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   The Jenday Conure is probably the best known of the Aratinga conures, as well as being one of the most popular and commonly kept!
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dr.michelle levan - 2009-10-13
We have a 6 mos Jenday Very lovable bird, big kisser, quite playful, loves to wrestle and take showers, and starting talking. However, we have a 4 yearold maroon belly conure who does not like him. She bites him and has starting pulling feathers. We will have to adopt him out. Caution when bringing a new bird home, make sure your other bird(s) like it. Looking for a home for Ernie.

joe - 2009-07-15
Mine I've had for awhile. I got her from my grandmother who could not play with her. She plucked her feathers and is mean to others ecept me. I'm tryin to teach her to talk and to do tricks and advise.

melissa - 2009-07-15
I have a jenday conure, he is 13 years old and I have had him since I was 12 years old. I am now 25 and he is like my child, so all of my motherly attention goes to him and although he is mostly in love with my long time boy friend, when he is not feeling well he wants me. (Or when I am upset he sits on my shoulder and if I am crying he gets puffy and makes sweet tweets all in an effort to make me feel better). I have realized over the years that these are very smart birdies. I also have noticed that his wing/back feathers have become darker and almost black (not all of them) this has caused me to become worried, especially when my vet told me she did not know why and had no answer for me. And it is difficult, I know these animals live 20-30 years, but no one seems to know the biology of older birds...

Martyn, Sussex, UK - 2009-05-28
I've just acquired one of these little guys, Kaboo. I didn't name him that, for some reason his previous owner didn't want him :( Don't know why, he's great. Full of fun and mischief, can be a bit noisy at times, like a spoilt kid who can't get his own way. He loves to be out of his cage, and has just learned that windows have glass in them, so there's no point in trying to fly through them! Don't worry he didn't get hurt. I actually got him to keep my elderly mother (who lives with me) company during the day, she's not as confident with him as I am, so he stays in the cage while I'm at work, but she does talk to him and strokes him while I'm away. I go home for lunch and let him out for a while, and the same when I get home in the evening, when he spends much more time out of the cage, in fact he now decides when he wants to go back in, and goes there himself. He loves his snuggle shelter, and one of his rope toys that originally had four blocks of wood strung onto it. Needless to say, these ended up shredded and deposited on the bottom of the cage, and he's broken two bells so far. He has a birdie bath in his cage but hasn't used it yet. Instead he tries to bathe in his water bowl, but it's a bit too small. He's also getting used to being sprayed with a mister. He snuggles up to his rope, his cloth and his shelter and makes happy little chirpy noises. He's not quite poop trained, but is learning, last night he did manage to go back to his cage, have a poop, and then came back out again, and yes he got lots of praise and a treat for that. So he's a happy little guy who loves being with his 'dad' when he gets home, and he sends his love to all you guys out there.

Joree - 2008-12-29
Our Jenday, Gizzy, got out late one afternoon and headed for the sunset. We do not clip her wings. I looked until it got dark and then just came home. I got up the next morning and drove around the neighborhood, just listening. She is very loud and if she squawked, I would hear her. Sure enough, I heard her! She was up in a globe willow that looked just like the one in my back yard. The owners of the house did not speak English, but let me crawl out onto their garage roof. Gizzy was very happy to see me and was singing and whistling but was afraid to let go of the tree branch to fly to me. My next door neighbor was out looking too and stopped. She handed me a branch, which I whacked the limb Gizzy was on. Off she flew! "Where's she headed?" I yelled to my neighbor. She yelled back," Straight to you!". And here comes Gizzy, wings out-stretched, feet full forward, Wham onto my chest and straight down my shirt, singing and whistling. She loves to be inside one of our shirts. We have "bird clothes" so she can snuggle and coo. Yes, she's spoiled rotten!

kazza - 2008-11-20
I was given a lovely Jenday a few weeks ago she is absolutely gorgeous and keeps trying to feed me (which is not very nice). She hates being in her cage and has to be out all the time or she shrieks and screams. I am going to have to buy a huge perch for her. My son adores her too, and she is very playful, but nippy

Bobby H. - 2008-10-20
Skittles is my conure's name. He is half Jenday and half Sun conure. He is 5 months old, he is very inquisitive and very playful. Any opportunity he has to spend time with us is welcomed immensely. He will do anything for attention. I've never had a bird before, but Skittles has made a bird lover out of me.

Bobbi - 2008-08-16
I bought my jenday conure, Rainbow, 2 months ago. He is truly one of the most amazing animals I have ever seen! Though he can be quite noisy, there is never a dull moment with him in the house! I bought him a second cage for the bedroom, so that when I sleep, he can see me and sleep too. He has a nap tent and he absolutely seems to be loving life here. I am loving him more every day, he's such a spoiled little fellow already! While these birds are relatively small, their personalities certainly are very large indeed!

birdbrain4u - 2008-05-29
I've lived with my conure friend 'Cricket' for over 15 years now. What an affectionate little bundle of quirks, squawks, chirps,shrieks and craziness he is! He's out the moment I get home until I leave wor work the next day, and then he voluntarily goes back into his cage. At night he sleeps in the bureau. He's taken over two drawers there.
One has his chew toys and treats in it, the other is where he sleeps. He's my best friend.

Sarita - 2008-05-17
I have Jenday. I think it is a male but not sure. About a month ago the bird went on my friends shoulder and my friend was going out. He did not know the bird was on his shoulder. He started to open the door to go out, not realizing the bird was on him. The bird got scared and, guess what?, the bird flew away. I started to cry. I went outside and called the bird. I went back and forth for abut 4 hours calling the birds name, crying. My girfriend was there and we even put the birds picture on the internet, a sight for lost animals. My friend's boyfriend went in his car looking and my girlfriend help me look for the bird. After 3 1/2 half hours my girfriend said the bird could be anywhere by now. When we went around the corner I heard birds so I called my birds name. No bird, so we went in the house, but something told me to go out again. I went out by myself around the corner where I had heard the birds and called the birds name. No bird, so as I was crossing the street to a corner house like mine I again called the the birds name, by the way the bird is jaber, and all of a sudden I see a bird flying. The bird went to the corner house and was just sitting on the grass. I called my friend who was in my house. She came running but the gate was locked and no one was home. So she went to get the cage and put the cage in the gate and thought the bird would fly in it, but it did not. The bird was scared, so she told me to keep talking to the bird. I told her I had a ladder in the house so she went and got it and climb in the gate with a towel and the cage. The bird flew in the cage. The marvel of the story is that Jenday's are such loving birds. Thanks to my friend for climbing in the gate. The bird is loving because it heard my voice and flew over to the corner house because he thought it was mine. I am the happiest person now that I got my bird back. That's my baby, I do not have kids.