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   The popular Yellow-crowned Amazon is a very green bird, but with a pretty yellow crown!
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Kimberly - 2012-08-28
I have a yellow fronted amazon her name is Shelby she is 25 years old and just last night laid her first egg? how many more are to pass and why all of a sudden after all these years now is when eggs are being laid. Never before has this happened. Yesterday she had gas for several hours and this morning I awoke to the egg at the bottom of her cage hole.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-28
    It happens - some say just nature, some say a scent from other birds, some say just happens.  All females have eggs - think chickens as they lay eggs all the time without a rooster.    Not often but certainly not abnormal a female will lay eggs - obviously they are not fertile if she doesn't have a mate.  Just put the egg in a bowl of some sort or even a next box and let her have the egg.  Chances are pretty good she will lay two possibly three more over the next 6 days or so.  She will not really sit the eggs until all the eggs are laid so after the 3rd or forth egg.  Then she might sit them or maybe she won't - however, let her have them.  Let her have them till she gets bored with it or for about 28 days after the last egg is laid.  Then give her a new  toy and remove the eggs and bowl.  If you don't let her have the eggs, she possibly will continue to try and produce additional eggs running into complications or a calcium shortage.  It is not unusual and it may never happen again. 
Abdulrahim Sn - 2012-04-04
i have amazon but not come in my hand. Help me please .

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-04
    If he is a young bird, 3 months or under, than he is probably afraid of losing balance. They will grab your finger (just a grab not a bite so don't get nuts or nervous) but they use their beak to balance. He will grab your finger and then climb up. Birds go up trees by climbing using beak and feet. If it is an older bird and he is being difficult - the idea is to get him off his cage - on the floor or on your bed. Get him out and off and away from his cage, preferably on a perch. Feed him treats - fruit loops, toast, chicken with your hand till neither of you is nervous. If you make a fist with your hand and bend you fish into your arm - the bird can't bite you as there is nothing to grab. Tuck the thumb in. OK - now the bird can't bite and you can place your hand close to him and even let him try. He will realize he can't bite you and you will be less nervous. Then take your hand and place it gently under his chest and lift saying 'UP' Then have him be on a perch or back of a chair and lift him from the chest and say 'UP' Then when you get him doing that make your hands go one on top of the other and sorta force him to climb your hands like stairs saying 'UP' and good bird etc each time. It is more you have to not be nervous. You are a big fella next to that little guy - he is scared. I realize you don't want to get bit but he doesn't want to get hurt so go slow until you both are comfortable. If he is young - just go on and pick the fella up.
Howard - 2007-05-03
I,ve owned a yellow crown for 25 years. They are the most wonderful pets. Very lovable and friendly. At times they can get noisy but their love is worth it.

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  • Meirav Melamed - 2012-03-09
    Great to know some people raise parrot for long time, where is your parrot now? I own a 6 month yellow crownded amazon. I'm verry worried that he will become very noisy and my family will not like him. Can I teach him not to be so noisy?
Bob Rzepka - 2010-06-06
Paco is 10 years old. We got him at a pet shop when he was not yet weaned. We had to learn how to feed him before taking him home since he was not yet ready to crack seeds. He has a large vocabulary, laughs and coughs. He does't mind our dogs and is a big part of our family. Our household would not be the same without him.

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  • Maritza - 2010-08-28
    I just got myself a yellow head amazon the guy told me she is 2 1/2 month almost 3 she is still on formula once a day and starting to eat. My question from your experience, I have her now for almost 3 weeks, she doesn't want to come with me I have to force her to come, I talk softly I feed her, carry her the most I can I take her out of the cage the is not so big because of the weaning process that she is learning how to eat. How long do you think it might take before she get more sweet, I try to have everybody touch her and talk to her. Thank you, for your answer..
  • audra - 2011-07-26
    Birds get attached to one person and they don't like anyone else. I had a bird for about three years. He was my best friend he went everywhere with me and I sold him to a family and he was very mean to them. He would not eat or anything. They called me and I went to there house he came right to me. When you buy a bird buy it as a baby because when you buy one that is older it is attached to the owner that had it before.
molly price - 2012-02-21
I have a three month old yellow crowned amazon parrot that I got almost a month ago and I hand fed him. He is tame and starting to talk. I love him more and more each day but they are like having a baby they are a lot of work but well worth it good luck....

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-22
    Make sure he MEETS many people and have him just sit in someones lap and top of his head pet. He doesn't need PASSING AROUND but introduce him to others and socialize him. You'll have a better and more content companion.
Mary - 2011-07-26
I bought a yellow headed amazon about a month ago. He is such a great pet. He loves to talk. Anything you say to him he will say back. These birds are great pets.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-26
    They are fantastic. Touch/hold/pet/take him a lot. Take him out to the store. Get him used to those birdie leashes. Let others pet him. Socialize him as much as possible. He will be
    YOUR MATE but then he will learn there is a big flock out there and that it is OK.
Rashid Iqbal - 2012-02-07
Hi folks,
I just recently got my Yellow Crowned Amazon I dont know what is the exact age. I just want to know and make sure that if he is a real Yellow Crowned Amazon because he got a very less yellow color on the head (comparing to the pics available on web) and rest all th ebeak color, green body with red on his shoulder are ok and identical.
your kind comments may help me to identify if he is a proper breed/specie.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-02-16
    Age is a tough one, the only way to know for sure is to determine the hatch date. If you can find the breeder, you may be able to determine both age and confirm the species.
Alejandro - 2011-01-07
My yellow crowned parrot died a month before, he was very lovely friend and a loyal companion for my grandma, we miss him too much but he is resting now. He's resting in my garden below a rose, it's strange but that rose seems to be more beautiful than the others.

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  • Rah - 2011-02-01
    My yellow crowned amazon parrot Charly died Feb 1st 2011,
    I took him to the avian vet spent $3000.00 hoping we would get well.
    But to my sadness he has passed away I loved him a lot and miss him a lot.
    He was 11 years old.
jessica - 2009-12-02
My parrot just die today, she was 50 years old. They are wonderful pets, very friendly, smart, great talkers, she used to sign, talk, perform all kind of funny things, I miss her very much...decided to bury her in my backyard.

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  • Melinda - 2010-04-09
    I am so very sorry for your loss. I have not yet had the privilege to have an amazon to my family but I plan on getting one some time soon.
  • pam - 2010-09-22
    Would you get another one?
abbie n - 2010-04-07
I love the yellow headed parrot.