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lendra - 2008-05-21
This canary is very beautiful.

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george vile - 2007-09-12
My canary has a bad leg. When she is on the perch her knee joint looks like it is swollen, and when she is on the floor she squats. When she is sitting on the perch she also squats and does not stand up. She does fly but not very well. She is this years bird and i got her from a breeder who had kept her in a single breeder cage, so she only hopped from perch to perch.

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robin - 2005-11-19
Your site is great! I found just what I was looking for and more. So now you are in my "Favorites".

BRITTANY - 2005-10-07
Thanks for the detailed canary info. It's been quite a blessing!

lildevil/tomboy - 2004-10-03
you should have more information on wild canaries, but your sites pretty good otherwise.

- 2004-05-14
i have a large aviary full of differents kind of birds and you have been so usefully for me and help me to keep them in the right way.

Erin - 2004-03-07
i love this site for animal information!!! it is so helpful to learn about the animal at home for backround info and then talk to the pet store. your site is awesome. again i say that it is almost the most helpful site for animals.


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