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   The Miligold Macaw is a real beauty! ..and along with good looks, its parentage lends itself to giving this bird a gentle and affectionate personality!
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Anonymous - 2019-11-30
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Niall Byrne - 2019-11-09
I Am Adopting 3 of them, The First one is a male who likes Fruit Salad Called Raffael, The Second one is a female who loves Broccoli Called Cella and the Last one is also a male who likes Bacon, Fish and Sushi Called Specter

Paul Dunning - 2016-06-10
My Miligold is 26 years old, male, got him when he was a month old. Like all Mccaws he is a screamer, and like all pets he likes a 'routine',i.e. Fed at the same times, time with you at the same times, etc. I think it lightens up the screams.... he kind of knows what to expect..... I have my moments with him.... can take on a love-hate relationship... they are very demanding !!! He will sit quietly on most anyone's arm but don't try to pet him !!! He loves his walks outside and loves. riding in my SUV in his cage in the back. I was a runner in my younger days and he loved to sit on my shoulder while I ran for about 3 miles... I had a 'poopy' shirt but it came with the run....

Cindy P. - 2007-09-18
My Commando is an 8 year old miligold macaw. We adopted him from the Humane Society just over 1 year ago, being his second owner. He was not abused per say, but neglected somewhat due to a new baby in the home. We feel so blessed to have him! He is IN LOVE with my 12 year old daughter, allowing her to swing him in a blanket, making kissing noises and laughing the entire time! He says just about everything, too. If I come up to his cage at night, he always whispers, "I love you", everytime! He comes with me to the local elementary school, with some of my other animals, and shows off while I talk about his background. He is the perfect animal ambassador, and always says "goodbye!" to the kids when we leave. He is a big part of our family. (Hopefully they'll let me add a picture later..)While not for everyone, this macaw was a perfect fit for us!

Linda Deraz - 2011-09-26
Hello I just got a miligold this weekend they say he is 5 weeks old but I can't find any growth pictures for miligolds but a blue and gold growth chart at 5 weeks looks a lot more fuller in the start of pin feathers the way my baby looks he looks like he is 3 weeks old he still looks like a little plucked chicken ( but still love ) just trying to figure out the correct age to many inconsistancys in the age of my bird can someone help me find growth pics please for the miligold to compare...thank you

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-26
    Miligold and Blue and Gold - there should be very little difference between them as far as growth and development. Your Milligold is a high bred between the Blue Gold and a Military and even those two are really about the same size - unless it was a Bolivian Blue Gold and that isn't likely. You can see some photos of the development of the Blue and Gold here, at Aves International. It shows you blue gold at 3 weeks, then at 5 and then 7 and I think 11. They are such fun and so full of curiosity.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-26
  • Linda Deraz - 2011-09-29
    Yeah I have seen growth charts on blue and gold and a greenwing I am beginning to think the breeder is wrong on hatch date according to breeder it was 5 weeks old when I got it on Sunday this last week. I can already tell a difference in the body features so far but if he is almost 6 weeks old now I figured there would be more of a difference in him by now unless he is just a slow grower. I personally beleive that he might be a week or 2 younger then they thought it was it only bothers me to make sure that he is getting the proper amount of feedings he is getting I am feeding 3 times a day 35 to 40 ccs each time he eats good and poops good and sleeps good he is also really noticing me and follows me in his box when I am walking around him so he is very observant. I think I am just being a worry mom comes with the territory but I love him so much and just want him to be healthy.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-29
    You can't do anything about whether the breeder got the hatch date screwed up or whether she just didn't want to hand feed. You can do what you need to do to insure health and growth of your baby now. I can't know how old your little one is but I think at that age, it should be on 4 feedings a day. That would be morning, afternooon, dinner and before bed - say 10 pm. That gives him all night to empty out. So you basically feed the baby when the crop is empty plus or minus a half hour or hour. You should be able to 'sorta see' through the crop and see whether he is empty. You can definitely 'feel' when the crop is empty. The formula should be the consistency of ketchup at this stage. Most formulas do not have the higher fat content that is required for macaws. You can add about 1/2 teaspoon of almond butter to the formula for each feeding to raise the fat content. For about a week, I would use pedialyte instead of tap water. The reason I am saying that is your comment about the lack of growth in the week and not knowing his age. Does he look like the pictures you are seeing and the age is just off? There should be some weight to him but we don't know the age so we can't tell the weight but at 6 weeks, he shouldn't look bony in the hips and he should be starting to fill out and feathers prickling through. If he is empty more than 3 times a day - then feed him more than the 3 times a day. We just don't know the age. This will probably only be for a week. The pedialyte will better hydrate him and the almost butter will add a little fat. When the crop is full, it sorta looks full and feels like a wet cotton ball. I found this handfeeding instructions which might help. I can't know as I don't know the age but 35 cc seems a bit low to me but I don't know the weight or age. I think the article from will help you.
Cecilio Acevedo - 2011-08-10
What is the name of hybrid macaw whos parents are a Green Wing and a Military macaw

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-10
    I have no idea why the link came up Miligold which is the cross between the blue gold and the military. A Calico is the the cross between the military and the greenwing. Here is the link
Chantel - 2010-09-22
Phoenix is our Miligold macaw, and he is everything you could hope for in a bird. Phoenix is a year and a half old, and we have had him since he was 3 months old. He is funny, smart, and always knows how to make you smile. He loves to wrestle on his back, and play fight. He spends about 3 hours a day on his back! He also is potty trained, and will go sit a few feet away from me and not move when he has to go. I then bring him to the bathroom, hold him over the toilet, and he goes right away. It is great!

We go to the flea market or beach every weekend, and take him with us. He loves to be out of the house, and loves the attention. He does not like just anyone to pet him, but if you win him over and he loves you, then he is yours forever. He doesn't talk much, but does say Hello, Hi, and Uh-oh. We are working on more. Phoenix has been an wonderful addition to our family, and we would not be complete without him!

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  • Amy - 2010-11-03
    How do you potty train your macaw? I'm researching macaws because I've always wanted one but am now preparing to receive one into our family. It took me a year of research and meeting several breeders before I bought my Golden retriever! =) Thanks, Amy
Paul Dunning - 2010-07-22
"Guapo" is my 19 yr. old Miligold Mccaw, I've had him since he was one month old. He is very good natured, allows anyone to hold him but I am the only one that can touch him. He doesn't bite and after his first couple years of screaming he has toned down and is now quite mello. The trick to a "quiet" McCaw is to start early socializing with lots of people and at least 3 hrs. a day out of the cage with you. We take lots of walks at the beach and he gets lots of attention which he loves. He talked more when he was younger but now may only repeat 7 or 8 words usually only to me. He loves to take a shower with me. He barks at dogs and meows at cats. He gets very excited around babies in strollers and gets very animated around them, hanging upside down and laughing.

Len - 2009-10-27
I also have a Miligold Macaw named Jade. She is approxiamtely 8 months old and is by far my sweetest bird. She loves to be held and cuddled and she too likes to lay on her back and be tickled on her tummy. She loves anyone that will give her attention. When she is out of her cage and I leave the room, many times she will jump down and follow me down the hall. If you want a very affectionate bird, then a Miligold is for you!

Christopher - 2009-05-10
We purchased a Miligold Macaw last year from a local pet store. Zachary, our Miligold Macaw, is 1 Year and 2 Months old. (Hatch Date: March 25, 2008) We actually found him just a few days after he hatched. We went to visit him almost everyday. We even participated in some of his feedings. Zachary is the most well behaved Macaw we have ever encountered. We believe he's so nice because he saw us almost everyday before we were able to take him home. He has never bitten ANYONE and loves strangers! (Unbelieveable, huh?) He LOVES showers! He does sometimes get loud when we leave because he hates being alone. I live in an apartment and the neighbors say that they never hear him. He can say "Zachary" & "Hellooooo". It is so cute! Zachary has not grown attached to one person. (Thankfully) He loves both me and my boyfriend. Zachary is like a little dog. He loves to be rolled onto his back and for you to rub his tummy. He his unfortunately very destructive, as are all Macaws of this size. After people pet Zachary, we warn them that not all Macaws are as nice and gentle as he is. we tell them not to just go up to any Macaw and attempt to pet it. We've had my terrible experiences with other birds, so we know all too well what can happen. We Love Zachary more than anything. He is apart of us now and he will be with us for the rest of my life.
I would definitely reccomend a Miligold Macaw because of their sweet personality, lovely coloring, and because they are just all together wonderful birds!!!