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  "Zazu" is a very nice Green-naped Rainbow Lorikeet that is about 10-12 weeks old.
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susi peters - 2017-12-13
my rainbow laurikeet is allowed to go free in day but returns at night and climbs in to his cage .he is a very intelligent and entertaining

Les Beehen - 2017-05-10
I don't wish to dwell upon how the Egyptian Mau (a small silver leopard, as opposed to a large gold one) who operates a 'human sharing' lifestyle would get on with these chookies, but the same practise applies to organisms who can survive in the wild - if you love them, then let them. Keeping a bird in a cage is one step up from declawing a cat...imho.

Chanda - 2007-06-15
My rainbow lori is named FRUIT LOOP, he is hilarious. He talks ALOT! He says... sweet bird, pretty bird, sexy bird, loud bird, hi bye hello come here stop, give me a kiss, and the he makes the kissing sound. He is the smartest bird I have ever had. He plays all the time and likes to take baths. He LOVES kids and dogs.

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  • Karen - 2017-02-13
    I just got a Rainbow lorikeet he is 3 mths old
    What is the best way to teacher him to talk ?
    He loves being around me all the time I talk to him lots .he does bite sometimes,when he does I put him back in hi cage .he rolls on his back holding my hand and plays with his ball with me .
Maria - 2015-07-20
I recently went to my bird supply store. During my visit I met a rainbow lory, his name is dundee and someone had detuned him due to his bitting habbit. I brought him home and he is a clown. He talks a lot and loves to play. He loves hair ties and socks. Fresh fruit gives him an instant sugar rush. He still nips some times but not too much. He talks a lot and makes tons of fun noises. He loves to raspberry and talks to the other birds. Even calls them by name. When ever he is in troupe he makes sure to say 'sorry I love you pretty pretty' he is so much fun. I'm glad we were able to be a good home for him. My only worry is when the kids go back to school how he will react. Any tips on how to keep him happy when he is home all day with just the other birds?

Susan Saleeby - 2008-07-12
Hello Bird People:

You may remember me from some time ago. I had Jammy, a green-naped
Rainbow Lorikeet. He flew into a party some twenty odd years ago, where
I was singing for a wedding at a country club in New Jersey. We tried and tried to find the owner, going so far as to place an ad in the local paper; however, we
could not locate the owner, and the rest is history. Jammy, as we called him
since he seemed to be "jammin" at the party, remained with us for twenty some
years until he went to heaven about two years ago.

Right now, as I am typing this e-mail, I look at my mousepad which has a
beautiful picture of Jammy on it. We shall always keep this very special
gift from the Lord in our hearts; Jammy will always be with us. It has
been two years, and the tears well up in my eyes as I type this to you.

Nothing will ever take Jammy's place, and I have not looked for that in my two
new birdies. Peaches, our White-Bellied Caique was purchased to fill the
void of noise in the form of a whistle, which we missed so much in Jammy.
Peaches is a very adorable little Caique, and we love her very much.
I tell her that she is presently "renting" Jammy's home while we look for
a replacement.

Ben is a Solomon Island Eclectus parrot which we purchased some eight months
ago. Ben is very sweet and calm, and he is also not mean't to take Jammy's
place; however, I think Jammy would approve of this little critter.

I think what I am trying to say is that absolutely nothing can bring Jammy
back to us which is why I did not purchase a Lorikeet. Jammy was and will
always be special in our hearts. I believe that is the only way a
bird owner can and should go forward with life. I pray for Jammy every
evening; it makes me feel close to his memory. Jammy will always be very
close in my heart. I know some of you out there are in the same position,
and this, as I perceive it, is the only way we can continue on life's
path. I think many situations in life should be perceived in that manner.

I wish to say may the Lord bless all of you and your birdies and keep
up your very good work. Remember these creatures are extremely intelligent,
much more than they receive credit for in life.

Well, I feel much better for writing this to you; I hope this did not bore
you. It was so comforting for me to express myself in this way.

God Bless You All.
Susan and
the "Zoo Crew

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  • kathy - 2012-04-25
    Thanks for your beautiful tribute to Jammy. I have looked and looked for a bird and finally decided on a Lorikeep-the rainbow one. I was a bit put off with the 'messy' tag they are given. Did you find the mess hard to deal with? Thanks for any information you can give me.
    God Bless You, too,
  • Joe Chenault - 2014-02-15
    Hell0 susan. My name is joe and i am coming to you from millersport,ohio,outside of columbus. I found your entry sort of by accident. After i read it i felt compelled to reply. Im going through now what you went through. Tango,my rainbow lory passed away unexpectedly january 3rd. He was only 6 and a half years old. I miss him terribly. He wasnt a pet. He was my baby and my best little buddy. In my 46 years,he was the best thing that ever happened to me. I guess im writing to you because i know you will understand how i feel. When i was reading about jammy i was tearing up because i felt your pain. My friends and family arent helpful. They dont understand how i could feel so deeply about a bird. Tango was more than just a bird. I never knew i had the capacity to love or care about something as much as i loved and cared about tango. Like you mentioned,the silence now is torturous and i am am so lonely without him. Just like jammy,tango cant be replaced but i definitely want to get another lory,not to replace tango but to carry on his legacy so to speak. Because of my financial situation it will seem like an eternity before i can. Maybe i could become a wedding singer and get one for free. I think that is so neat how jammy came into your life and made such an impact for those 20 plus years. Im sure you will agree,that was destiny. I write this to you with warm blessings. Joe.
jacob lee - 2008-05-17
I was wondering if you can tell me how to handle a rainbow lorikeet. (EDITOR'S NOTE: There are care sheets for a variety of birds on Animal-World. A good one with handling information for parrots of this size is "About Conures". See it here:

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-10
    There are care sheets for a variety of birds on Animal-World. A good one with handling information for parrots of this size is "About Conures". See it here:
Susan Saleeby - 2008-07-12
Hi Folks:

I won't keep you; I know there is much to do maintaining your birdies
regarding their feeding, cleaning, and much more.

Today I submitted an article regarding my beautiful Green-Naped, Rainbow
Lorikeet, Jammy who passed into heaven several years ago.

As you may remember, Jammy was found at a country club, and despite our
efforts, nobody claimed him. We had him for over 20 wonderful years.

In my article today, I failed to add one extra comment pertaining to
Jammy. Approximately one month prior to our finding Jammy while driving in the car with my
husband, I told him that I wanted another birdy; however, I just could
not make up my mind regarding the breed. I did know, however, that I wanted
this birdy to be most colorful, and that I wished our Lord would just
send me a birdy to fit my description. Yes, the Lord must have sent
Jammy to us. Jam was so beautiful, colorful, and loving.

I guess they mean it when said, "sometimes the Lord works in mysterious

Well, I won't bother you anymore. I hope my story interested some of

p. moler - 2008-08-16
We have a 1.6 year old Rainbow Lori (Kiwi)and what hoot she is. Fearless and loves her "birdie" bunge cord and a paper napkin. Bath time is non-stop fun. The squeaks and peeps are so sweet. Wish I could have that much fun. Was able to teach her to stay and play on her stand. Smart little bird. Says a few words but a terrific mimic. Fell in love with Rainbows when where we were on an extended trip to Sydney, they would sit on the kitchen window and get fruit. After a few days my two "quests" would eat my (their) fruit off the kitchen counter. Wild birds who love human company.

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  • Carol - 2010-08-22
    I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I have a green naped lory named Nikki and she is two yrs. old. She is sweet and affectionate and she talks. I love her to pieces. She and my chocolate lab, Gracie get along very well. She is the sweetest bird I have ever owned!
  • Carol from Toronto. - 2010-09-15
    I have a 2 1/2 yr. old lory (green naped) named Nikki. She is one of the joys of my life! She is tame and sweet and she talks. She loves to have her tummy tickled and kissed. My dog Gracie (chocolate lab, 1yr. and a half) get along famously! Nikki is so beautiful I always carry my bragging picture with me to show people my beautiful parrot! She is the sweetest and most beautiful bird I have ever owned and I adore her!
nika - 2010-01-13
Hi! I had 2 canaries who lived outside. Can a Green-naped rainbow lorikeet live outside, and are they just as irretating as African Grey's???

Joan Quinn - 2009-07-17
Yes, these little birds are gifts from God for us to cherish and take care of. Last month I was watering the plants out front when a beautiful little lovebird landed right on my head. I have been wanting some kind of bird (either finches or a canary for years) but my husband said our 4 dogs would go crazy and we have enough animals. It is a miracle to me that this has happened, as my 4 dogs are older now and pay no mind to the birds. I was laid off last year so I am home and able to spend time with my birds. Since the Lovebird landed on my head, I have gotten a singing canary and a beautiful tame cockatiel. I named the Lovebird "Penny" after the old song, "Pennies From Heaven". I truly believe that she was a gift from God. I never would have gotten any of the birds, if it hadn't been for Penny landing right on my head. My husband has been great and says I can have more than one bird because he sees how much joy they bring me. I absolutely love them! I wish I would have known how much love and joy they could have brought me (4 dogs ago!)
Please do not be sad over the loss of your bird, but instead rejoice in the miracle of your relationship with him and those fond memories will stay with you forever. This is just one more testament that God does exist! He has provided to us what we have asked of him!
Signed - One Grateful Bird Lover - Joan Quinn