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   The Lutino Peach-faced Lovebird, with it's golden yellow plumage and it's peachie face, is said by many to be the most beautiful of all lovebirds!
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nabeel - 2021-01-20
im selling rosy opaline lovebird breeder pair (2 cluctches done in 1 year). contact me on whatsapp only 8073536219

Winnie Condrun - 2020-11-29
my bird a lovebird is so happy and sometimes even funny !One time my cockatiel took the piece of nesting paper from her wing flap and kept on doing it!It was so funny!

Joan - 2005-10-01
Our lutino, Beaker, was hand raised in 1990. He's very sweet and beautiful. He has been known to chew the edges off an expensive paper lampshade and also the gilt off an antique picture frame! After that, we learned our lesson and keep his wings slightly clipped so he will stay on our shoulder. He goes outside with us, loves the garden dirt, goes nuts for fresh raspberries, and screeches shrilly at other birds. He becomes very agitated if we walk away from him. While in the care of a friend, he watched their female bird shred paper for her nest. Now his favorite pasttime is shredding paper, in cage or out! He also lifts the moveable doors on his cage and lets them smash down. This he does over and over w/o giving up as his signal that he wants to come out. It can become quite annoying!
One thing: the lovebird DOES NEED COMPANIONSHIP!! He will get sick w/o it; we learned this the hard way. He became neurotic and began chewing his back end, pulling out the feathers until he was bald and raw! We had to love him back to health and now make a point of always touching him and letting him out on our shoulder. We wear a towel clipped with a clothespin to keep our shirt clean, and after he has been loved, he nestles in our neck or under our chin. While on our shoulder he eats our human food and takes frequent drinks of water. He loves a water bath and takes one every day with his cool, fresh water.

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  • Adhil - 2020-04-05
    My lutino peach faced lovebird is died suddenly. What is the reason of the death and how I can prevent this.
Ananthakrishnan - 2018-03-30
I'm having opline lutiano female for that which breed is gud for breeding mutation

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  • Roy Garza - 2019-03-22
    What the price of the lutino female Love Birds
Asif - 2016-01-29
I have pair of yellow lutino for sale

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  • Denise - 2016-08-11
    Where are you located and how much are you asking for them?
  • Ismarila Shamari Israel - 2019-01-17
    How much are they I am interested
Farhan Khan - 2018-06-08
My Lutino Lovebird are laying the egg but egg are not fertile female are 3 to 4 egg laying the egg and sit on this egg 25 to 30 days but egg are not fertile some days ago both are fight and inured the peak now peak are not in naturally shape peak are not in good position kindly give me a solution how can save and set the peak lution lovebird.

Loan nguyen - 2018-02-14
I’m interested to buy peach face lutino yellow lovebird.

Adelle Ziemer - 2016-09-15
An escaped Lutino Lovebird eats at my wild bird feeder & uses the bird bath. I live in PA & it will get cold here; any hints on how to catch it would be appreciated.

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  • niladri - 2017-04-10
    Note the time, when the escaped bird returns and place the original cage there.
    If it does not thisevery day....bringing the cage closer to you...then one day, throw a wet towel on it while eating

    Caution: it should not be left wet...should have enough sunlight to dry its feathers ...
Brendan - 2016-12-07
Hi, does anyone have any fertile eggs they're willing to sell? I'm in inner Sydney

Evelyn - 2015-10-16
Good afternoon. I have a peachface lovebird. I got it from the breeder he is 4 months old. My problem was he is always chirping. Other than that a have 2 parakeets. They are all in one big cage. How to stop Him chirping. Thank you.

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  • Thomas - 2016-06-18
    I got two peach faced lovebirds a couple days ago. One of them took to me instantly. The other I'm still working on. When they turn into shrieking terrors I talk to them calmly. It has worked so far. I just talk in a low gentle tone and they quiet down mainly. Chattering and screeching is normal for them though. They are very vocal. I'd suggest trying to see the unique beauty in the metallic screech. Plus they are so cute! Good luck!