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   When you think of the term 'dove' you think of the White Dove. The White Dove has been one of the most universal symbols of love and peace throughout history!
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Brad Bauer - 2017-10-13
I have been looking for a white dove to buy for my home and I'm wondering if I'm looking in the right spot and actually how much they go for?

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  • Anonymous - 2022-03-05
    I'm looking for one white dove for a family pet I have no email I just have a phone number 551-777-1023 looking for a white dove mail it
Anonymous - 2019-10-22
I am looking for a pare of white doves please let me know if you have any and what is the price for them

Hien Tran - 2019-03-22
I am looking for a white female dove. Need the price.

Cheryl Waller - 2018-07-25
My roommate & I have two white doves. They have previously laid two small infertile eggs that did not hatch. On July 6th they laid one large egg and promptly began the task of building a nest on a shelf turned on it’s back with a back and sides, but not covered. They have a nest they constructed with shredded paper with sugar sand underneath. My roommate is concerned because the egg is hidden from view due to the paper nest and is worried that the baby, when and if it begins to hatch, will be unable to get out from under the paper nest. She wants to make the doves move off the nest so she can check on the egg. Charlie Roche, I am especially interested in hearing your advice, but welcome suggestions from anyone with experience.

Thom Simcox - 2017-12-11
Looking to Purchase several Java Doves preferably young, will need to be shipped to me in Puerto Rico, U.S.A. which I am willing to pay for. Please contact Thom at

Brian - 2018-06-15
I have a beautiful Cali White that we inherited from an elderly lady we cared for. We gave it a treat of pancake and now it is obsessed with pancakes! Is this ok? It still eats its diet of dove food. Thanks! Its over twenty years old!

justine cox - 2016-06-15
I live in South Australia, and have 2 white Laughing doves. We have 1 female 1 male but they are wild. My mother feeds them and they watch her car and watch her most of day. The little girl has lost half a wing.Can still fly but am worried about hercas it is winter. Will the wing grow back? Please someone let me know?

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  • Anonymous - 2018-06-02
    WIngs don't grow back
Tammie - 2018-06-02
There is a white dove that has been in the neighborhood for the last few weeks. We are not sure where he/she came from. He/she seems to only fly short distances and stays within a 4 home range (Charlotte NC) I have been feeding her bird seed. She comes by every am and pm to eat. She won’t let me get too close, are there any rescue groups for this type of bird? I worry about her safety. Thank you!

tanena love - 2018-04-26
why do white doves kill there young chic's. found baby foot in water dish.

robert - 2018-03-17
I have never seen a white dove here in voluntown ct, which is where i live.My next door neighbor (a very dear friend) was dying of cancer. the month or so a pure white dove would fly to my deck railing and look in my house. I opened the door and said, I know why you are here, it's because warren is dying. it would never let me touch but wasn't afraid of me. it hung around my deck and on my wall by the lake. When warren died, i never saw this dove again. warren must have been a very special person to have such a phenomenem happen.