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   The Yellow-naped Amazon has just about the best reputation a pet bird can have!
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Sandra Mathis - 2019-06-11
How much and do you ship

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  • Avinash - 2019-12-19
    Looking for a forever home for this blue an gold. The owner of this bird passed away and I'm caring for the bird now. I just don't have the time this bird needs. I believe the bird is a female with it's small frame. She does talk some, no bad talking. Loves to be out of her cage and hang out on a large stand. Once she warms up to you she steps up so easily. I would like for her to go to someone that has worked with macaws/ large birds before. I would feel better having the bird go to someone that knows what to expect and their needs. Cage can go with her. No shipping. $800.
    For more information please, email me with
Nohemi Zerbi - 2015-02-26
My yellow nape Paco is 15 years old. I have had him since he was 4 months old. He began a behavior a couple of days ago that I had never seen before. If any one can explain what this means, I would be delighted. Paco is usually out of his cage all day. He is now going underneath his cage, getting into the pan and literally cutting up the newspaper into small pieces which he then piles to one side. Is he nesting?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-26
    Hard to say, it could be nesting behavior, or he could be bored and has created an activity for himself. They are intelligent birds and like to have things to manipulate (play with) to keep themselves occupied.
  • Bogie B. Bogarté - 2015-02-27
    Hi Paco.  Que te le pasando?  You should tell your mom that if you were not DNA tested, you could be a lady..then again...all birdies do the nesting thing.  Additionally, we like to forage.  Simply finding food in a cup everyday is pretty boring...not what we do in the jungle.  Adios Amigo.
  • Bogie B. Bogarté - 2015-02-27
    Que pasa amigo?  Tell your mom that you might just be foraging....bord with finding food in a cup everyday.  Also, were you DNA sex tested, that is are you sure you are a boy?  Adios.
  • Connie - 2015-03-30
    Definitely sounds like he's trying to nest - my yellow nape, Monica, will be 17 in May and, for the first time, she has started to lay eggs. But to help you out, I had cockatiels and bred them for over 20 years and when they start to exhibit behavior like your bird, it sounds like nesting behavior to me.
  • Barb - 2016-12-05
    Noheni...... Your bird is nesting and it 's name should change to "Paca". Chances are it's a female. If you get and egg it's guaranteed
  • Pritam - 2019-08-09
    Yes, it's signs of breeding tendency,
    You should provide a opposite sex bird to it.
Yarisma Contreras - 2019-06-01
Looking to breed my male amazon he's 32 years old. Never has been bred. We would like to continue his bloodline as we love how kind he has been to us. I live in California. Contact me @

Jewel - 2019-04-27
I would like to meet my female Yellow nape Amazon in Boston Massachusetts.

Rasin - 2012-10-13
Hello everyone,just wanted to let you all know that i have a male and female yellow amazon napped parrot for sale please if anyone who is interested should let me know,just wanted serious persons only who love birds. Hope to read from you all soon. Contact me at mohamedrasin123@gmail. Com

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  • raul garcia - 2012-11-06
    I live in Florida Deerfield Beach. I'm interest how much are you asking thanks phone 9544157385
  • VALERIE THOMAS - 2018-03-23
    I am looking for a yellow naped amazon. Preferably a female but not a must.
  • Steve - 2018-02-27
    I am looking for a female yellow nape
brian - 2015-07-20
does anyone know where to buy a blue naped amazon in florida my number is 9419144362

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  • Anonymous - 2017-09-23
    Just go in your internet and post the bird that you want in your area also add the area where you live something oh come up
Frank - 2016-11-04
Looking to trade a 5 year old female African Gray for a Yellow nape. Call me at 413-478-5241

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  • Brenda R - 2016-12-26
    Hey, I have a Yellow Naped Amazon, she is 5 years old, which I am also willing to trade. Contact me for more info
  • ahmed - 2017-04-20

    In any country there is a parrot and how much price
shirley - 2016-11-04
I have a question. my amazon will lift his behind and put against something, and make noises. Is this normal?

Jess - 2016-03-19
I got a pair of 16 year old yellow naped amazons, I am a new bird owner. And the pair that I got did not come with much info nor did I know if whatni was told is even correct. But one thing thats for sure, is petra, the female, has laid 2 eggs, 2 weeks apart, and she has been sweet and let me get her to step up on my arm. Buddy, on the other side of the cage, is extremely aggressive. He is constantly attacking everyone that gets close to their cage. Any help would be awesome. I read I shouldnt own these birds, but I will concure this mission, even if it takes me years and hard frustrating work. I am trying to have patients for him, but its going thin. But I wont give up on him or her. I have had them since the middle of january.

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  • bassam almaznai - 2016-09-04
    Hi there ,
    Congratulation the new pair of birds . What is happening with you is because of jealous. The Amazonian Male especially (yellow napped amazon) is so jealous and will not allow any body to get close to its pair particularly in breeding season . My advise is that you try to be away of the female and don't make the male angry .
Abigail - 2016-06-28
I have a 24 yr old Yellow-naped Amazon. She is perfect in just about every way except for one bad habit. When she poops in the bottom of her cage, she almost breaks her neck dropping down to the bottom of her cage so she can eat it through the rack in the bottom of her cage. I try to clean it up before she can get to it. She is potty trained to go in the sink, but if I'm not alert she will do it in the bottom of her cage and eat it. Any comments on this?