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   The Orange-winged Amazon is a charming, beautiful pet bird and a pretty good talker!
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Breanna - 2006-07-10
I believe all birds should be cared for the same way. you always have to buy them new toys, feed them the right things, give them a lot of exersise, and pay much attention to them. you need to love and care for them. my bird is in love with me and we are best friends!

exuddos - 2006-06-09
dont give your bird chocolate, it could hurt it!

Patricia - 2006-05-18
I have a 45 year old Orange-Winged Amazon. His name is Fred he was my grandparents bird but he bonded to me about 5 days after i met him. They were moving and he came to stay with us until they were settled in but since he took to me and our landlord made an exception on the no animal rule, i got to keep him. He's quite noisy and only friendly with me and my brother, he bites at everyone else.

jessica - 2006-05-10
It was "love at first sight" when I saw my orange-winged Amazon in the pet store. The workers were amazed with how quickly he warmed up to me. Needless to say, I fell in love and frequently visited him in the pet store. In February, I entered the store to see a "Sold" sign on his mom bought him for me as my college graduation gift! Ben is a happy, healthy, and spoiled 8 year old Amazon. He loves to wake the whole family up at 6 am for his breakfast and a scratch on the head and then proceeds to take a nap once everyone else is awake. I could never imagine my life without Ben. He brings smiles to the faces of everyone in my family, whether by whistling at my mom when she enters the room, barking when the dog barks, and begging to be let out of his cage with the words "Come on, come on." I was told that parrots choose their owners, and I couldn't be happier that Ben chose me!

Howard Frailey - 2006-02-01
I've had Gonzo my orange winged amazon for 14 years now ( he is 19 ).
I adopted him from his previous owner who could't care less about him.
He is the most loving and affectionate bird. He gets along well with my 3 other birds, a quaker, moustached parakeet and conure. I trained him to break balloons and if he ever see's one he goes after it. He is so bonded to me that he screams when I leave the room. These birds make excellent pets. He loves to go outside for walks with me. He is also the mascott of our classic car cruise-in and goes weekly.

Michelle Holm - 2006-01-21
Our family recently aquired a male Orange Winged Amazon named Gonzo. He came from a breeder who owned another bird that had come from a shelter. The other bird has taught Gonzo to bark like a little dog both loudly and quietly as if imitating a dog that is outside. It is so funny. He is 8 months old and is now imitating the wolf call whistle and will bark like a dog when he wants attention. He is extremely loveable and a wonderful addition to our family. He is a little jealous of our cherry headed conure but I am sure that will pass in time. His favorite treats are pistachios and Almonds in the shell.

NATE - 2005-12-22
i have had a 10 month old orange winged amazon for a week now and i personally think it is one of the most affectionate birds ever! It acts like a baby cockatoo and loves to be held by anyone who will hold it. If you get a baby hand fed orange winged amazon you are most definitely in for a treat! already says hello and has only been here for a week! HIGHLY recommended bird!

Kelly Stone - 2005-11-03
I have owned my Orange-winged Amazon for 20 years and I love her dearly. She was not a baby when my father brought her home; I think there were at least two owners before me. She was scared of everything and trusted no one. It took several years for her to trust me. I was patient and loving and gave her lots of attention. She was very afraid of hands and feet but loved faces. I believe she was mishandled by someone before I found her. She is scared of most strangers, tolerates women and has always disliked men. After several years of marriage she has started to tolerate my husband. She is a wonderful companion. She has her moments of being loud; sometimes the neighbors can hear her across the street when all the doors and windows are closed. She seems to have psychologically dominated every dog I have owned; they are all scared of her (with out ever having physical contact). I have never been able to teach her to talk, however she does whistle and laugh when I whistle or laugh. She loves to eat ice cream out of her own spoon! She calls me when she wants attention, is very curious and loves to explore new places (inside cabinets and on top of furniture). She can get carried away and has destroyed wooden objects in the home (furniture and crown molding), and sometimes entire plants. We have developed a wonderful relationship and only I know what she wants and how she is feeling at any certain time of the day.

Deb - 2005-10-18
Hi. I have had an amazon parrot now for about 6 months. He came from a home with no love, toys, etc! He used to be shut in a room all on his own. Now I have him taking food from me and I can stroke his head all the time. He is still scared of some of his toys I have bought him...LOL... But I feel that I'm getting there. He spends most of his day out of his cage. I wish he would be more sociable with others, but I guess that will come in time. ps. What a great site this is!

Trina - 2005-10-13
Hi! I have a 2 1/2 year old orange winged amazon. His name is Paco and he is a hoot! He says, "Good morning", "bye-bye" "wanna take a bath", "I love you", "wanna go outside", "hello", "good boy Paco", "bad boy paco", "stop that", "don't you do that", "step up", "ok", "what?", "bad dog", "huh", "are you a good boy", just to name a few of his phrases! I was told that orange winged amazons did not talk well...they have never met Paco! For the most part he is an awesome addition to our family. He does however have one bad habit...he likes to scream at the top of his lungs when you leave the room! Hopefully we will be able to modify this behavior with time.