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The large Green-winged Macaw is one of the sweetest tempered of all the large Macaws!
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Carol Bajorek - 2020-01-03
I have a green winged McCaw and large cage for sale

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  • Laura - 2020-04-26
    Do you still have your Macaw for sale? If so, how old?, sex? tame?
Tamara - 2018-11-17
Ok, two macaws , 3 y/o , NEVER leave their cage, have no toys, they never see anyone but for a minute or two when they are being fed, and that is all; their cage is incredibly filthy, surrounded by flies, and smelly, covered in feces; they have never had a shower and the two of them are incredibly healthy! how you explain??

Anthoney Page - 2018-04-21
Hey Blue Black throated macaw going to new homes, they are hand feed babies, they are really adorable, these babies will be Great Talkers! and also Health insured. Both Boys and girls available. The birds are DNA tested. Parents to the babies speak quite well! my adult birds all speak quite well! Buyers will be provided with care, training, nutrition and behavoiur of babies to serious inquiries. I will ship or you can come pick up they are now ready, contact me via text (909) 589-1328 for quick and fast responds [email protected]

kassie - 2018-04-20
So hello, I'm new too this. And I'm selling my Pet 'baby' zebra!! 205$? best pricing.

Jools - 2006-06-28
Hi All.
Well! my wife and I have just ordered our first Green winged macaw and should get it in about 2-3 months time and we are both very excited.
I used to keep Blue and Golds some years ago but my experience has dwindled over the years.
The more i read and try to find out about the Green wing, the more confused i become.
Some articles say that Green wings are not good talkers, and become aggressive and dominant, other people have written that their G/W is a brilliant talker(30 words +) small sentences, sings and dances and is so sweet and cuddly to all the family and don't believe anyone who says there not! I know this is probably down to training and constant socialization.
I was advised to read a certain book on parrot training by the breeder, who says the book is a great help, but the author says you should immediately trim the feathers as soon as you get the bird to avoid injury and also that its impossible to start to train the bird without doing so, but the breeder says NO! You must wait at least a year before trimming.

So! any comments on all the above or helpful suggestions or tips on living with a Green wing and making it part of the family and hopefully not just a one person bird from experienced owners would be very welcome.

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  • Anonymous - 2017-11-03
    I had my gw for almost 20 yrs. I had never trimmed his wings. I had no problems with him. He has his own room with plenty of space. The issue is I'm getting older and my birds are not, I need to decide how to handle this situation. v They all need a loving and caring home.
  • kassie - 2018-04-20
    I'd love to buy your bird? Even though it isn't for sale. I'd still love to buy it! 10,000?
conmax - 2018-02-12
i have a 20 yr old Green Wing. i got her when she was about 10 weeks old. she was DNA sexed. this was important to me because i have other birds and if they were of opposite sexes, they would likely become mates. she is by far the smartest and most precocious of my birds. she knows which was to loosen a nut from a bolt. she always turns them counterclockwise to loosen. she easily removes a 'pop top' from an aluminum can. her record is 3 full travel bends back and forth. i timed her best time was 4 seconds. she then proceeds to remove the rivet in the top. this takes a bit longer. she is constantly with me, about 20 hrs each day. we also have a large Himalayan male cat that plays very rough, but respects her strong bite. due to her intelligence and dedication, she is the most fun of my pets, both past and present.

Kathy - 2017-02-13
I have a green wing got her when she was 9 months. She's four years old now and she's is bites me a lot, I Think it's because of my roommate that came to live with me. When my roommate comes around me my bird try to bite her are me, zoe is her name she is so sweet when its me an her only. I really think that my roommate she hates her . because me an my roommate don't along at all. Zoe know that too. What do I do. Kathy

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  • Anonymous - 2017-10-11
    Get rid of roomate! Bird showing signs of transfered aggression
john byrne - 2017-06-14
i have bred two greenwing chicks the hen did not feed them there bekes was red it look like the hen or cock tried to feed them thed died.what can i do to stop this hapening.

Brittany - 2017-06-09
I put a deposit down on a Green winged Macaw today! I get first choice on two birds. I hope one is a girl!

Trish Elliott - 2005-06-03
I live in Milton, Florida and have 3 macaws, a greenwing only about 4 months old that I am hand feeding. I also have an 7 month old blue and gold. We started feeding her also when she was 4 months old. But my favorite is my harlequin, he is and will always be my 1st love. I got him when he was 6 and 1/2 months hand feeding for him. I haven't had any of the birds sexed but just by the behavior I guess the sexes, my b&g acts like a girl..she is sweet and cuddly and dainty, loves being on her back and cuddles with my husband when he comes home from work, My harlequin is a mama's boy and let's everyone know it. The greenwing is so sweet and playful already. I also have adopted a caught in the wild 22 year old blue fronted amazon. My husband is trying to train him in the evenings. But he is the type of bird that is almost a hands off, but with love and patience I think he will come around. We love our birds. They are a constant part of our lives and a definite part of the family.

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  • Hallie - 2013-12-17
    Hello Trish, I live in pensacola and have a big bay green wing that just turned 6 months today. I have had her since she was 4 weeks old. Problem now is she won't stop with the handfeeding. She now gets her handfeeding meal in the mornings and early evenings, but she also eats her regular bowl of food I give her throughout the day. I think she is a female cause of her size. What a sweet wonderful bird I have! I soo love this girl, MANGO. Please give me your advice.
  • Linda Mundell - 2016-02-20
    I adopted my GW when he was 16 weeks/4 months. I syringe fed him another 8-10 weeks after bringing him home. He eventually quit the hand feeding , and switched entirely to pellets. I kept pellets in his bowl, he ate both for a long time. He would have been 6-7 months old. To me, they are like babies. Each is individual. Your bird will probably let you know. Do you keep her pelleted food available to nibble on? They are such joys to love. Good luck with your baby.
  • Stacy - 2016-07-10
    So great to hear! I just started hand feeding our new baby Greenwing at 5 weeks, hatched 5/18. So far going very well and love seeing his/her personality starting to come out. I had a Too 20 years ago handfed that was my baby and went everywhere with me. At what age and what do you recommend with a Greenwing for 1) starting to wean, 2) travel and light excursions out (my other bird loves to go everywhere with us) 3) any advice of do's and don't stop make my Greenwing very happy very much welcomed and appreciated! I plan on a lifelong friend and companion so like a hold I don't want to make any mistakes and be sure he's happy and healthy