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   The Lutino Cockatiel is a beautiful pet bird, with a mostly white to light-yellow body and orange cheek patches!
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Kaylee - 2008-03-03
This info is good, use it.

Austin - 2007-06-10
Hi, I have 2 budgies and 1 cockatiel,

2 of my brothers have lovebirds

And I think that cockatiels are one of the best parrots ever!

Ana - 2007-01-01
Hi my name is Ana. i have a 6 month old lutino cockatiel named chi chi and she has a harness and leash. she is a little crabby but i've gotten used to her bites. she loves to throw seeds at people. everytime i come home from school, i'm 11, i have to clean up where she threw the food. she is watching me type and is preening her feathers on my shoulder at this very minute. she is potty trained and is a little selfish. she gives me kisses sometimes. she is a little upset because we recently moved in with my uncle frank who has a son named ryan that is scared of chi chi. she never gets to come out when ryan is home. she doesn't have her wings clipped just yet but she will eventually. sometimes when i get home from school she screeches for attention. her little red cheeks and her yellow mowhawk is just simply irresistible. i got her for my birthday in october.

jenny batchelor - 2006-10-18
hi, i have a cockatiel i bought for 6 year old daughter for her birthday in august. it was quite nasty when we got it even though it was a baby. now it is so tame and copies us laughing, climbs the curtain, and loves to sit on the fan on the ceiling. it flies onto our shoulders, eats from our mouths, is so nosey, and loves tickles on the top of his head. he doesnt like being in his cage anymore so he gets to be out all of the time. i would say to anyone to get one as they are so lovable, very good companions, and make you laugh so so much. jenni in nottingham

samantha yummi - 2006-07-12
i have this lutino cockatiel and its so cute!! its kisses me and shows his affection in many ways! LUTINO COCKATIELS ROCK!

Antoinette 15 - 2006-07-12
Hey My Name Is Antoinette. I just bought a Lutino Cockatiel cutie today. It still needs plenty of time to adjust, but in the long run im hoping it will be a loving caring bird. Its so adorable! and the hairs on his head are priceless ;)

Deb - 2006-06-20
Hi, I am the proud owner of two beautiful cockatiels. a 14 month old pied male named buddy who whistles pop goes the weasel and says hello buddy. he loves hanging upside down from the curtain rod and exploring all the surfaces in the house to find out which makes the loudest noise when he knocks on it with his beak. The other is our baby lutino who is 9 weeks old and still just wants to be cuddled all the time. I am also lucky enough to live in regional australia where once or twice a year large flocks of wild cockatiels gather on the telegraph lines just out of town. It is always a thrill to watch the way they act in the wild and to see how much of my companion cockatiels behaviour is instinct.

michelle - 2006-06-17
I have a freshly-bathed lutino on my shoulder as I type this. We got him in January, and this thing is spoiled rotten. He was a hand-fed baby, so he's easy to handle, and he LOVES attention. He'll go to my parents when they call him (or sometimes when they don't), and he loves sharing whatever anyone's eating. We finally settled on naming him Cy Kwan about a month ago (he's been Gene Louis, Smeagol, Fluff, and Whistler). He loves having his neck scratched and eating out of our hands. My mom thinks of him as another baby, which is funny. We love him, and he loves us back.

Most of the time.

Chase - 2006-05-27
Hi,my name is Chase,we got a cockatiel about a year ago and it's name is sunshine. It's VERY hyper when I come home from school. At some pionts it will flinch and throw its wings up. It's so funny. I just love it.

Laurel - 2006-04-07
The caging specified is way too small, unless such a cage is being used for sleep only. Cockatiels are nomadic to migratory and require lots of exercise in order to stay healthy. An optimal cockatiel cage is large enough for the bird to fly short distances with a bar spacing either 5/8" or 3/4" wide. In addition to such a cage, a cockatiel needs out of cage flight time in order to allow the bird to remain airborne for a sustained period of time.

While such a cage is often expensive, it is an investment that pays off in a longer life for each bird and lower medical costs. For my whiteface lutino, it has made all the difference in the world.