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Kriston Oberg - 2015-12-13
So this is our Gold Capped Conure. We have had her/him since 3 months of age. We have noticed that she/he is bigger than the others that we have seen. How can I be sure this is 100% a Gold Capped and not a mix

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-12-14
    That's sure a pretty bird! These birds aren't a common Aratinga species that is cross-bred, but ask the people you got the bird from about its parents. Being only 3 months old, that should be fairly easy.
  • Michelle Watson - 2017-04-14
    My golden capped looked to be the same size BUT she is 20 years old. Know it's a she because she laid eggs. I knew the breeder, saw her parents and I live in the US so my bird is banded. I believe it could be pure bred bird but
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Glenn - 2016-10-12
Want to buy any Queen of Bavaria conure aka Golden Conure.

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  • Cherane Sharon Anne Pefley - 2016-11-18
    I have  three golden conures that are now close to two months in the nest being raised for future breeding.  IA M CBW PERMITTED, when wean and fledge at six months of age they will be ready go to a flight.  sesing will be done to accomdate at buyers cost.  three thousand dollars each.

    I have made my pair unavailable fo rmany babies so they can enjoy rasiing the three in teh nest box and I must charge to accomodate expences occrued.  thank you  payments can be made as they are being raised.  I do have on you tube video's of th e three babie since hathcng..
  • Cherane Sharon Anne Pefley - 2016-12-22
    Baby in the nest box... being raised by forster parnts and female dna sexed.  HEAVEN ON EARTH AVIAN ACRE 561/594/7007. I am CBW permitted for out of state purchase. buyer must have ICS if out of state and not CBW PERMITTED

  • wendy - 2016-12-27
    do you still have the baby Queen? how much? Wendy
  • Krista - 2017-02-02
    Cherane, girl! You are everywhere! Haha! I love it!
  • Cherane Sharon Anne Pefley - 2017-03-21
    I kept  for  hugh till janaury a female being raised in the nest box whil all others sold.  so, that one remaining female is now avialable.

    endangered species act rules prohibit advertising unless you state permit is needed ourside of the state.   i hold a cbw permit. Www. Goldenconure. Net

Hugh - 2017-02-03
I am looking for a young male golden conure in California Please call or text 408-230-8231

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joe - 2017-02-02
can i give my mitred conure real orange?

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Nicole - 2017-01-31
I have a sun conure named Sunny. He is 9 years old and is absolutely spoiled rotten. Whatever Sunny wants, Sunny basically gets. I sometimes feel like I'm raising a child. But I love him to death and he's so attached to me. I got him from a breeder in florida when he was just a couple months old. I would wrap him in a towel and cuddle with him. He loved it. His favorite place is inside my robe. He has a big parrot cage with different toys in it but he'd rather be outside the cage which I never mind. I actually feel bad leaving him in the morning when I go to work. But each and every morning he gives me a kiss goodbye and I tell him to be a good boy LOL recently I put his play perch/eating bowls on top of the cage. I have a blanket that I keep on top of it. It's his new little hiding place. My bf calls it his penthouse. He will stay up there for hours making all cuddling noises. I also put a wash cloth there for him to snuggle and play with and he loves biting it. I was wondering if I should leave him up there the whole night and have the cage open so he can freely go in and out. He's very smart and already goes in and out as he pleases but I've never left the cage open all night. If he had it his way, he'd sleep in bed with me haha

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David - 2016-01-06
I'm looking for a mature female nanday conure for a mate for my mail 971 219 6532

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  • Susan Worrall - 2017-01-29
    I have a mature female Nanday Conure. Born 4-22-02. She really wants a mate and I haven't been able to find a male for her. I live in Ogden Utah. text me at 435-896-3099
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Judy Lantz - 2016-09-25
Looking for an older (4-5 yrs) female Queen of Bavaria conure in California.

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David Rice - 2016-11-25
A friend of a friend, etc., had two parrots in two cages in his yard. One was a macaw the other a conure. One day he came home to find two young conures hanging on the outside of the conure cage. The resident bird was feeding the two visitors through the wire. After a while the man opened an empty cage and the two homeless conures walked in. My year old Chico was one of the juveniles.

Shae - 2016-10-31
My IRN tragically lost his mate of 8 years last night but i don't think he knows she has died. He seems to be looking for her. What should i do? I may be able to recover his mates body....should i show him she is gone so he can grieve? Do i get him a new friend?

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Jodie Pastore - 2016-10-27
Just a quick note to say we lost are beloved Patagonian Conure yesterday. Captain Nemo was with us for 28 years. He was our best 'watch dog' and we have had many dogs. He talked, laughed and when in a funny mood, would spit water in your face. Played tug a war with the dogs and loved to hide under the blankets with my son when they were young. He was 5 months old when we got him. He will be missed.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2016-10-27
    So sorry about your loss, I can tell he will be greatly missed. Hang in there.

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