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   "Pooki" is just about four months old and he is so darn playful,... he can't wait to be let out of his cage!
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Amy - 2009-04-08
I have a gorgeous GCC that is now about just under a year old. He's become the whole families favourite pet. Whenever you walk past his cage he bobs up and down and tries desperately to try and fly to you even tho he can't lol. He dances to whistling and makes a variety of sounds, he loves it when we take him outside and he can listen to the bell birds in the wild. He has grown very attached to the women in our family and 'defends' them from anyone coming too close by, puffing up his chest. He loves to help out with household chores, e.g. sitting down your top with his head poking out while you are ironing or doing the dishes. He loves to have a snuggle with my mum and our cat when night time comes around, the cat is like his idol, he worships him! He makes little cooing noises when he's falling asleep and will gladly sleep on anyone. He enjoys sitting at the door of his cage and throwing corn out onto the floor and LOVEs eating twisties (well not so much eating but chewing into tiny crumbs) He's the light of our lives!

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  • ooooooooof - 2020-04-16
    They are. They contain salt, which is a food that birds should NEVER have. They are also processed, which is plain bad to begin with. Feed them one only once in a while, but it's better to never give It to them. Other foods that birds can't have include avocado, coffee, and chocolate.
  • Mark Richardsons - 2020-02-17
    Wow and i thought my green cheeked yellow sideed conure was the only one that loves twisties , i hope there not bad for him her ,
Anonymous - 2017-08-10
We are going on a cross country trip that could last up to 2 weeks. We want to take our Pineapple Cheeked Conure with us because she bites everyone else & would be hard to care for. Do they travel in a car well? We have a smaller cage for travel, like to the vet, etc.

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  • mike - 2019-11-09
    I make a 3 hour trip one way each week (so 6 total per week) and mine sits on my shoulder the entire way, although he is used to it after doing it so long. my suggestion would be just put him in the travel cage and cover the cage with a sheet or something light, most birds travel just fine this way.
T - 2007-10-09
I find it impossible to read all the wonderful things posted here about GCC. My GCC is 3 months old and was hand tamed/hand fed by a local breeder. When he first came home he was nippy, but showed some promise. Now he is by far the biggest disappointment I have ever had. I have owned cockatiels, parakeets, canaries, etc. and was so excited about getting a small parrot. I have never met a more nasty, hateful creature. I have bites everywhere and can not touch him without a suite of armour. I would never recommend a GCC to anyone (especially around children)unless one enjoys being brutalized daily. He wants to be on you from the time you open the cage and then immediately bites, rips and tears at flesh (arms, fingers, anything). No friend in this beast. Have tried every recommendation onine for curbing the biting and it only gets worse. Will never make such a horrid mistake again.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-09-24
    Sounds to me like he was somehow traumatized early on by you or someone around you. Yours is the first case I've seen bad things said about them. Definitely don't rule them out in the future after one bad experience because they really are such sweet and affectionate birds if raised properly.
  • brit - 2014-11-21
    This is shocking to me. the GCC is so lovable! We rescued on from a home where she got no interaction. She was fearful and bit when we first got her home. We were patient and spent lots of time talking to her. Then it clicked in her.. Loves to be with us (me, husband and 2 children) all day. Never another bite ever!
  • Lisa Paige Deadmond Roth - 2015-02-04
    It makes me sad that you see your bird this green cheek was abused by his former owners.  When I got him he was very angry and bit a lot.  I have scars from those bites.  With love and patience he has become the joy of my life.  Sometimes he still bites, but only when he is feeling trapped or frightened.  He is phobic because of the abuse he suffered, they used to swat him out of the air with a broom instead of getting his wings clipped.  He is afraid of the dark, dogs and anything with a long handle that resembles a broom ie, rake, get the picture.  It has taken a long time and a LOT of patience to make my little buddy less hostile, but the reward has been more than worth it.
  • Christina - 2015-02-10
    Don't worry it will pass. Distract him with few toys such as bells. Right now he sees a hand as an enemy, for him to get used to it give him treats so he sees the hand = treats. What I remember is that I dipped my finger into not so harsh chilli mix and when my gcc attaxked he had a weird taste in his mouth and after that he didn't bite ^^ but do not ever put something harsh like tobasco as it will damage the tongue ^^
  • Bob - 2015-08-29
    You seem to not be the type of person who should be owning birds
  • Beverly - 2019-06-19
    I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time with your gcc. Please do not paint the whole breed with the brush of your bad experience. We have had 2 gcc for a year and a half now they were also hand fed and tame. Recently our male started biting my husband quite bad so we did some online research. We discovered that Boomer our little boy had been frightened by sliding when trying to sit on our hands. He became afraid of skin contact. We have been working with him very slowly to help him become more secure and he is doing better but can still get nippy. We are taking it very very slow. Once your parrot has been traumatized they never ever forget that trauma. Remember how big you are compared to them gaining their trust takes time and regaining their trust after it is broken takes so much longer. We never imagined that a simple slip and almost fall off our hand would cause so much fear in Boomer. I hope that you stop looking for answers online to fix your bird and instead look for a rescue home for your bird. There are lots of shelters that will take birds in and work with them or even just give them a forever home. Your bird can feel your anger probably even more than I could when I read your post. The reason that your gcc always wanted to be on you is because they are very social bird and they want to be with their human all the time especially if they do not have a bird companion. My birds have each other plus they are out of the cage with the run of the house for at least 8 hours a day. They are alot of work and they do not understand that just because they want to be on you 24/7 you may not want the same thing. Stick with the easy birds parrots are not for you. You need to have patience saying the bird is the problem after having him for less than 3 months is ridiculous. B
  • K - 2021-08-21
    LOL we also have a bird like this. He is sweet and seriously psycho. You never know and he can turn on you in a heartbeat.
Amber Wolff - 2017-10-03
Help me heal my lonely, broken heart. Hey all, is anyone out there looking to find a loving home for their bird? My conure died a while back and my heart is still broken. I also used to have an African grey quite some time ago. I'm trying to find another birdie in need of a forever home. I'm open to different types of parrots. I have so much love to give to a birdie friend, lots of time and a safe, healthy, happy home to live and shoulder to sit on often. If anyone is located close to Montana, I would be able to drive a ways if it meant giving a home to a feathered friend in need of adoption. I can't afford to pay for traveling expenses and a bird though. If you're looking to find an amazing home for your beloved bird, I can assure you that I can provide that, plus all the love in the world. My email is [email protected]

Kalie Arruda - 2017-09-03
Need to sell my green cheek conure 'Petrie' he hatched in November 2016. I feel horrible that I don't have time to tend to him like i thought. I have bonded with him and almost sold him to someone but I didnt know anything about where/what my bird would be going to. I just need to find more info on who can buy him that is an experienced bird owner so I can feel at piece about failing him. I would just need some proof if possible that the people who want to buy him have a decent area for him and that they will take the time to work with him and love him. Thanks.

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  • Amber Wolff - 2017-10-03
    Hey hon, are you still looking for a loving home for your little Petrie? My conure died a while back and my heart is still broken. I'm trying to find another birdie in need of a forever home. I have so much love to give to a birdie friend, lots of time and a safe, healthy, happy home to live and shoulder to sit on often. Where are you located? If close to Montana, I would be able to drive a ways if it meant giving a home to a feathered friend in need of adoption. I can't afford to pay for traveling expenses and the bird though. If you're looking to find an amazing home for your beloved bird, I can assure you that I can provide that plus all the love in the world. My email is [email protected]
  • Barb - 2021-05-11
    I would need to know what the fee is to have him.. I ave a female concur that can't have babies but she is a clown and I love her. I am with her everyday all day long. I am fighting cancer and need to have birds too help me get thru each day
jen - 2016-02-03
our green cheek makes sounds like its crying is that a flaking call

SaraH. - 2015-10-10
HELP!!!! I have just purchased a green cheek conure from a local breeder. His name is zazu, i just brought him home yesterday and he is very very scared. He will only sit on the very top perch of his cage and hasnt moved or made one sound ever since. He will let me touch him and even pushes into my hand with his body like he enjoys being touched. However he is afraid of being picked up and will scramble back to his top perch when i get him on my finger. His food and water are hung at the bottom of the cage and i am concerned that he will not eat since he will not go to the bottom of his cage. He seemed to get a good nights sleep last night but still appears very tired and sluggish today and is unwilling to check out his surroundings. I might be over reacting but im worried about the little guy!! 😰😰 Any suggestions on how i can help him get used to his new home and me???

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  • Melissa - 2015-12-15
    you shouldn't leave you birds food and water at the bottom you should hook it on the side o the cage and the food and water right next to each other i have a beautiful Green Check Conure also and he is very loving and fun to have you will enjoy your bird. and when i got my bird he was the same way.Good Luck :)
m.brown - 2015-06-19
I have a 3yr.old male cinnamon green check who has just started biting me since he began mating.I have had him since he was 4months old. Its breaking my heart that I can't trust him anymore.he grabs on ad won't let go. I just tried to give them both treats ad he attacked e again. All I can do is keep him in the cage. I cry case it hurts me so much to think about selling him. He's my baby.I taught him to talk and play with my dog and he eats with us. I never thought he would be like this to his mommy.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-06-20
    I don't know why you would sell him. Parrots live a very long time, and yes, they do go through their 'teenage' stage. Usually it lasts about a year, and it's really just part of life with a bird.
Rachel - 2014-06-26
I have a green cheek conure whose name is Jem. I bought him at the end of last year and he has shared a cage with a 6 year old budgie since the day I got him. They get along quite well, they sleep so close together at night that they touch and sometimes they groom each other. But the weird thing is that the budgie regurgitates in Jem's mouth! I read that budgies do it to their mates, and they are both boys, what's going on? hahahah it's not a problem I'm just curious.

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  • Bree - 2015-03-05
    The reason one will regurgitate is that it likes the other. It doesn't make a difference if male to male or female to female. Don't be surprised if it tries to do it to you. I had several of my birds try an do it to me... Its their way of saying they love you an also look at you as their mate.
  • Bree - 2015-03-05
    Yes this is common regardless male to male or female to female. This is how they show their affection to one another. Don't be surprised if it tries to do it to you. I use to have several of my birds try an do it to me... sorry if this duplicates it never showed me that it posted.
  • louis - 2015-06-19
    I am new in terms of raising CONURE. Have good and bad experienced with CONURE. bad; brought a PINAPLE CONURE, SEMI TAME. raise for 9months with my super tame GREEN CHEECK CONURE. No mater what, the P C never become trust us even our beloved G C help her to trust us. But we do see that she sometimes trusted us and then sometimes not. We got the semi tame P C at the age of maybe 6 months old and maybe she had bad experienced with the previous owner. We traded her with a private breeder and got a baby PC. We feed the new baby by using our mouth, which we did with our super tame GC. now both are super tame. They free to go anywhere but they never fly outside and in fact afraid of flying out side with out us. I brought the older GC to play tennis with me and he never event fly off me, stayed on my shoulder all that time, about 50 minutes. What I am trying to say is, when these birds trusted you , they will treat you as they own, like my older GC. He now have new friend and some spices, but still come to me early in the morning to groomed me and during mid day and before sleep time. It is like a son, now have his own family but still closed to their parents. In conclusion, I never knew that birds can be this tame, like a real pet but with a unique personality. I loved they like my own kids.
Theresa Mary Weeks - 2014-10-31
I recently purchased a Green Cheeked Conure.  I named him Mr. McMurphy....I have only had him for a week...but can someone tell me when he will stop being so fearful.....he clings to the back of his cage and seems to flinch when myself or anyone walks by....I was told by someone to make sure he gets out and interacts w/me.....or he will remain fearful.....he's smart and when I get close enough he will do a step up on my finger.....yesterday we spent a good half hour watching the wild birds and squirrells eating he seemed to enjoy this ...the moment i went to sit on the sofa he tried to fly away (his wings are clipped) and he ended up under some furniture w/me chasing him....Can someone tell me how to make my new child realize he is loved and doesn't have to fear me....Are there any good books anyone can recomend on taming and training ...He is 5months old....I know I seem to be rushing things but animals have always taken to me ...I had parrakeets when I was younger they were all trained and one talked!!! impatiently wanting a relationship w/Mr. McMurhy!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-31
    Yes, I think you may be rushing things a bit. Birds, especially mature birds, have excellent memories. He may have been in a more fearful environment before, and it can take lots of time, patience, and love.  If he is a baby, it won't take as long, but either way it takes time. Keep in mind that some birds never become as friendly as we want, unfortunately there's really no way to say.
  • Tracye - 2015-04-25
    Well when I got my GCC I left him in an opened cage and everytime I walked passed it I would say his name and say hi etc. making sure not to show my teeth as they think your going to eat them like we are a preditare. So after a week my GCC finally flew onto me and started to trust me. It was hard not to be so forcefully but it worked just giving him attention and not making him be with me. Now we are best buddy's!!!!