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The blue Hyacinth Macaw is the largest of the Macaws, and the second largest parrot in the world!
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levi - 2006-12-06
These birds are breath-taking in personality and in color! I have a friend who owns a Hyacinth macaw name Sky and he was the perfect role model for his species. Gentle, playful, calm, highly intelligent, affectionate, loyal, loving and outgoing. His vocabulary is okay. For anyone on a shopping spree for birds, this bird is worth every penny!

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  • Linda - 2013-04-24
    I own a 3 yr.old female we named Paco. She accidently got loose about 4 months since we had her. I was devistated to say the least. I would follow her calls,because no other bird sounds like this one in our neighborhood. Finally I captured her 3 and a half days later.She was hungry and came to the sound of the macadamia's hitting the pavement(her favorite food). I was never so relieved and happy. It goes to show you that it pays to bond to your bird and to never give up the search. By the way later on that evening I got her back we had tremendous thunder storms and lightening. Thank goodness she was safe inside.
Hannah - 2006-12-04
I own a Scarlet Macaw named Sander, a Blue and Gold Macaw named Lucas, and a Hyacinth Macaw named Jackson. Although hyacinths are great birds, they certainly are not easy to care for. He screeches a high-pitched scream to wake me and he demands attention throughout the day. His beak is very strong and he has broken through many locks, cages, and antique furniture (but I'm thankful he's never used this beak strength against me). On the positive side, he is gentle, laid back, and very devoted to his family.
Although he a gorgeous, sweet, and loving macaw, these enormous parrots are not for everyone.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-26
    Hyacinths are known and called the Gentle Giants. I have had several over a whole lot of years and they all got along with everyone. My Hy now somehow talks my conure into loosening the lock on his cage and the conure goes in and sits next to the Hy. I had one Hy that was absolutely terrified of a little white belly caique. Eclectus are way more agressive - just by nature. In the wild the female is so territorial of her nest she will often kill another female. Many males will compete for a female in the wild and she will only choose one. Hyacinths are just not agressive as they have no natural predators. You are getting an older one and his companion has just died. You need to go slow and allow your new friend (Hyacinth) to adjust to you. They are gentle souls and they may look big to us but we are really big to them. Just go slow and they love talking to you, funny things like just going up and down and singing. Mine have all been big nut eaters so I do the nuts plus pellets - best to stay on the diet she is used to for awhile. As far as meeting her several times at her location and then moving her to yours. It doesn't make a difference. She is going to take a few weeks to get used to you and her new location and yes you will need a large cage and a perch. They are loving, like attention, affectionate and gentle souls.
  • Jerry - 2011-12-26
    I may be inheriting a 14 year old female hyacinth. I already own a pair of eclectus parrots who are very good birds and I frequently take my menagerie to schools for outreach presentations. How well does the hyacinth travel (in a car)/sky kennel. How jealous are they of other birds? If selected to inherit her I believe I need to go to where she is and to be there for a couple of days just for her to see me and show me what she thinks of me. Am I wrong for thinking this way? Is it best for older hyacinths to pick out their owners? Her original owner just died and I'm sure she is missing and mournig the loss. Any ideas you have would be well appreciated. PS I habe 2 large cages for my eckies and let them wander back and forth-they are not destructive at this point. But thinking I'll need to get a very heavy duty large cage and then an open hanging branch when the bird is out of the cage.

    Budget per month you estimate spending on your hyacinth is: $

    Thank you!

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jj - 2010-07-30
Hyacinth macaws are the largest and one of the most endangered but I love them.

Chloe - 2008-07-24
Hyacinth macaws are indeed the most beautiful, intelligent and gentle bitds!