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   The word "society" suits these little birds to a tee, as they are very social and like to get into everybody's business! Society Finches make great pets for the beginner. They are one of the easiest birds to care for, very hardy, inexpensive, and are prolific breeders.
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Yolanda Varela - 2017-10-27
I have a pair of finches, don't know exactly what kind. She laid 2 eggs, and they ended up on the floor of the cage, I'am hoping they exccidently fell when they were both in the nest sleeping. What do you suggest I do? maybe buy another nest that is deeper? Please advice. Thank You

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  • Azaan Ali - 2021-12-27
    First find out the type of finch and get the nest box accordingly. Each finch may use a different type of nest shape.
michelle - 2020-04-19
i was very inexperienced n listened to my young grandchildren in helping me pick out some finches not knowing i shouldnt mix different varieties and ended up w a female zebra finch i believe a male white and black society finch and an old spice finch my friend didnt want. i bought a larger flight cage so theyd be happier. and despite later finding out u shouldnt mix different species the zebra finch and white n black society finch mated but the cage i bought was faulty and i woke up n the female zebra finch squeezed out of an opening in the back n i found her dead i believe my kitty got her in the middle of the night along w my old spice finch and only the white n black society finch was in the cage and continued sitting on the eggs until today then abandoned the nest. so i was devistated and sent my daughter in law and grandchildren to the pet store and told her buy the last 4 society finches in hopes id get at least 1 or 2 females and didnt want to make the same mistake mixing different varieties of finch but when she got back the 4 new ones all looked the same i believe theyre chocolate pied and the are much smaller than the white n black bird i thought was a society finch. now im confused and wondering if the white n black one thats much bigger isnt a society finch at all. can anybody answer this for me

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  • Azaan Ali - 2021-12-27
    Can you describe it maybe its a Black-and-white mannikin
Jane Knapp - 2019-05-22
My social & zebra finches keep having more and more babies. Last count I easily had 16. I’ve been told the only way to prevent having too many is to remove their nesting baskets. This seems very inhumane. I would love to find a good home for some of them but my aviary will not hold many more birds comfortably. They are such a happy family!
Anyone know anything to help? Thank you.

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  • W. Garner - 2019-06-01
    What neck of the woods are you in, im interested in your finches?
  • Anonymous - 2021-12-27
    It might seem bad to remove the nest and I also thought it was bad but if they lay too many eggs the female can die from lack of calcium and other things and the male can die form getting over worked and lack of rest.
mandy - 2011-10-12
Our bengalese lay one tiny egg a few weeks ago and today we can't see the egg. Can anyone please explain what has happened?

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  • Kari Kenidi - 2012-07-20
    Hi Mandy, Maybe she ate it....? I can't think of anything else but would love to know if u find out. Good luck, Kari
  • chris carey - 2012-10-20
    Some times they will break itor throw it out. Or even pick it it to pieces, I have 20 finches in avery.I see a lot of weird things.I had one female.dye and it mate died in about 2hours. The other pasted, I guess some get really attached. Or maybe it was bad they broke it up.
  • Lori Harvey - 2019-11-15
    I think they are it. They may need more protein, calcium and minerals in their diet.
Debbie - 2019-04-05
Hi I'm just starting out haven't even got a cage yet I ordered a big cage for indoors planning on breeding Society finches. But can't find a local breeder in my area I don't want to older one that has to be shipped out to me. Can anyone out there help with finding a breeder or fiches for sale in yakima or surrounding areas? Thank you! Deb

Victoria Perry - 2017-08-05
I live in Chesterfield, Michigan 48047 I have been breeding Society Finches to get rare Chocolate, and solid Tan. Now, too many. I need to find a pet shop that will buy them. I want to sell like 10. not sexed. Lady Goulians for sale. Sell 8 mixed sexes for 450.00. Anyone know where I can list these birds. Goulians I have more Males 5, only 3 Females. I do not ship. 586 206-8054 Health Beautiful Birds6

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  • Wendy - 2019-03-15
    Hi, I have a society finches born with red eyes, is that normal?
Alli - 2018-02-18
So I’ve purchased 2 society’s right after Boxing Day, soo after I had eggs, 4 of them....then I had 4 babies....I lost one baby (was sooo sad, came home from work and it was hanging outta the nest 😭😭) so I now have 2 parents, and 3 babies...I purchased a large flight cage for them. I’ve read they will all be okay in the cage together as a family...but I’ve also read that there is something called...odd bird out syndrome, because of the odd I go buy a new one? To make the numbers even?? Thoughts??

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  • Anonymous - 2018-02-23
    I am so sorry you lost a baby! I can imagine how hard that must of been. Since the birds are a family they are probably fine in a cage in odd numbers. Odd bird out syndrome is more with breeding pairs when there is too many males over females etc. You should be fine without another bird and might be better without another one. I hope this helps.
Zelda - 2016-11-21
I have 2 Begalese finches male and female. There are 3 eggs and its being 16 days. How long does it take for the chicks to hatch. The male is sitting the longest on the eggs during the day. The female sit on the eggs when the male is eating. Need more information please

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  • Brian - 2016-11-23
    Hi Zelda,If the eggs are fertile you can candle them to see if there is any development inside. I have 7 eggs laid about 9 days ago...I took each egg out with a small wooden spoon to prevent shell damage and held each over a flashlight in a darkened room. Some of the yokes have a pink tinged to them.In a few you can see veins and "C" shaped spot of red I assume is the embryo...the parents did not seem alarmed when I removed the nest and went back to sitting on the eggs immediately...another thing I encountered a few weeks back was that the pair I had at the time started to lay...I did a daily check on the nest and on about the 3 day noticed 2 eggs were being I had two females. It was close to two weeks when did the candle test to all 10 eggs....It was a bit strange because I saw what I thought was mating...but no male so no fertile eggs.The store did have a trade in policy so it was not a problem to exchange for a male....just had to watch for some time to single out one that appeared to sing. Hope this helps....Good Luck!
Jeremy Prewitt - 2016-11-21
I have a lone male Society Finch. (his partner just died today) I really have grown attached to him, and I don't want to give him up. But I'm also not sure if I want to go get another bird just yet. So my question is Should I take him to a shelter? Or does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make him happy and healthy for the rest of his life? PS: I have a full time job and I'm in school. But I spend at least an hour and a half a day talking and spending time with him and the rest of my pets. And his almost hand tame super proud of that accomplishment. 😁😁

Barb Madsen - 2016-10-17
If you have society finches and one is in hut laying down and puffed up and another lays on top of herorstaqndd on and pecks at,are they more the likely mates?