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   When you think of the term 'dove' you think of the White Dove. The White Dove has been one of the most universal symbols of love and peace throughout history!
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Sharon - 2016-11-19
Hi I live in South Africa - my dad had 30+ white fantail doves/pigeons - sadly a couple of years ago my dad passed on and over time the pigeons became prey for owls, crows and hawks - I was left with one! They have a big elevated 'cage' with an opening just big enough for the pigeons - they went in at nigh and out during the day on their own. Feeding takes place outside twice a day and all wild birds & pigeons join in! I felt sorry for the loner and purchased 2 x new pairs - my problem is I do not know how long I should keep them in the cage before opening again in order for them to know to return to the cage at night time? Any info would be helpful. Thanks SHARON

kelly - 2012-12-26
how much is your white dove and is it a female

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  • nashlee - 2016-11-10

    Call me - I have one I need to get a new home for and it is a female. She is a great bird. Please contact me. 508--558-8948
George Tyler - 2016-11-05
This spring a colony of white doves set up home underneath our solar panels and have lived there happily until the end of October. They departed in early November and have not returned. Is this their natural behaviour and can we expect their return next Spring?

MS - 2016-06-02
Hi, I have around five pigeons as pets. One of them , a female pigeon goes by the name of Rajlakshmi, is suffering from some ailment for some time. She hasn't used her voice ( or maybe I haven't been able to hear her when she has ) for quite some time. Female pigeons are quieter than the male ones by nature, but even then, they do coo occasionally or lash out when angered or agitated. I have tried provoking her to bite me ( she doesn't seem to be really eager to do that either ). is there any way to know if she has lost her voice ? I did take her to the Vet some time back and he has subscribed some meds which she is taking, but the issue is, I didn't think about the voice thing then. In other news, can Vets even examine a pigeon's vocal system ?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2016-06-11
    When a bird stops using its voice for it is advisable to take it to an avian vet. Doves can stop cooing for a month or more at a time, but when it goes on longer, another visit would be a good idea  A vet can look for respiratory problems and other ailments, but not sure if they can examine the vocal system.
Tomas - 2016-04-28
Anyone interested in doves including birds (dove) house. In Kent, UK.

Regina - 2016-04-20
I have been feeding what appears to be a tame white dove for several months now. She (I think she is a female) came in 2015 when I was cleaning the backyard, did not look well, so I started to feed her and provide water. She comes all the time in the morning and just before dark. Other grey doves come as well since she has been coming. Long story short, I had not seen her for the past 3 days and thought maybe she moved on. Today she came and was so dirty like she had been stuck in a dirt hole for several days. I immediately got some food and a big water bowl thinking she would clean herself. She now appears to be afraid, so I kept my distance. Anyone know how I can help her clean up and get back to her normal happy self?

Hilda Aroz - 2016-02-07
I love my birds doves I need to learn more about them.

Greg Ingersoll - 2016-01-29
I went through a hard time a few years back. I was injured bad enough that I was disabled. One day in Wichita kansas I was digging dandelions from the front yard,,and a White Dove flew down and landed in front of me. My wife Jaimey went and got me some bread for me to feed the Dove. All of a sudden the Dove jumped up on my hand and let me hand feed it. I could see it was a wild Dove as it's feathers were rough and dingy. After a while I set it down on the ground and set on my porch and we watched it a while. It would take a flight but stayed around our house the whole day. The next morning it was gone. ..My mother told me that it was sent to me by GOD.

Carol Vander Zee Boverhof - 2015-04-14
This winter a white dove came into our barn and has been there ever since, I feed her bird seed and she seems to love being by the water when I fill the horse tank. She will fly in a circle around the barn which is beautiful, and come right back, she sleeps in the rafters. it was extremely cold here in Michigan this winter and she did just fine. she has a pink band on her leg. She is free to fly away but has stuck around. is there anything special I should do?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-16
    Sounds like you're doing a great job. Being free flying, she can vary her diet and habitat as she needs, but seems quite happy with you. Thanks for your story!
  • diane - 2015-09-13
    About 7 weeks ago a white dove landed in my tree. I feed the birds so it was able to eat the seed. I'm very worried now that the weather is getting cold and living in Buffalo we get plenty of snow. The dove just sits in the tree in my yard and toward evening flies across the street to a heavier/leafier tree, i'm assuming for better shelter. In the morning he is back in my tree. I have a bird feeded hanging which he goes into to eat. I've fallen in love with this little dove and am worried with winter just around the corner. Where will he go? He can't just sit in my tree all day. He'll freeze to death. I don't have a garage or any shelter for him. Do you recommend us making something for him and if so what do I make or do? Do you think I should buy a wooden bird house and hope he goes into it before another bird takes it over. Please reply. Thank you.
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-09-24
    You can make an outdoor dove cote, here's some info on types of cotes under Dove and Pigeon Care: Housing.
  • Twocatslaughing - 2015-12-08
    She will need crushed coral or sand to help her digest her food as birds have no teeth to chew their grains. They love sunflower seeds, and will reward you with their beauty. So she does not fall into horse troft and drown, put any lid or what ever for her to fly down and get her water from, and add rocks to center for if rain fills water level high she can still get a drink with out drowning, and if wide enough she can take her Saturday night bath, they love a bath in the sun. Note, being white she is easy prey. Jan
Twocatslaughing - 2015-12-08
As an artist I love the beauty of the white Doves. As a full time artist I don't have the time to get on the computer very often, so be patient with my e-mail returns. I do exist, and I do breed beautiful birds. THANK YOU