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   Eclectus are real show stoppers with their beautiful, vibrant coloring!
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medo - 2019-12-30
hi, I have a male and a female eclectus, and they have more than one baby but recently I noticed the male attack the female and his aggression towards her. I don’t know why i separated them from each other for months and I prepared them but to no avail the male attacks female agen and I don’t know what to do, please help me

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  • Subrata Chakrabarti - 2020-11-17
    You can place the pair in a smaller cage say 5ft/2ft/2ft/ or around that size and give them feed in separate bowls in opposite corners of that cage with a common water bowl placed in the middle. The perches should be fixed in far sides of the cage. Please keep an eye whether they are still fighting. This may reduce their infighting and make them accepting each other, and some months after you may try and place them in the bigger cage. Thanks. With best wishes.
Corlea - 2016-03-19
HHi I have a ellectus parrot and am ery new to this. Please if someone experienced give some advice, I have tried reading up but aint getting the answers I am seeking. The bird is mostly green but has blue under the wings, and also a red ring around the neck,this way what I have researched I can't tell if it is a male or female. And also could someone please give me a good and supple diet I can follow

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  • Heike - 2016-05-11
    Sounds like you've got a male ring neck parrot.
  • Amelia Swaringen - 2018-10-07
    Hi I know you must be nervous. I also got a eclectus parrot that needed a home. I was not really prepared. I was bit by a bird mite and got her 5 days later. I had to be treated for scabies and Roxy (wild) had to go to the vet too. That is first thing I did. Next I read up on them and ran and threw house for my teflon pans and cookware out the door. I was screaming but remain calm. (Cast iron skillet are the best.) Toxic for bird with blow dryers and all. Roxy does get a dose of mite and lice spray. Three times on the back. She just puff up and there they go flying. Scratching is normal. That's went I use the spray after a bath. We don't want to raise those chiggers into big mites. She was sweet. She sings the whole song Tom Dewey and all these tricks others had taught her but sound depress like "Why did they give me up?" I was dancing on the floor with her on my arm. Then she change. Pow like to got in the eye. Her mood change. We where fighting over a load of clothes dirty clothes on the floor while she look for a place to lay her egg. I realized she not to be toyed with. She special and as much as we force them to live up to our demands I was wrong for they are tropical amazing birds. There needs need to be meant. I feed her Pretty Bird Species Specific. I don't use bleach in my house. I use vinegar and water. Most restaurant do. I use Old English to dust. I use bleach very lightly in the toilet with door shut. I use my perfume in the bedroom and away from them. I took all aerosols out of the house to hair spray to cleaning agents. You know I think I going to live longer. My house might smell like last week fish but I don't think that's pollution or harmful toxins. I am sure my bird Roxy has liver damage but we are working on that better life.
    Well Roxy did lay an egg. I have to feed her one boil egg a week shell and all. She eat veg. Someone said NOT CAN FOOD like it poisonous not true just not nutritional. They said they like their veg cook not true. I just give the washed vegs like carrots, sweet corn, pumpkin seed, sweet pepper, onions, cooked turkey, fried chicken (not cook with peanut oil). I do cook oatmeal and feed dry cereal (no sugar in cereal). Now bread is cake to them so don't fill them up with lots of sugar and sweet. Wheat bread better. Dry whole wheat spaghetti. Cook you up some beans and cornbread and keep looking on the internet.
    Roxy did get sick. I took her to the vet. The egg did not hatch and her head down low saying chirp, chirp, chirp. Doctor gave her a shot but he really did not think she was sick. I paid for a male. More money. Bigger cages.
    Most information I got by calling Avian Adoption Centers who help me more I found on the internet. They help a lot and was friendly. I have to have someone to take them if anything happen to me anyway. I learn more about their needs on the internet too.
    Oh yes they throw out there food and I got roaches but solved it by buying Red Lake earth Diatomaceous and it kills all bugs. So that problem was solved until the rats love all that food and then I got me a kitten and she does a good job and now I can have a dog because diatomaceous kills fleas. Very safe to use. Oh the good news is that I we have a new member to the family. JuneBug born in June this year. She will be looking for a new home in January if things goes right. Mom and Dad molted but not bad. Stressful for them to raise her and feed every two hours then four hours for these months but she coming out of her nest to met others. I felt a good bath buy water holes to clean cage and lot of sunshine helps with molting. Yes, don't ever give a bird away. They just sell it. They are very emotional too and will miss you very much. The money I will be getting from the baby will go to the parents health and their care only before another. I hope my story will help you anyway. Pet store help me. Breeders help me and so did Avian Adoption Centers in your state.
  • Johnylane - 2019-07-30
    How much
Dennis - 2012-09-01
Hi All..I have recently Adopted [by forceful persuasion] my 1st Parrot BUGSY [Eclectus M +- 4\6 years old] was neglected and un loved shoved away in corner ... I saw him fell in love and took him home the next day..He is Wonderful...lovely nature ....I have had him now 6 months..made progress we hug ..kisses mostly from his side.. but I need help with 2 things..he hates bathing...I have been splashing him with my wet hands[hate] any other way; spray, bowl or form of water he hates it badly...2nd thing his feathers are very tatty ..tail especially have noticed some improvement but not much..him not bathing...surely not helping the matter with the feathers

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-02
    Some birds just HATE bathing - I don't care what anyone says.  I place one in a walk in shower and turn the water on and he seems to sorta like that.  Another - I can always count on every time I run the vacumn, he will run into and bathe in his water bowl or any other bowl.  Another we bathe in the kitchen sink with a sprayer.  I also use Aloe Bird Bath.  I have no great idea except just try things.  He may NEVER like it.  I have also found it is much easier to bathe them when it is raining.  Most love their baths but some just don't.  Tail - this is the time of year when parrots are at their worst looking.  There old feathers - many of them especially when no bathing - look tattereed and dry.  They are the old feathers.  They are going to replace every feathers this time of the year in a big molt - all the old feathers will go and all the new ones will come in. 
  • Abi - 2012-10-05
    My eclectus did the same thing. Hated bathing, so we can only bath her with us and perferably with my husband as he is her fav.
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-06
    I have 2 breeder Eclectus parrots. I run the shower for about 1-2 minutes and set them on the floor of the shower. they are 4 months and i put them in the shower shut the door for another 1-2 minutes then look in. they are so sweet and lay at the bottom with their eyes closed and the water hitting their backs.
  • Glenda Tollefsen - 2015-10-04
    I have a 4 1/2 month pld female she hated the water at first so I started taking her in the shower with me first off she stayed in the corner for about 2 mins then she decided to walk under the spray she now loves her showers I dry her off with her towel then with the hair dryer with which she loves as well she smells lovely
  • Lina Soares - 2017-02-15
    My chinChin is a female bird I have got her for the last 3 weeks. She is slowly settling but at times has the hormanial problem when she is very agitated. My pet shop gave me a mix of sunflower seed and pellets ( she does not like pallets) and I feed her each day with plenty of fresh veg is and fruit which she enjoys eating, but my concern was she demands sunflower seeds but I have restricted it to a small quantity but she gets very aggressive and starts shouting louder what should I do in this situation need help. Thank you for being for these creatures as I have great regards for all people who give their services for these loveable creatures. Thank you
  • janelle - 2017-04-28
    hey there, my 15yr old female was pretty much cage bound when i got her. previous owners had much more demanding birds and being an eclectus they assumed she was comfortable. she wasnt! That being said my family and i tried very hard to gain her trust it took a long time. biggest change happened when we changed her name. she truly became an active part of our flock. I had previously did my homework and learned the hen wants to stay home and hen, i use this to my advantage. i started with a spray bottle misting above her, and now we are to the point where i take her and sit next to the shower and she watches my mate wash up. she loves the water splashing her. either way we are all winning. if your bird has previous owners you may need to think outside the box. like i said my bird was forgot about has feet problems and what not but they are no longer an obsticle with a better diet, more options for out of the cage (we bought her a bigger cage quickly) playtime, and some strategy on our part we are all enjoying our mornings lol. good luck on your adventure.
Runa - 2017-04-14
I'm trying to decide whether or not to adopt an Eclectus parrot. They have a male Eclectus that has been there a while. Before he came to the rescue, he had a bad life and plucked a lot of his feathers. I don't know if an Eclectus parrot would be good for my lifestyle, however. I work at home and if I get done with work at around 12:00 PM, I could probably have him out for almost the rest of the day. I don't leave the house much. One thing I'm confused on and haven't found any answer to is how many times I should be feeding an Eclectus daily and how much of each food daily? Any help is appreciated.

julie - 2014-07-10
My Rosie has been my baby for 2 and a half years now. I hand reared her and she speaks so well and is so adorable. Past month or so, she has started to be rough with me and makes growling noises and attacks me. This could be around her cage, or out. 90% of the time she is good with me. She always wants to be near me which is so hard. Rosie flaps her wings in the cage, just like she is ready to fly on my shoulder but obviously she can't from the cage. She is also very itchy and is forever picking on her wings. Not losing any but just picking and flapping. My concern is her anger. I have read that she could be hormonal, and also that she might lay eggs, but can this happen without a partner? I'm a bit confused. Any personal experience and info would be great.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    Rosie sounds wonderful, I had a male Eclectus named, well what else... 'Beauty'! All parrots seem to go through what I call a 'teenage' cycle as they become sexually mature. During this time their personalities can change and they can become moody. It can last for a while too, often a year or more. It sounds to me that may be what Rosie is heading into, so a lot of patience and love are going to be needed. Good luck to you both:)
  • Fluffytee Witte - 2014-09-06
    Hello, I am about to buy a male eculectus, there is a lot of info on diet etc, but none have said how many times a day should he be fed?   Would appreciate any info

    Cheers fluffytee

  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-07
    The correct amount of food to feed on a daily basis is hard to determine. Usually people who have birds in training will weigh out exactly how much they want to feed, but for most keepers it depends. Some pet birds are very wasteful, 'playing' with their food at times instead of eating it. The best way thing to do is make sure your bird maintains a good weight and is healthy. Feed a variety of fresh foods, along with a dry food like a pelleted diet.
  • DiAnne - 2017-01-14
    I have a female I rescued. She is about 34 years old, according to the vet. She was abused before I got her. She's very aggressive. More so when she lays her clutch though. Henryetta growls at anyone she doesn't like and when she wants to be left alone. Mine was plucked almost bald when I was given her. A complete avain checkup, required a Rx of Prozac, to break the habit of plucking as well as a major dusting for mites. After 15 years of owning her, she will only step up on her own terms. She's very aggressive in my house, but take her outside or in my truck, I can let her head without losing a finger. Good luck and let us know how things are going.
David Keen - 2015-10-23
I have an older male Eclectus Bird.Do I need to buy a UV light for him.

Dee Dee Murrell - 2015-09-25
Hi I have an 4 month old blue Quaker parrot named Lola and I am getting a male electus parrot in about 5 weeks my question the male electus is a 1 year old how well will they get along ...

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-10-04
    Only time will tell. Each should have its own cage as birds need a safe place from which to observe, and become comfortable with each other. But after they get to know each other, they may enjoy having a companion. Let us know how it goes!
Theresa Witte - 2015-07-02
My eclectus Barney is twelve months . He does not like his veg raw , has good varieties.will eat them cooked and mashed up. My question do I get him to eat them raw as I would like to go away sometimes and feel that it would be a bit much for others to do the same as I do for him when I leave him with them. He loves chick peas and nuts, does not like fruit, which surprised me . I give him flax seed,sprouted mung beans,chick peas barley,quinoa ,I worry when he doesn't eat raw veg.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-07-09
    Parrots can be very difficult when it comes to changing diet. It can take a long time and much patience. Perhaps you could try preparing a mixture of cooked foods, and then freezing it in small, daily portions. Then a caretaker can defrost a portion each day as well as offer the other non-perishable foods.
Kqthy Walsh - 2006-01-21
I have a one-year old female eclectus by the name of Rozee and have just purchased a five month old male by the name of Kaycee. My first bird was a green cheek conure and when purchasing a second one fell in the love with the eclectus. I enjoy their company immensely, they are a joy. Rozee is starting to talk and does a great imitation if any whistle, especially when you call her pretty girl, she wolf whistles. Kaycee just says hello, but we've only had him since Christmas. They love to shower, sit at the table with us to eat and love anything you give them. They truly are a joy. Kathy, Jan. 21, 2006.

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  • jane clark - 2015-04-09
    you have just given me hope. My female eclectus, Rosie is 3yrs. I have had her a month now. I have a little green cheek conure, Magic who is now over 1yr. The vet disappointed me by saying they should never come out together because they might kill each other. I haven't tried it but thought things were going ok between them. Magic distracts himself when he feels a bit jealous but he handles it. I make sure they both get attention and have kept up Magics flying time the same as he's used to. I think he quite likes Rosie and although I have stopped him going on her cage I have allowed him to sit near by. He talks to her saying, Magic,magic,kiss, kiss. She took little notice at first, carried on eating! Now I hear her whistling to him when I'm not around. I know she talking to him because it's quiet noises. If she calls for me she can voice project so it sounds like she's next to me. she also makes those chortling noises when he's gone over to gaze at her. So I was begining to think they were getting to be friends. It sounds like your two get on fine am I right. How did you know they would be ok together?
Christopher - 2015-01-08
Hi, I found that if you buy a spray bottle and at least once a week. Spray your parrot. They absolutely love a bath and when mine are drenched I then blow dry them with a hair dryer which they also go mad about. This should stop your parrot from trying to clean her feathers all day.