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   The Lutino Cockatiel is a beautiful pet bird, with a mostly white to light-yellow body and orange cheek patches!
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Soumia - 2006-03-09
Hi my name is Soumia, and I own a lutino Cockatiel. His name is Sunshine. I got him from my next door neigbors when they were moving 3 yrs ago. He is a very friendy bird. But if you give him your finger he will bite it like a piece of meat. I love my bird with all my heart & soul, he is my baby. Everyday I am just so thankful that he is mine. He is my first pet, but hpoefully not my last. I love Lutino Cockatiels.
Soumia Varghese age 13

marge - 2006-02-04
We got a Lutino bird about two years ago. His name is Elvis. He is very friendly and provides us with a lot of entertainment. He loves my husband. When he comes home from work, Elvis knows as soon as the door opens. He starts to whistle for him. Even though I take care of him he seems to bond more with my husband. He certainly has brought joy to our lifes.

Samantha - 2006-01-15
animal-world has really helped me with my bird a (a cockateil)it makes him so much more interesting.

Darlene Kohler - 2005-11-30
June of this year I got Oakley. He was a year old and talked quite a bit with short phrases like Peek A Boo, Good morning, Where's Oakley, Whatcha Doin and the usual whistles. A month later I accquired Andy, a white face on gray no red cheeks. Andy is gentle and sooo sweet. Both love to be petted. Took dog in for grooming today and came home with a month old Lutino. Love at first sight Beautiful bird. Looking over some of the comments - Sonny seems a good name. At first I was going to "Amos" or perhaps "Wyatt"- this sweetie is too pretty for that. Oakley kinda stopped his talking when I got Andy but boy did he shout all the words tonight when he met our new baby!
Thanks for this informative sight - As a fairly new bird owner I grasp all the info I can wherever I can.

michelle - 2005-09-15
I have had my Lutino cockatiel for almost 2 years, I bought her as a baby, hand tamed her myself, she has to be the easiest and best bird I have ever owned. She is super-friendly and will chatter and whistle, funny enough she will allow my one year old son to play with her!
Michelle 9/15/05

Cirera - 2005-07-13
Thank you SO much! I got a cockatiel for my birthday, and you helped me pick out a mutation, find out how to care for them, and helped me pick out a loving friend. Thank,so much!

Alexander Benvenuto - 2004-12-21
Hello...I was the one who posted about having Cici anyway that was in July now i have 3 cockatiels lone lutino and two normal grey and i also have 3 Budgies.

Cheri Lesak - 2004-11-14
I have a Lutino cockatiel. his name is Sunshine and he will be 22 years old in 2 months. I believe he is a male because of his tremendous whistling ability (he does the Beatles Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da and the Pink Panther theme). He does not talk, but he can do a varity of tricks and can mimic sounds and verbal expressions as if talking, so he tries. He is a true joy. Cheri

L Thomas - 2004-07-23
I just purchased a lutino cockatiel a week ago. He is a male( a blood test was done on him) he is 3 months old. His name is "Chingy" and he is so precious. He eats from your hand and he loves to be kissed. He learned to whistle what I wanted him to in 3 short days. He is going to be a eaiser learner and I look forward to each day with him.

Louise - 2004-07-17
Got a beautiful baby Lutino 3 weeks ago and he is an absolute darling! He will walk around my neck preening my hair, nussle into my cheek and loves to be petted. I am allergic to animal fur and never thought I would be able to have a "loving" pet, but now I know I was wrong.