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   The Jenday Conure is probably the best known of the Aratinga conures, as well as being one of the most popular and commonly kept!
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Gayle - 2010-06-06
I googled Jenday to see a pic because we just lost our Jenday yesterday and I miss him already. I had read many times, DO NOT PUT YOUR BIRD IN YOUR BED! We didn't listen and he died under the covers snuggling with my daughter. Please do not make the mistake we did yesterday and many other days. We have a VERY sad family. We loved our bird and will get another when our hearts have healed a bit.

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  • Kathy Jackson - 2010-06-17
    So Sorry to hear that, I have a Jenday that I rescue and needs I good
    home. He is 1 year and 4months. When your ready let me know.
  • Kathleen Jackson - 2010-06-18
    Looking for a good home, He is 1year old and 4months. His name is (jenday)
    skeeter. I really love him but I work all day and I live with my Mom and
    she is 85 year old and does not like the screaming. Which he only does
    because he`s on the porch alone, He`s not like that with me. Anyway
    if you know of anyone. I know you lost your sweetie and it sounds like you
    would give him a good home.
birdbrain - 2010-04-16
I had a green budgie, but sadly, 2 days ago, my dog got a hold of it and killed it. :'( I have been trying to decide what bird to get next, and am deciding between:
1) A lovebird
2) A conure
3) Cockatoo
4) Green cheek parakeet or
5) Anything else you can think of!!! Your comments are greatly appreciated! Thx

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  • Ashleigh - 2010-05-28
    Hi Birdbrain, this is my first reply to a question, so I hope it helps! If the parakeet (budgie) was your very first or only bird, then I would definitely not go with a cockatoo unless you do the research. They're EXTREMELY loud, destructive, expensive, and high maintenance *(sp)* compared to a parakeet. I've had lovebirds in the past, and they can be loud themselves, but definitely a better choice over the cockatoo. If I were you, I'd go with a cockatiel or a conure (they can be loud too, as all birds can, but I'm not sure of your living situation) Cockatiels are one of my favorites, I own 6. They can be quite personal at times, while still in the lower price range, less screaming, and come in tons of different colors. I have a green cheek and it's pretty rotten. I've never been able to bond with him, and have read that a lot of people have a hard time with this as well. My most recent purchase was a Jenday conure, which is why I"m on this site, and I absolutely adore him. Very snuggly and personal, not very loud (yet) and a decent price (I went to a bird fair) My e-mail is in case you have any other questions, I love to talk bird! lol I hope your new bird does well!
Tieheshia - 2010-04-10
Hello, I just brought a jenday conure about a good 2 weeks ago, his name is shawn, and he is 4 months old, I really don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but I figure that can still be a name for both genders. He loves to give kisses, and loves attention. I have three children, that are all under the age of 13yrs, and he loves them, as well as me. He knows how to say (at) when he doesn't want no one to touch him, loves to eat our hair, or pick from it, and he thinks he's grown, like he is older then what he really is. We love him......

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  • barbara - 2010-04-20
    But how loud is your new bird I mean is it bothersome?
  • Mary Green - 2010-04-20
    HI there, if you have this bird the way you can tell if it is a girl they are little bit bigger then males and another way if it is a boy then on the back of the Conure's bottom put your finger on the back of the bird. Then gently rub the back of the bird, if the bones are closer together that means you have a boy, a girl birds are open more than males! That's how you can tell if you have a boy or girl! :)
Jenny - 2010-03-01
I have recently been given a Jenday, his name is Tango. My sister in law couldn't cope with his screaming but I have realised he only does this when the children are around. I think he is afraid of them. He is also wary of people walking in and out of the house and screams until they sit down. Does anyone know how I can calm the screaming down? He seems to love me as I have him out as soon as I come in and keep him out for as long as possible. He trys to reverse under my chin and rub his wing on my neck. Never having had a bird before this feels a little strange. Does anyone know why he does this? He is typing with me at the moment sorry for any mistakes! He doesn't like to be told no but he does know when he is being naughty so soon stops and gives me kiss. The only other real problem is dive bombing the dogs getting on the floor and marching around like he owns the place. They do not think much of this but I'm more worried about them getting hurt rather than him. Any hints or tips are most welcome, as I have fallen in love with him ( much to my partners disgust as tango is protective of me). I want him to be part of the family!

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  • dave - 2010-04-13
    He does this to show affection, our jenday rolls over on its back and curls up in the kids hair. When a bird exposes its breast it is the holding you in its highest regard the bird really trusts you.
  • Julie M. - 2010-04-24
    Hi jenny, I have three jenday's and unfortunately birds can be very territorial,where ever you take him or let him play he believes this is his space and his smooching of you, he has bonded with you and chosen you for his mate. Children are noisy so your bird will be noisy, get the children to be quiet and make them feed him sunflower seeds as a treat every time they enter the house on visits, most times birds will scream for attention, but generally they will be loud in the morning at day break and once at sundown or when someone comes home, he is greeting you. As for dive bombing the dogs he is protecting his area or he thinks this is just plain fun, I would keep the dogs out while Tango has his out time, otherwise I can see this ending badly for him, dogs will only tolerate so much and then end the torment by retaliating. Try working with him and giving him treats for good behavior and back in his cage when he is naughty, also cover the cage , for about 10 minutes or so, then get him back out,then longer the next time and so on and so on, you need to teach him right from wrong, it will take a lot of your time but with sunflower seeds as a treat and a lot of patience and persistence from you, you will be able to teach him anything, conures are really quite intelligent. Good luck.
Terri - 2010-02-26
I have an 8 month old Jenday named Beydo. He is the most loving little guy. He likes to snuggle in under my chin and sometimes falls asleep. I noticed today that his beak is peeling and I'm wondering if there is anything I need to do about it. He has a cuddle bone, but rarely uses it. I'm wondering if it might be diet related. He doesn't eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, even though I offer them every day. He loves bread and starchy foods. Any wisdom about this out there?

Matt - 2010-02-25
I have a Jenday and he is tearing up the paper in his cage. Any help with this would be great.

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  • John - 2010-02-25
    My Jenday loves to tear up paper. I originally used paper to line the cage floor, and this was soon torn into shreds. I now use wood chippings and he loves these, he plays in them, throws them around, kicks them away with his feet and most of all chews them into smaller peices.
Yija - 2010-01-24
How can someone borrow a Jenday for breading?

Anne - 2009-11-20
Hi This is for Dr. Michelle Levan in your comments page, looking for an adoptive home for Ernie. Iam interested please if you still have him.

Amy Eddy - 2009-11-17
I have a 10 month old Jenday who is spoiled ROTTEN beyond belief. He hasn't started talking yet, but loves to "click" to get kisses. He is trying to do the wolf whistle and getting really good at it. He is a total riot! I put my hand in the cage when I want him out and he gives me loves, kisses and rubs all over my hand. (I haven't had him DNA'd, but to me, he's a he, lol) He also announces anytime the door opens or shuts, and anytime my husband comes home from work he screams. In the morning before the kids get up, I have to walk around really quiet and not talk or Patrick (named after Patrick Starfish) will wake everybody up. He's my baby, that's for sure, and I cant wait to spend many many more years together!

Isabel - 2009-10-16
My husband and I have a very young jenday conure. Its name is Graceful. It was the name given by the caretaker at the pet store, but we decided to keep it because it describes its personality. Today we are taking Graceful to its first veterinary appt hopefully we'll find its gender later. Graceful is clownish, cuddly, brattish at times, but lots of fun. It is beginning to learn a few words, it tries them at night before going to sleep. Graceful is also a very picky eater. We have not been able to feed him fruit and veggies. Grace does love bean sprouts, dehydrated mango, papaya bits and shredded carrot, but it feeds mostly on pellets. We are trying to add more variety to its diet. Ah, its day is not complete without a bath. Lately, it likes to dunk pellets in its water dish after the bath, and prefers balsa wood toys to chew/destroy. It hisses and gets aggresive with a platic ball with a rattle we don't know why though. What is most amazing is that it has never been exposed to that kind of toy before. We wonder what it reminded it of, or what danger Graceful associates it with.