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   The pretty Northern Dutch Frilled Canary is often likened to the popular Parisian Frilled Canary, just a smaller version!  
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Deni Irawan - 2010-11-18
Great site to read and learn, thanks for sharing.

DR. ELI NASSAR - 2009-11-24
do you have any parisian frills or nirth dutch frills for sale

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  • Talal - 2010-07-26
    Hello I have all kinds of canary come join me on Facebook at( canary birds in Lebanon )and have an idea.
  • mhamad ezzeldine - 2010-10-11
    Dr please my canary get problem and sick I want your phone number to ask you if you have solution.
Hussein - 2009-07-19
Hello, father bought Canary Paljmah. WOIPPY, you give me an idea of selling, Trivt.

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  • jalil ebrahim - 2010-08-21
    Hi I want your canarys if you are in uk please.
gede - 2010-04-29
Hello... i'm from indonesia, I like to breed Frilled Canary. Can somebody help me to make it real?

FRED vaseghi - 2009-07-10


I am looking to buy 20 female and male parisian frill canaries for you ,if you have please e mail me.

Thank you fred,