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   The beautiful Norwich Canary is one of the earliest canary varieties developed in England!  
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CHERYL s SCARBROUGH - 2020-08-05
I am searching for a few pairs of Norwich canaries. Please advise.

Sheila O’Derrick - 2018-08-20
Looking for Norwich Canary mated pair and/or a male only

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  • Sheila O’Derrick - 2020-03-06
    Looking for Norwich HEN (female) prefer clear yellow
  • brian salter - 2019-10-11
    are these birds still for sale
  • Myra Milne - 2019-05-10
    My uncle has a number of one year old male Norwich Canaries that he has bred and needs to now sell on
Thomas Dan - 2019-10-16
Male and Female English Bulldogs.

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chafic - 2019-10-16
how can i get a couple of norwich to lebanon

Basem Ahmed - 2010-09-19
Good Morning,

I need to buy Canary bird hybrid .. Condition have a 14 tone
so how can help me to find one like that.
Waiting your reply as soon as you can.
Thank you.

Basem Ahmed

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  • henry pellicer - 2018-01-07
    interested in buying a pair of john bull norwich do you have any for sale & how much
  • henry pellicer - 2018-05-21
    interested in buying a pair's of norwish
TRISNO - 2011-01-11
Good afternoon,,
I want to know how to order the NORWICH CANARY?
And how to delivery to INDONESIA COUNTRY?
Please sent the catalogue of the NORWICH CANARY in my Email Address


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  • DUNCAN OSBORNE - 2011-07-23
    Hi there. Here is a web address. They have a book called the norwich canary and you can order the book from them via paypal and you do not have too have a paypal account.
  • johan kartawidjaja - 2014-06-04
    Hi Trisno, I have friend who sells Norwich in Bandung-Indonesia, his name is Bobby Hartono, email: Mobile : +62 819 1022 6626/ whatapps: +62 819 1022 6626 Address : jln. Kiaracondong 338-Bandung Hope this will help you to get Norwich Rgrds, Johan
  • Jacques - 2014-11-05
    Hi John, do you know where i can buy Norwich canaries? I live in South Africa and wanting to buy good quality birds.
  • Anonymous - 2015-09-15
    Hi Jacques, you can buy one at the Parrot Inn in Centurion. Old Jhb Road.
wayne grubbs - 2013-04-01
Does anyone have norwich canaries for sale? Let me know please. Thanks Wayne

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  • Betty wilton - 2014-09-07
    Did you find out where to get norwich canaries?
rami - 2012-06-16
hi there can i have some help my Norwich Canary is having like a white spot on his eye and he is keep seating on the floor of the cage !!! Any advice thanks in advance

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-16
    Don't know what the white spot is but if they are on the bottom of the cage there is usually some sort of trouble.  I would place a heating pad on low wrapped in a towel on the bottom of the cage so he can get warmer if he needs to.  You could also put a litght on half the cage with a towle on the bottom.  If he isn't up and around by Monday, I would take him to a vet.  If he is fluffed up and not eating - I'd try and get him to a vet ass soon as possible.  Main thing right now is to make sure he can get to heat if he needs to.
  • viorel moise - 2013-10-25
    Hi the bird can't see anymore and is blind, you have to cut out sugar.
Adel - 2013-03-07
Hey I just got Canary Norwich but their color a little bit Yellow How can make dark Yellow ? and what should I feed them to make the Orange color ??? Thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-08
    Feeding carrots can turn a orange one, dark orange but will not turn a yellow orange.  It may darken it but I am not postive.
  • viorel moise - 2013-10-25
    You can feed red beets and help to get nice orange color but you have to give some colorants like BOGHINA.
  • viorel moise - 2013-10-25
    Feed your Norwich the same color like BOGHINE, it is a suppliment wich you add to egg food.
Basem Ahmed - 2010-09-19
Good Morning,

i need to buy Canary bird hybrid .. Condition have a 14 tone
so how can help me to find one like that.
waiting your reply as soon as u can.
thank you

Basem Ahmed