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The Scarlet Macaw has been the best known South American parrot for over 100 years!
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nathanbrook - 2021-05-18
Hand raised baby scarlet macaws. I have pairs available . Very tamed and DNA tested. Each comes with DNA certification . They are young babies and current on vaccines. Very healthy birds. Each comes with papers and stuffs including health guarantee. We have long time experience dealing with birds. we also ship
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Yes Shipping and Safety Travel Boxes We've worked hard to give you the very best quality and experience as we ship your bird(s) and bird supplies. We cooperate diligently

hamza ali - 2017-08-26
Hello!I want to buy macaws from you.I want macaws urgently.Please response me quickly as soon as possible

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  • mullins - 2017-09-11
    hello parrots birds available for sales
    African grey
    Amazon double headed yellow
  • neil - 2019-12-16
    I am interested in a baby macaw. how much and where are u located. Thanks Neil
scott sprecher - 2019-07-15
I can't help myself.
Macaw owner that has always wanted a baby Scarlet to add to my flock.
Central American and lots of yellow a plus.
I live in Mn. so interested in a bird that could be shipped.
I have super sleuth like abilities so scammers will be wasting their time.
Thank you for your consideration.

brown - 2017-09-17
we have the best hand raised, healthy and very sociable scarlet, blue and gold macaw ready for sale.You can contact us for more infos

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  • Kofi Konadu Abrefa - 2018-07-08
    Pls if I buy a scarlet macaw parrots will u deliver it to me in my country Ghana
Brij kishor - 2017-08-30
Hi i want a scarlet macaw parrot male chick for 2-3 month's hatched. If do you have so please send me it's video or pics with details as price, sex, age and eating situation etc...

Glenn - 2016-10-12
Experienced macaw owner wants Scarlet, Blue and Gold or Hyacinth.

Phillip - 2015-07-12
We have (2) Macaws for sale - one Scarlet Macaw (female) and one Blue & Gold Macaw (male) - both sexes verified through blood tests. They were hand fed as babies and are now a little over a year old. They will come with a large (40'x40'x79') cage and a hardwood tree stand.. We are located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Call or e-mail for pics and additional information at 718-666-0683.

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  • Doris Peck - 2015-07-16
    Please send pictures and prices of both of your parrots.
  • Anonymous - 2015-07-20
    Wow! I really love macaws but unfortunately cannot have one as space is an issue...
  • kendra - 2015-10-10
    hi when I get a private apartment I would like to be interested in getting some of your birds my number is 216 269- 5724
  • melissa - 2015-12-27
    Hi do u still have the female?and if so ,how much for her?
  • Glenn - 2016-10-12
    Interested in one or both of you still have them
melissa - 2015-12-27
Hi ,my husband and I are looking for a female scarlet.

ali - 2014-11-23
Hi I am looking macaw if any wants to sell u can contact us

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  • Teresa Cockrum - 2015-05-13
    I Have a 20 year old hand tamed Scarlet Macaw with a small vocabulary. I am in the Detroit MI metro area. What is your experience with macaws/large birds?
Oenus Rahardjo - 2015-03-30
Can someone tell me how I can make sure that my Scarlet macaw has excessive saliva or not? I notice my scarlet has saliva more then my Blue & Gold, but as far as his activities, he is doing just fine. Free flight every day with no problems. I would be greatly appreciative it if someone could tell me. Thanks in advance.