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    Zebra Finches are great birds for a beginner or any bird enthusiast! These attractive little creatures are hardy, inexpensive, active, and one of the easiest birds to keep and breed. They are long-lived, with a life span in captivity of about 12 years.
Latest Animal Stories - 2015-09-18
I have a total of 4 finch but 2 of them are loosing there feathers? do you know why

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-09-24
    Your cage may be too small. The two loosing their feathers are most likely being 'plucked' by the other two. Putting them in a separate cage where they aren't picked at will allow the feathers to grow back.
  • Ashley - 2022-01-22
    They might be molting like my Budgerigar Parakeets.
Anonymous - 2021-04-16
12 years ago at the local airport a little exotic looking bird landed on my friend's shoulder while he was working at a car rental counter and doing some research he learned she was a zebra finch. He bought a cage and supplies and brought her home. Over time she became my bird and I always called her "Bird" or "Bird Bird Bird" and she would swing in her swing and beep and chirp and respond to chimes and dings and noises cell phones or the tv would make and hop around her house. All you had to do was put your finger in her cage and she would immediately hop on and go to sleep and she liked to be held. She would even flutter her tail and make very sweet cooing sounds when I would remove he cover and tell her good morning. But today when I went to greet her she was not responding and when I held her in my hands she went to sleep but this time she didn't wake up. She has been a wonderful member of my family all these years and she will be missed.

Girish - 2017-01-31
Hi, I just added 4 Zebra finch(2 male and 2 female) into our family and these are our first pets. I am bit worried as 1 of the male acts weird and always seated by making its feathers in puff shape and eats a lot and always like to keep himself warm by pushing himself against other birds. What might be the problem with him? please suggest.

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  • Mohammad - 2019-03-24
    Hi,your finch is sick,you shold get eggs to finch and calsiom.and a bit do hot finch room 28c or 27c
Anonymous - 2017-12-31
My 2 finch birds had 4 eggs one hatch already so it will totally be 6 birds once they hatch is the small cage is good or do I buy a bigger one

manxoor - 2016-06-22
i have pair of zebra finches one is completely white and singing loudly the next is gray in colour and not singing, im confuse that wich one is male or female? and what i do that they lay egg soon?

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  • Laura Simpson - 2017-10-08
    The one singing is the male and the other one is the Female. Females chirp and males sing...
Riz - 2012-10-03
I have a pair of zebra finhes. Out of first clutch (3 eggs) of 3 eggs no chicks survived. Then the second clutch (6 eggs) got infested by tiny red ants and after cleaning few hatched non survived. Third clutch (9 eggs) also keep hatching out, but next day new born chick getting dead!!!. Now 4 eggs remain to be hatched. I am very much worried, what could be the reason for this un-successful story? Some one please guide me for successful breeding.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-03
    Well, the good news is at least you have a male and a female cuz there are chicks.  The parents are new and they are going through a learning experience - so they usually say the first couple or three clutches are free cuz the parents don't know to incubate, to feed, not to scrunch the eggs etc.  So the first clutch - no chicks surviving - that is probably a learning experience and they missed it. Ants - somehow they got into the cage.  If the cage is on legs - you can rub the legs with vaseline which prevents the ants from climbing up.  Camicide is a safe pest killer around birds.  Third clutch - 9 eggs.  Do you have more than one female in there?  Usually the clutches are 4 - 6.  Sometimes the older first hatched babies smother the newer hatched babies or mom in her enthusiasm to feed the newly hatched babies miss the younger ones.  Breeding - both for the birds and for the humans is a learning experience and you just have to go through it.  With 9 eggs - I just don't see how mom can feed them all - but it is possible.  You could think about pulling the oldest and hand feeding but they are so small - doubtful it could be successful.  I think it is a prcess you just have to go through.  I am sorry but the good news is you are getting actual babies - that is a big step. 
  • Rajashree - 2016-06-15
    I have same problem with my new zebra finch pair, they not feeds theirs baby , so i fostered my chick by society finch, and they survive
Magda Amorim - 2016-05-14
What could the reason be for my male finch pecking the femela finch to death? I tried seperating them for a while. After placing them back together again it went well for a couple of hours only to discover her pecked to death in their nest the next day.

marjane - 2016-04-27
hi i have question our birds zebra finch ...they eat their egg? what will do now?

Silent - 2016-03-11
Hi, I have a female zebra finch and it has a hurt leg for a week now. I am still unknown of the possible causes. It always keeps its leg lifted and tries to balance with one leg. its still healthy only. No other issues... But I want it to get well soon. Can you please help me out.Pleaseeeee...

britnee - 2015-10-08
hello I have 4 zebra finches and there 2 pairs. I have one female that I had recently bought from the local pet store and she is all puffed and ruffed up. shes easy to catch shes very clingy with the male and sleeps a lot. when I hold her shes very slim, and I give them 4 types of mixed bird seeds and egg food I hope she is not sick and dying . I don't know what to do please help!