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   "Lola is such a happy little bird! She is a DNA sexed female Cherry-headed Conure and she eats Zupreem Pellets. She doesn't talk but is very playful!"..Diane
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Ruzanna Palezyan - 2017-06-24
Looking to purchase a Red-masked Conure Cherry-headed Conure, Red-headed Conure Family: Psittacidae please contact me if you have one. grew up with one and really would love one now. thank you so much!! email me today's date is June 24th 2017 thanks again~!

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  • Courtney Osman - 2017-08-21
    Hi. I have a young cherry headed conure for sale. Hand fed. Very vibrant colors. Prefers me, tolerates rest of family. Loves mangos, grapes, apples. Asking $850.00. Pls contact me if interested.
  • Greg - 2017-11-03
    I am looking for a cherry head, a red throated, a nansun, nanday, blue head. Pls call 5867038613
  • Gregory P Wells - 2017-11-03
    I am interested. Thanks 5867038613
  • Deb - 2019-01-10
    Hi , I have a 35 yo Cherry Headed Conure that would like a new loving home that can offer him more attention. I am assuming that Dude is a male. He seems to prefer females, and living in the kitchen yelling “want some “ if you open the fridge, rattle a package or pots and pans. He talks a lot less now that the kids are gone, but never misses saying “good morning” when he sees me for the first time each day. But don’t let that sweet lady voice fool you. He’s very nippy and can be very loud. If you’re interested, we’ll talk.
  • Deb - 2019-01-11
    You can reach me at
Kathy stokes - 2015-05-24
Looking to purchase a cherry headed conure , would like a female if possible. I have parrot experience and very familiar with the noise and love it. I own a umberella cockatoo . If you know anyone with one please contact me by email or 228-327-0707

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  • Courtney Osman - 2017-08-21
    Hi. I have a cherry headed conure for sale. Young, very vibrant colors. Hand fed. Loves mango,grapes,peanuts, and a potato chip every now and then. Prefers me, tolerates the rest of the family. Asking $850.00 Please contact me if interested.
kathy stokes - 2015-05-30
If anyone know where I can buy/swap/adopt a cherry headed female please email me or contact me by text or call 228-327-0707 It would be greatly appreciated. any information on breeders etc

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  • Launa Morris - 2016-01-03
    I have 2 , male cherry head conures I need a female will trade a sexed male or buy a female
  • Ruzanna Palezyan - 2017-06-24
    looking to buy a cherry head concure please let me know if anyone has any? thank you please email me or call me 818 942 4287 Ruzanna thank you!!
Dolly Amato - 2017-04-17
I have had my Cherry head now since 1987 and he hasn't changed a bit, he is loud and nasty and bites ...everybody except me who he must think is his mother. He rarely comes out of his giant cage anymore but occasionally will crawl out and stand on top screaming. He seems quite happy and content and is always playing with his toys. He wakes up the house at 6am ish every day screaming to be fed. He eats pretty much everything and loves apples, peanuts, and yep...even chicken. He likes small pieces of rare steak and shreds it nicely and eats it. But he must have his seeds or he becomes a maniac. He has a 3 story cage and likes to climb all over it, he regularly takes baths and wets the whole room. He does not talk but he used to sing part of Flintstones cartoon Yabba Dabba Doo song but has not done so in 20 yrs. He once flew outside and was circling the sky probably about a mile away, I put my arms up and waved and he flew right back to me. Never thought I'd have him this long, hope he outlasts me.

mehrdad - 2015-09-22
Hi every body I bought a pair of red masked a bout 3 month ago, but I doubted frome their age and sexing. could enybody help me to recognize it, I want to know appearance sings tnx

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-09-23
    Impossible to know what the age of these parrots are once they mature. It helps if the person you bought them from can give you a hatch date. Young Red-masked birds have gray eyes and lack red on their heads. To determine male and female they will need to be sexed, which an avian vet can do via a DNA sample.
Kathy stokes - 2015-05-30
Is Lola for sale or adoption?

Reply - 2011-08-12
I have had a female Cherry Head Conure for 5 months she lost her mate
from the other owner, anyway I have had her 5 months with my male Cherry Head and they dont seem to bond? How do I get them to bond?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-13
    They will bond on their time timetable - not ours. True story. I had a female Hyacinth about 1 year old (Baby Blue) and I wanted her to have a mate. I purchased a male Hyacinth (Troy) and he was about 8 weeks. I hand fed him and Baby Blue would not look at him, would have nothing to do with him etc. Troy was a lover and even by the time he was a year old - Baby Blue would not look at him. If he went on her perch - she would actually somehow get on top of him and hit him in the chest with her beak. He would holler and run. After about two years, I sorta gave up and went and bought Troy a female because he seemed to want the closeness and companionship where Baby Blue just wanted us humans. I brought Midnight (female Hyacinth into the home at about 8 weeks again) and Baby Blue was all over Troy. Baby Blue was on his perch, in his cage, playing coy, would preen him and act silly. I don't even know how Baby Blue knew there was another female in the home as I had her in quarantine. Go figure. After a bunch of years, I have learned that I am not as smart as my birds. They have their behaviors, routines, rules etc and we jus don't necessarily know them.
  • kathy stokes - 2015-05-30
    If you decide to sale either or both Please contact me or if you know where I can get at least a female Please email me at or text or call me at 228-327-0707. Thank you so much If you know a breeder of red masked conures let me know. Id really appreciate it
Susan - 2014-03-22
I got a Cherry Head when he was a few months old. Now he's 18 months, very social and has a vocab of about 45 words. We never taught him to talk or played tapes, he just picked up what we say to him, things like, What are ya doing, you want a nut, you want a banana, you want to give me a kiss. He has a large cage but spends most of the day playing on his Jungle Gym on top of his cage in our Lanai. He's very friendly to family, but not strangers, he also will not talk when strangers are around. We love him to death, but people should not get a parrot because they are pretty and they talk. Parrots are a lot of work, more work than my 2 dogs, they are very messy, need sun and light, fresh fruit, healthy food, and they are noisy. Also, you need to spend a lot of time with them, or they will have problems.

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  • Mary - 2015-03-09
    These notices are old but I wondered if perhaps you still have your cherry head?
  • Kathy stokes - 2015-05-24
    Do you know where I can find a cherry headed conure ? Preferable a female. Thank you
  • Anonymous - 2015-05-24
    Do you know where I can find a cherry headed conure ? Preferable a female. Thank you
heber socualaya - 2015-04-23
A want to buy the parrot red masked conure

Shawn Ellis - 2015-01-13
We have an 18 yr old male cherry headed conure that lost his girl several years ago. We have had to work with him on several different behavior issues from biting to plucking etc.. It seems that we have made it thru most of the hard issues an we're now thinking it my be time to get a new girl! And we saw Lola and had some interest,One problem we live in Alaska! we would love any feed back on this if possible? We can travel and are willing to go the distance for our boy!