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   The Orange-winged Amazon is a charming, beautiful pet bird and a pretty good talker!
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Angela Kate Brown - 2007-11-03
I have owned several parrots over the past 20 years, and after the death of my precious Cockatoo several months ago I just didn't think I would ever be ready for another bird. I had a chance to get an OW that needed a home, although it was so much sooner than I had counted on. At first I was so overwhelmed by this energetic, laughing ball of green feathers that I didn't realize she was showing me how much she liked being in her new place (even under the watchful eyes of 2 cats). It took very little time to establish a small household routine that she seems to like, and a little adjustment with her food. I knew from a past parrot that Amazons can be moody, so she has certain toys that she can beat up on, and she will even chase me to get them out of my hand. I can also tell her happy and content times by her movements and sounds. She is always watching my expressions and words like she wants to talk, but only manages to 'squawk' out the sound. These pets are just like children, so you need to remember to monitor everything they are doing outside of that cage! Life is never dull with a Parrot.

Joan - 2007-09-05
Hi, my family got Robbie, our Orange Wing Parrot, about a year and half ago. Robbie is great! He was almost 5 years old when we got him. He loves a lot of attention and lets you know when he wants it with loud squaking. He won't let us touch him but he will let us open his cage so that he can climb around on it and play. I hope that one day he will trust me enough to touch him. He has really taken to me (mom) - he does not trust my husband to get too close to him. Although, he will let him put him to bed at night. If I (mom) put him to bed at night he cries just like a baby. It will break your heart! I recommend an OW Parrott to anyone that wants a companion. Robbie is great!

Sue Sep 1, 2007 - 2007-09-01
My husband and I just bought an Orange Winged Amazon today from a wonderful bird breeding store. We already have parakeets and a Green-Cheek Conure, who we got at this time last year.
I had wanted an Eclectus female, but my husband fell in love with this bird about a month ago. We have been back to the store twice already to see the Eclectus babies that were there (and already spoken for) and my husband just played with Clemmie. So when we arrived today, "Clementine" (we named her) was still in the store and not spoken for. She actually called to me when she saw me come in. I had her sit with me for over an hour and of course, I am now totally in love with this bird as well, so we decided to take her home. She is still being hand fed and will move in next weekend.
I believe it was meant to be because her acutual birthday is our wedding anniversary, June 15th. She is going to be another great addition to our pet household and I cannot wait for her to be with us! I'm impressed with what I have read about this particular species already on this site and other locations.

Tery Dombrowski - 2007-06-01
My OW Amazon was a surrender at the animal hospital I work at. She boarded with us for months on end, due to an illness with the owner. She was 20 when I got her, obese, arthritic and so bored!! I have gotten her on a great adventurous diet, given her a variety of foot toys to help with dexterity. All OW's look so wise... I don't think I could ever own another breed. Pepita is now 26, and the center of the household. She holds a place in the family that she has always deserved, and I am so happy I gave her a chance at happiness.

Dani - 2007-05-01
I have had my Orange Winged Amazon, Evie, since she was a featherless baby, she is now 2 years old, and is the light of my life. Evie is delightful to interact with, she whistles, dances, and talks alot considering that she is still very young. I recently bought a lovebird a couple of months ago, and Evie is already calling his name and yelling at him to get his attention. She is amazingly affectionate, and loves cuddles and conversations. She is also very personable, and adores to be the center of attention. Evie is a wonderful companion, she is like a child to me, and i love her dearly. I would recommend an Orange Winged Amazon to anyone who is willing to devote the time, energy and patience as you would to a small child.

Sarah - 2007-04-22
ive got an orange winged amazon for my first parrot. everyone is scared when they first go near a parrot, but give them a week and they will be different. ive had mine for about 3weeks now, he's ace, and sooo funny. they make you laugh so much and are such good company. mine made me laugh the other day, i turned around and he was in my wardrobe?! my dad didnt like them at first but now he said he'd never b without one! they are better than friends! for the money you pay for a parrot the amount of pleasure they give you back is well worth it!

Bobbi Murdock - 2007-02-13
He, I have been reading all these wonderful coments. I happen to be getting an orange wing amazon this week. They say it is a male but I dont think it has been dna sexed. His name is Ivan and he is four years old. He belonged to a woman who developed cancer and passed away. Unfortunatly, he was more and more forgotten as she got more ill and he is a bit weary now but I have confidence he will come around. At one time he was very tame and even trick trained. The lady who is selling him now is his origional breeder and has had him for 3 months since the owner died. She says he is making amazing progress. So far he has said for her Hello, and HI Ivan. I am so excited to bring him home. I already have a year and half old female ecectus who is very sweet. I wonder if they will get along.

Shaun Rose - 2006-11-05
I have an orange-wing amazon parrot, love him so much and he is a hoot. He is the light of my life and the greatest gift a friend could ever give me. I have had him for 7 years now. he was 5 years old when given to me. he needed a good home and I always wanted an amazon for so long as well. He is 12 years old now and in great health as well and so, so spoiled.


Linje - 2006-09-29
I would recommend an orange-winged amazon parrot to anyone, they are fun and can be your best friends for life. I got my parrot from my uncle when he was just a weaned baby, from the wild, in Trinidad, and altough i'm here in the U.S, my grandmother takes care of him to this very day. his name is Victor and he's about 18-20 years old. he's good at repeating his name and singing beautiful melodies when you drum or sing for him. He has a special bond with me, but especially my grandmother who he sees as his mother. he follows her everywhere, and comes out of his cage and perches on the stool in the kitchen when she's cooking. He's trained and would never fly away. Want a friend for life, get a parrot.

Dan - 2006-09-21
i just got lucky LOL (no pun intended) my apparent 8 year old OW amazon parrot from a lady who was too busy for it anymore. its name is lucky, im not sure if its a boy or girl tho. doesnt talk for the old owner so im hoping it will for me someday. the bird was strongly bonded with her daughter and would attack her daughters b/f. ive had lucky out of the cage crawling around on me just fine but he really took to my g/f and his eyes light up when she speaks to him. he loves her very much. ive been sure to hug her around him so that he will get used to me and her together and not think of me the same way he thought of the old owners daughter b/f. cant wait to spend many years with lucky :)