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   The Mourning Dove, also known as the Carolina Dove, is the most abundant dove in the United States!
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sue - 2009-11-13
I just found a mourning dove by our driveway, missing an entire wing! Took her to my vet and she seems healthy otherwise. Currently she is in a birdcage, is pecking at seed. I have a pet pigeon, hopefully can put their cages side by side and introduce them. Any suggestions/comments/advice is appreciated!

Daniel - 2019-01-15
Who got a female mourning dove i can buy?

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  • Thomas - 2019-11-22
    I too am looking for a female did you ever find one
  • Thomas - 2019-11-22
    I’m looking for female also
  • Thomas - 2019-11-22
    I too am looking for a female mourning dove, if you know of any please let me know
  • ANDREW - 2019-03-20
    Hi i trade 1 with you for 1 male
Thomas - 2019-11-22
My 12-year-old son rescued a mourning dove, now we are trying to find a female as the male has matured and is obviously in need of a mate. Any help will be appreciated, by the way when he rescued it in another 2 minutes it would have been eaten by neighbors cat.

teresa nazari - 2019-10-08
Please help me find mourning doves to purchacefor my avery.

Tony Brancato - 2018-01-09
Mourning Doves are a native species and it is illegal to keep these doves as pets or as aviary birds.If you rehabiliate an injured Mourning Dove please release it as soon as it is fit and able to survive in the wild.All native species require a federal permit.A hefty fine will be imposed for keeping or selling native species.Check with your state's wildlife department for further information.

francis fricke - 2017-12-26
Looking to purchase a pair of doves

Oscar Hoijer - 2016-05-22
we have a mourning dove that lost its mate. We watched in horror at a hawk swooped down and grab it up taking it away..The one dove stayed here in our yard and has done so for several years now even through these hard winters..Its as if she or he ( we don't know the sex) is waiting for the mate to return..Its a sad thing to see it alone...Other doves frequent the yard but eventually leave after eating but she or he remains here..It will sit on the rail of my porch and watch me in the window..I feel terrible about this..I worry about the winters here and have had my son build a you think that eventually it will find a home in it or am I grasping at straws ?

Tina Cooke - 2014-04-03
Last night we found a small mourning dove, she seems to have no balance, her wings seem fine and she will wrap her feet around our finger. Not sure of age, but she does not seem to have tail feathers. Right now she is eating wild bird seed and will drink water, will she eat bananas? Or dried cranberries? That is all i have right now, will go to pet store and see about some grit and maybe a better feed for her. I also have some lettuce, would that be ok for her?   any help would be greatly appreciated!   thank you tina cooke, conway. Sc

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-04-12
    I don't think bananas are in their usual diet, but it probably won't hurt to try. Dried cranberries probably won't hurt either. Lettuce should be fine. Definitely get a good quality seed mix and grit. Good luck!
  • Connie - 2014-08-25
    I have a female mourning dove in my yard seems to be off balance as well did you find out what was wrong with the one you found? Connie ny
Anonymous - 2013-05-31
I found a mourning Dove about 5 days ago and it's wing was hurt i think it was shot by a bb gun. I brought him in my house a lil high strung and calm at the same time beautiful it is indeed. Sad to see people purposely hurting animals.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-31
    So nice that you are able to help the little thing:)
Courtney Hennes - 2011-12-31
I have a morning dove that was found outside it was a baby hatched on my roof but it was a fledgling. I noticed but still picked it up I am 12 years old but know more about animals than most people and successfully raised the baby. And yes I tried to put it back but the mother flew away the baby now has all its spots flies and eats well but how do I tell its gender. Please help I want to breed it

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-31
    That is sure one of the most difficult to determine the sex. The only accurate way is through DNA sexing. You can send for a DNA sexing kit in an ad from the back of Bird Talk Magazine. I believe it is $25.00. You have to ckip a toenail a little too short or pull a feather. No, they don't really like it but it is fast and then you can hold it. Another choice is get 3 more and see who pairs. Then you know whether to get more boys or gals.... I am being funny but it's an idea.