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   The Orange-winged Amazon is a charming, beautiful pet bird and a pretty good talker!
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Lisa Haake - 2009-08-05
I got my OW from a friend of a friend whose girlfriend didn't like birds. I was told that he was probably around three years old. The owner had only had him for a year and had gotten him from a woman. He was very shy at first, but within a couple of days he let me scratch his head. I decided to trace his open band and discovered that he was illegally imported in 1983, so he's 26 years old. I have no idea how many owners he's had, but he must have been very lucky because I've now had him for only 2 months and he's the sweetest bird I've ever had. His name has changed multiple times I think and he wasn't actually named when I got him. So, I've named him Darwin and he loves to be with me and whistles and talks all the time. His talking, however, is impossible to understand. I know that he is talking some about airports, but I can't really understand anything else. Anyway, I love Darwin and I've promised him that he will live with our family the rest of his life.

shirley - 2009-07-27
I got my OW at a bird show in Orlando, Florida from a breeder of many different species. All her birds were sweet & gentle & friendly. Lolita was just finished being weaned & she is now 6 1/2 years old. She is the sweetest girl! She has never bitten anyone but me, once, when I made her do something she didnt want to do. She talks fairly well. Her favorite thing in the world to do is chew & destroy wood. I usually get her wooden bird houses from the craft dept. at Walmart & they are gone in 2 days. She loves being with me & will scream if she doesn't get out here fast enough. She was an awesome cuddling bud with my female Nanday Conure, Keiffer.(who was suppsoed to be my boy named after Keiffer Sutherland from The Lost Boys) But after 11 years of having him... she layed an egg. Keiffer was caged with my male Indian Ringneck & got along well with him too. But the OW was her favorite. Keiffer passed to the Rainbow Bridge on the 25th & both birds are not up to par yet. It's kind of quiet in the bird room. Quiet in our hearts too. She was 19 & was hatched with a deformed foot & 2 toes. Lolita loved grooming her. Lolita's appetite is not quite as much as it was. I am hoping this will pass & she will perk up. She's my girl!!! A perfect little Amazon.

kathy - 2009-05-28
was wondering how to go about rescueing or adopting a female OW if anyone knows of one thank you...........kathy

Karen Beard - 2009-04-08
I rescued a ow from a family that smoked really bad.. Nicky was over weight and could hardly get around without panting. I thought she was going to have a heart attack, when she flew a short distance she was out of breath and was panting really bad. I swear I could smell smoke on her breath. I have her on a diet and she has lost some of her weight and is able to get around her cage a lot better. She no longer pants and she seems to be happy just to breath fresh air. We have a conure but don't trust them together. I believe she enjoys the company. Nicky still doesn't like to be held but she does let us scratch her head. I just wish people wouldn't get birds without studying up on them first and if they didn't have time to spend with them don't bring them home, they deserve better.

CJB - 2008-12-05
I received a displaced OW Amazon when his owners had to move out of the country. He had been raised beautifully and is a happy boy. It took about 3-4 weeks for him to feel comfortable in the new environment, but once he was he just jumped in. The most interesting thing about him is that he has a specific scent that doesn't seem to be connected to anything outside or in his environment. He smells like flowers, and if he gets excited the smell gets stronger. I haven't found any reason for it, but it sure is nice, the dogs should learn something from him.
The sounds and words he knows are many and varied, its been 5 months and he still comes up with new phrases and sounds every week and he has me laughing at something he does at least once a day.

Bobbi - 2008-09-25
My OWA did not turn out to be a good situation. The seller said he was tame and talking, but turned out he was NOT tame OR talking, a biter, and had a serious screaming issue. I had him for a year and did try hard to make him pet quality but he never really came around, and everyone in my home had enough of his brainshaking screams. I was forced to rehome him and he is now in a breeding program and is doing fine. I encourage potential buyers to have a lengthy visit with the bird they plan to purchase, and if you can't handle it, find another! Keep in mind there is no rush in getting a bird, and they live as long as hummans so the right selection is very important.

Kirsten - 2008-08-20
Please anyone tell me more about these green winged amazons. I'm getting one either tonite or tomorrow and all I know is that it needs attention. All info. is appreciated hopefully I can get some very shortly so I know what to expect and what to do before I get this beautiful bird in my household.

KiKi - 2008-08-15
I got my OW from a breeder when he was 3 weeks old. He is now 2 months old. He is really active and affectionate! I have fun making him different things every day. Its great to watch what he really loves and what he doesn't. One of his favorite things I make for him is whole wheat waffles with tons of fruits, vegetables, and seeds in them. I say hi to him so much I think that will be his first word! He hasn't started "screaming" yet.....

Niki Cook - 2008-06-15
I am the proud owner of a rescued Orange Wing Amazon. Her name is Thunder, she is now 17 years old. I have had her for almost 3 years now. I rescued her from a woman who rescued her from someones lanai. She had spent 10 years out there with no one to talk to or to even listen too. She could not speak, the only noises she did make were loud screaming, and barking like an alligator. My mom and dad originally rescued her and she had been at their house about 3 days when I first met her. She hadn't eaten and hadn't peeped a peep. I walked in and said hello and she started yelling and making all kinds of noise. I walked up to her cage and asked her to step up and up she came. She crawled up to my shoulder where she perched for over an hour nestled up to my neck. I tell everyone that I didn't believe in love at first sight until I met Thunder, and it was truly love at first sight.
I will never own another breed without at least having my Thunder first... I recently acquired a male and was wondering if I could get some advice. It seems that the two of them are bonded, I need to know what their typical behavior is when it comes to breeding, both before and after..

Thank you my email is

zara robinson - 2008-03-27
My friend brought me a orange winged amazon 5 days ago, she 10 months old! She's beautiful, I named her harriet aka mad harry! The only thing that concerns me is she will let me scratch her head through the cage but won't let me go near her inside the cage, will this change? I've never had a parrot, I'm trying not to take things to fast for her. Also she can say hello but only ocassionally unless there's a man in the house, she goes mad giggling saying hello really trying to get their attention! Will she have this bond with me eventually? thanks guys! Send me an email if you can help.