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The unique and beautiful quality of the Waterslager Canary's song is reflected in its name, the word 'waterslag' literally means 'water beat'!
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Diane - 2015-07-21
Please can someone tell me why my waterslager has stopped singing,

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-07-23
    Male canaries will often stop singing while they molt. Other possibilities are that it could be a female or it may be ill.
  • Lori Swanston - 2016-11-08
    If your bird stopped singing due to molting and it happens to be more severe than other times, adding some egg food to their diet will help them get through it quicker and return them to normal.
Gerald Fraser - 2016-03-14
WATERSLAGER PETSHOP WARNING, REVIEWS, SCAM Never EVER buy a pet from Amman, Jordan. I purchased a parrot from Waterslager Pet Shop Amman, Jordan, their address is: First Circle jabal amman 9th Shaban Street Building No. 31، عمان 11190, Jordan Phone number: +962 7 9566 2667 Owner name: Mohammed Ziada Before I made the purchase I asked the owner if he can provide me the necessary documents that I need in order to take this parrot with me outside of Jordan to Canada and the owner Mohammed Ziada confirmed to me that he will be able to provide me with these documents, when I made the purchase he did not provide me with any papers and he said he will provide it to me later because he has to first obtain it from the seller who sold him the pet, and he never provided me with any receipt or invoice and I asked him why and he said because if he provides me with the receipt he has to pay the government taxes and he doesn't want to pay any taxes to the Jordanian government. When I took my pet to the vet, the vet advised me that it will be impossible to travel with my pet without a paper called Certificate of Origin in which I have to obtain this from the seller who in this case is Waterslager Pet Shop Amman. And when I spoke to Mohammed Ziada, he disagreed and he said I can get this paper from another place, I spoke to so many places and everyplace I've spoken to all advised me that the only place I can obtain this paper from is the actual seller which is Waterslager PetShop Amman. I called the owner again Mohammed Ziada and then advised him of what I had been advised off and he advised me that he told me from the beginning that he will never be able to provide me with this paper, I disagreed and I told him that from the beginning he promised me that he will provide me all documents that I need in order to bring this Pet outside of Jordan to Canada, he said I'm sorry there's nothing I can do. Mohammed Ziada told me that he is selling a book supposedly he is supposedly the author of it, the name of the book is Book of secrets of the African grey, when I looked into this further I learned that this is a complete lie, all he did was that he took an English Book that talks about the African gray and then he translated the book to Arabic and he started selling the book pretending that he is the actual author which is against copyright laws. I advise you never EVER to buy ANY pet from Amman, Jordan at all because all of these pet shops are crooks, scammers and liars, they want to sell you a pet just because they want the money so quick, the pets you buy you may never be able to travel with it and the pet could have many illnesses and if you have to buy one never buy it from Waterslager Petshop. I also advise you NEVER to believe positive comments posted about the shop at all because the owner can post positive comments himself to make his Pet Shop look good. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you don't make the same mistake that I made. After a year the bird had died and the doctor was 100% right when he first said and advised me that the pet parrot will die and the owner lied.

Katie - 2015-12-29
Hello, I am interested in purchasing a waterslager singing canary. Can you please provide me with direct contact information for ordering?

Sanaullah - 2015-12-10
Hi I wants to by waterslager please send me ur mob no. In dubai

K S Dickey - 2015-07-14
I am interested in purchasing a male Waterslager canary for a pet. I live in Sherwood, Arkansas. I would appreciate someone contacting me with price and ordering information. Thank you so much.

Jahn - 2015-04-23
Hi sir , i need waterslager canary .thanks

Sayed Noory - 2015-03-22
I am mohammad shaha from Afghanistan interested to get business with you regarding of whatsalager canary, we want to import the canary from UAE please update us for this and contact with ASAP.

ziad - 2013-02-09
Available waterslager canary for sale 10 pair in delivered to dubai (u.a.e).

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  • Mustafa - 2013-07-17
    Hi Ziad, where are you located? On Dubai? Do you ship to countries other than Dubai? Thank You.
  • Mustafa - 2013-07-17
    Ziad, can I have your contact info please? Thanks.
  • Waqar - 2013-11-11
    Hi there, I'm interested in waterslager. Where in Dubai can I get one?
  • najibullah - 2014-02-07
    I like your site.
abdi - 2012-12-18
dear sir/madam i'm from indonesia, looking for waterslagers canaries from belgium. if any information for it please send me email to [email protected]

Asfand Yar Khan - 2012-11-09
Dear sir i am looking for two pair of waterslager in white and yellow colour.. can you help me how can I get it from u????