo for short, sometimes I also refer to him as Little Solito (haha!). He is very insistent when it comes to meowing in order to get what he wants. I love when he gets into his sleepy/snuggly moods, but he's it's also very amusing to play with him. He is just a great kitten all around.

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C. West - 2008-03-21
This article describes our Somali purrfectly! They are wonderful buddies to have and you WILL fall in love for life! Andy loves to play-hunt with his feather toy so much that he has even been known to wake us up in the middle of the night by bringing it to us while we're sound asleep and head-butting us awake for attention & to play. He's too sweet to be grouchy over this though. He looks and sounds very sweet & gentle and completely tuned to my every mood - But make no mistake - an attentive and dangerous bird-hunter he is! (a bug will do in a pinch). We love you Andy!! Oh, did I mention that they LOVE to play with water! They are strange, lovable little critters.

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Theresa Pratt - 2012-04-16
Oh p.s. each time the attack was over him wanting my neck and I didnt roll over.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-16
    They are stubborn - let him sleep in another room until he forgets the game the two of you have gotten yourselves into. Just try it.
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Alexandra - 2012-01-24
I found a cat almost 2 years ago now that was a stray in a really bad part of the city. He is a beautiful cat and so unique in his mannerisms much like an Ocicat. He also has developed quite the attachment and a unique sense of trust in me as opposed to the people I live with. i am not sure if he is an Ocicat, he does have very similar markings. I believe he may be a medium chocolate or a tawny colored Ocicat but I do not know how I can be sure....any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-25
    There is no way to know - Possibly the mom or dad was an Ocicat or even both but you can't know for sure without seeing the parents. My human raised them and they are definitely unique and great personalities. Beautiful cats but mom could have been an Oci and dad could have been on the loose - so you just can't know.
  • tyzheeya - 2012-02-01
    I have a 2 year old ocicat and he is so adorable. He loves to play,eat, and run. He is almost I think 7 or 8 pounds. He is a really chubby cat. His name is wubzzy :)
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Greggi - 2012-02-05
My fried thinks these cats are UGLY! I don't think so but could someone tell me if they are ugly or are-not ugly please? thanks to bits,
your admiring and dumb, animal loving guy, GREGGI the GREAT!!!!!!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-06
    I know these cats are not ugly but they are definitely unusual looking. They have a very loving temperment and a regal nature. They are so warm and they are curious and into just about everything and they love their humans. I think this is a great breed and am just crazy about them. I love their funny little meow and they are so expressive. Unusual looking yes - ugly - no way.
  • Ellen - 2012-02-06
    NO ANIMALS ARE UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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